How much will your siding installation cost?

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How much does it cost to brick a house?

Brick siding costs $8.84 per square foot for a 2,700-square-foot home, which totals $23,875¹. However, prices typically range from $6-$15 per square foot², but some brick siding can cost as much as $20.48 per square foot or $2,048 per square³. Building a home with solid bricks costs $14-$30 per square foot⁴

Brick siding cost:

Total square footage

Cost range


$6,000 - $15,000


$7,200- $18,000


$9,000 - $22,500


$12,000 - $30,000


$15,000 - $37,500


$18,000 - $45,000

The cost of a house siding project depends on multiple factors. Keep reading to learn more about siding cost factors, your siding options, how to get cost estimates and how to find a reliable contractor in your area.


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Brick siding cost per square foot

Brick siding typically costs about $6-$15 per square foot. However, brick veneers and stone veneers have different price points. And if you’d rather build a solid brick house instead of simply installing veneers as siding, expect higher costs and a different installation process. 

Brick or stone type

Cost per square foot

Brick siding

$6-$15 (installed)

Stone siding

$26.09 (installed, for a 2-story, 2,700-sq-ft home)

Brick veneer 

$4-$10 (installed)

Solid brick        

$14-$30 (installed)

Stone veneer (cast stone) 

$1.25-$8 ($10 or more for installation)

Stone veneer (real stone)

$7-$19 ($10 or more for installation)

Sources: Texture Plus, This Old House,  Brick Industry Association/RS Means

As another cost example, Elmore’s Masonry in Chattanooga, Tennessee charges $600-$1,300 per thousand bricks, including material and labor, to brick an average house. In general, seven standard bricks are needed for each square foot.

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Brick veneer cost

Brick veneer costs $4-$10 per square foot. For example, Jason Elmore of Elmore’s Masonry charges $7 per square foot for brick veneer over existing house siding, as well as for new brick veneer on a new construction home. If you visit a home improvement store to buy your own materials, you’ll often find brick veneers being sold as wall panels, individual bricks or flats.

A house with brick veneer isn’t supported by the bricks — instead, the house’s inner walls bear the structure’s weight. The house has steel or wooden framing and is covered with wood sheathing or insulation. It also has a single layer of brick built near each exterior wall, and these bricks are used for decorative and aesthetic purposes. 

Some homeowners prefer brick veneers to solid brick for their ease of installation and affordability. You can install brick veneers on your home at any point after your house is constructed.

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Solid brick cost

Building a home with brick walls costs $14-$30 per square foot. Traditional bricks are made of clay and shale and are formed into sturdy and stackable blocks. Solid brick homes are typically built from two layers of brick or a layer of concrete block and a layer of brick.

Unlike brick veneers, solid bricks structurally support the house. So if you remove the bricks, the house would have structural issues. Also, you’ll need to install solid bricks during the beginning stages of building a home.

This masonry workmanship contributes to the higher brick siding cost. However, the brick house’s strength, longevity and timeless appearance attract homeowners. 

Stone veneer cost

Stone veneer costs $1.25- $8 per square foot for cast stone, and real stone costs $7-$19 per square foot. However, you can expect to pay about $10 or more for installation. 

Not to be confused with faux stone veneer, stone veneer is engineered stone that is placed on the home's exterior to create the appearance of solid stone bricks. Homeowners like this option for its affordability and easy installation. 

Cost to brick a house vs. brick siding cost

Brick siding cost

Solid brick cost

$6-$15 per sq. ft.

$14-$30 per sq. ft.

Houses constructed entirely of brick are often referred to as "solid masonry houses." Unlike a wood-frame house, which is built from lumber, the structural support of a solid-masonry house comes from brick, concrete or stone.

A layer of brick is referred to as a “wythe.” When a home or building has a single layer of brick on the exterior, the wythe can be referred to as a “veneer” or “siding” (even though “veneer” is a term commonly used in conjunction with wood). In houses that have a brick veneer, the load-bearing support for the walls and the roof come from the wood frame, and the wood frame holds the brick siding panels up. The brick is attached to the house by metal ties.

