How much does duct cleaning cost?

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The average cost for a duct and vent specialist is $235. You are likely to spend between $120 and $455 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated April 1st, 2017

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Duct cleaning—as defined by the EPA—is the cleaning of various heating and cooling system components of forced-air systems. Professionals commonly clean heating and cooling ducts, dryer ducts, and exhaust ducts. Duct types include rigid sheet metal, flexible nonmetallic material and fiberglass. Duct cleaning is available for all types of structures from single-story homes to multistory buildings. Several factors affect the cost.

Number of ducts

The overall number of ducts to be cleaned affects the total cost. Generally speaking, the more vents, the higher the price. For example, Miller’s Cleaning Services in Baltimore, Maryland, offers residential air duct cleaning for a base rate of $200, which increases depending on the number of vents to be serviced.

Per duct costs

While some cleaning companies charge a set rate, others charge per vent and have varied pricing depending on the type of vents and their accessibility. For example, David’s Chimney Cleaning Service in Springtown, Texas, offers the following prices per duct:

  • $25 per register/vent

  • $35 per return

  • $45 per indoor unit

  • ​$75 per outside unit as needed

Dryer vents

Some companies specialize specifically in cleaning dryer vents for residential and commercial properties such as hair salons, fitness centers and so on. HomeSafe Dryer Vent Cleaning in Frisco, Texas, charges $120–$180, depending on ease of access to the vent's initiation and termination sites as well as the length and complexity of the vent system.

Additional costs

Certain circumstances may increase costs beyond a company’s standard cleaning fees. According to HomeSafe Dryer Vent Cleaning, any of the following can result in additional charges:

  • Rodent, bird or nest removal

  • Minor vent or duct repair

  • Transition hose replacement

  • A new termination hood, including installation

  • Miscellaneous add-on products

Pro tip:

  • Be wary of very low prices or people who work too quickly. Standard homes can take three or four hours for duct cleaning. Dryer duct services only typically take one or two hours.

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Recent reviews

Eastin Heating & Air

Total cost was $600 for 2000 sq ft house for duct cleaning and ac check -up. Service did not cover exhaust fan, dryer vent. I checked the return duct after the service and found thin layer of dust. I am not sure if this is industry standard. I probably won't use them again.

Pure Airways

The work was okay; however, it cost more than advertised.

Denver Ducts Corp

The technician did a great job cleaning our vents and dryer vent. He arrived on time, was professional and courteous, and very thorough in his work. I'm most impressed with the owner, Vachagan Gasparyan though. We didn't try to turn the heat on again until the night after cleaning because it had been so warm, but when we did, the furnace was not working. We contacted the company and Vach personally came out at 8 pm to attempt to fix the issue. He didn't have the parts he thought he needed, so he promised to come back the next day with them. After working on it some more, he realized the problem was bigger and called an HVAC company to asses and do the repairs. We ended up needing a new circuit board. This was likely a coincidence that it stopped when they were cleaned, but Vach still offered to pay for half the cost of repairing our furnace. We really appreciate him providing amazing customer service and would definitely recommend his company to others.