Brick veneer is not installed directly to the side of a house. There’s typically a 1-inch gap between the home’s sheathing and the brick veneer. This gap provides insulation and, when flashing and weeping holes are properly installed, allows for water to drain out — preventing the development of mold or moisture buildup.

Thin brick veneer is an alternative to traditional brick siding. So-called "thin bricks" (made up of thin brick faces) are made of the same material as standard bricks, but they’re thinner than their original counterparts — typically around 5/8 inch. 

 Thin bricks aren’t necessarily a less expensive option than standard bricks. But because of their reduced width, they are lighter, making them a viable solution for homes that don’t have the structural support required to install a wythe of standard bricks. A standard brick is typically 3 ⅝ inches thick.

Brick vs. other siding costs

Siding or exterior material

Cost per square foot







Fiber cement






Brick siding is different from other materials because of its timeless appeal, high value, longevity and known durability. Brick siding installation also requires applying mortar. Though other man-made house siding options have their strengths, brick and stone have an evergreen appeal that can raise a home's value and curb appeal.

Brick vs. vinyl siding cost

Brick siding cost

Vinyl siding cost

$6-$15 per sq. ft.

$2-$6 per sq. ft.

Brick and vinyl siding are two popular options for property owners in need of a strong, weather-resistant and pest-resistant material. Brick and vinyl can last several decades (though brick siding can last 40 years longer than vinyl), but brick can raise your property's value due to its higher cost and market appeal. 

The cost of vinyl siding is lower than brick and is a popular choice for homeowners on a budget. Brick is a secure investment for those who want a better return on their investment.

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Brick siding installation cost factors

Many factors affect the total price of installing brick siding panels. These include additional fees and services that impact the overall cost. 

Brick or stone type

The type of brick or stone selected influences the price. Overall, the price increases with the level of quality. When it comes to bricks, those made from premium materials have a higher market value and upfront cost than something low-grade or average. Faux brick typically costs less than naturally sourced stone from a quarry or solid bricks. 

Total square footage

The total square footage and scope of the project affect the project's price. The cost increases with the amount of square footage and job complexity. For example, the cost to install a brick veneer for a 1,000-square-foot house will cost less than installing the same material on a 2,000-square-foot house. Custom jobs cost more than simple installation due to the higher skill and time required to complete the vision.

Siding brand and manufacturer

The specific brand and manufacturer you choose can have a significant impact on the price. A highly reputable brand's products often cost more than bricks or siding from a lesser-known source. But with a name comes the assurance of quality and pride of workmanship, so the added cost could be worth it in the end. 

Talk to your siding contractor to find out which of the best manufacturers fit within your budget.

Concrete work

If concrete work is required, the cost per square foot increases. It may be necessary to install a concrete footing or additional structural support, depending on how far out the existing foundation extends from the base of the home. After excavating a trench, the masons fill it with concrete reinforced with rebar to create a solid base that will support the brick veneer. Another more cost-effective option for securing a brick veneer to a house is with angle iron. 

It’s important to have a professional assess the home and determine what type of support is needed. Depending on the home, this may be a job for a structural engineer. These additions and consultants will increase the total project’s cost. The cost can also increase, says Elmore, if an existing concrete footing or brick ledge is out of level and a crew needs to saw the first (and sometimes the second) course of brick to get the footing leveled up.

Cost to remove siding

The average cost to remove old siding is $425, though some homeowners pay as much as $650. This figure can be higher or lower depending on the difficulty of removing the materials and the expertise required to complete the job. If your siding just needs some touch-ups, the cost to repair siding is around $175-$450.

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Cost to paint brick siding 

If you don't like the color of the brick, it's possible to paint it. However, keep in mind that this change is permanent. Once painted, it can't go back to its original shade, and you must continue to paint it to maintain its appearance.

Cost to seal siding 

Brick siding typically needs to be sealed to repel water to prevent freeze-thaw damage, cracking, mold, mildew and other problems associated with unprotected brick. The cost depends on the sealant chosen to protect your home. Make sure you read your manufacturer’s guide for specific details on what type of sealant to use and how often you should apply it.

Brick siding benefits

Benefits have made it a popular building material for generations. It's relatively low-maintenance, durable, eco-friendly and easy to handle. It's also easier to make walls with brick and mortar compared to irregularly shaped stones.

How to save money on brick siding

To save money on brick siding, consumers have several options. Typically, discount-seekers opt for faux brick wall panels, ask about any sales or special deals, or supply their own materials for a project. 

It's also important to shop around for your building materials and compare the quality of the material with its price. You should also compare installation and labor costs from several contractors and siding companies.

Brick siding maintenance tips

It's important to maintain your brick siding to protect your investment. First of all, be consistent and diligent with all recommended maintenance tasks (washing, sealing, etc.) in your manufacturer’s guidelines. 

Also, look out for signs that indicate you need repairs, such as any water damage, cracking in the mortar or mold. You should also repair or replace any crumbling mortar, and consider getting “pointing” or “tuckpointing” services. If you don’t stay on top of maintenance and repairs, you can accrue more costs in the future. 

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How to hire a brick siding contractor

When searching for a brick siding contractor, ask some questions about the professional's history, credentials, cost and experience. This process can help ensure they’re true professionals who know how to install brick siding:

What type of pro can install brick siding?

The type of professional to handle this job should have substantial experience in laying brick and house siding installation. They should be comfortable with the ins and outs of the process and be able to produce an accurate quote for materials and labor hours. So, look for experienced siding contractors or masons if you want to install brick siding.

If you want to build a brick wall or construct a home out of bricks, consider hiring one or more of the following:

What to look for when comparing pros

You should always ask the potential pros about their past brick siding experience. Ask to see their credentials and photos of past work. Spend time looking at their online profiles, and read their ratings and customer reviews. Keep an eye out for information about the contractor’s pricing, communicating style, professionalism and ability to complete the siding installation process on time. 

Project details to give to the pro

You should tell the contractor all the main details of your brick siding project. This includes your home's square footage, if you need them to remove the existing siding, if you want patterned or painted bricks, the project's scope and your budget. 

Discuss whether you want natural brick, faux brick or stone to give the contractor a good picture of what to expect in terms of labor and pricing. It's also important to tell your contractor about your desired timeline for the project.

Getting free estimates

You can get free estimates by contacting several contractors near you. They should be able to give free price quotes without forcing you into a contract. If the pro keeps on dodging the question, then continue to shop around for a contractor who can offer you a no-strings-attached quote.

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Checking credentials

Brick and siding professionals should be licensed, bonded and insured to protect both you and their business. Any injuries that happen on your property can become your problem without insurance. 

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When you know what you want and have a contractor who can get you the results you need, your brick siding project can be a success. Find a brick siding installer near you by searching for top-rated pros on Thumbtack. 


Does brick add value to a home?

Brick may add value to your home. For example, Zillow found that homes that mention “exposed brick” in their listings sell faster (and higher) than expected. 

When it comes to your house siding, consider replacing damaged or old siding. A midrange siding replacement has a 77% return on investment, according to Zillow.

How long does brick siding last?

Brick siding installation can last over 100 years, but it may last longer with consistent care, such as regular sealants and cleaning. There are many brick historical buildings from the 1800s that are still standing today.

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Should you pressure wash a brick house?

You should avoid pressure washing a brick house. Instead, read your manufacturer’s guide or consult with a brick siding contract. High pressurized water can damage weathered bricks and mortar. 

Are brick homes more energy-efficient?

Yes, brick homes are energy-efficient because they are natural insulators. Thanks to its thermal mass, brick helps keep homes cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. This benefit often makes homeowners understand the brick vs. siding cost difference and why brick is often worth the investment.

Additional resources: Brick Industry Association/RS Means¹, HGTV², Vinyl Siding Institute³, Texture Plus⁴, This Old House

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