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How much will your fence and gate repairs cost?

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How much does a fence repair cost?

In most communities across the U.S., it’s standard to have a six-foot privacy fence between houses with at least one gate opening to the front yard. Many homes also have either a picket fence or a decorative metal fence as part of the front yard landscaping. Fences are beautiful when they’re installed, but over time, they become weathered and damaged, turning into an eyesore. Any fence can be repaired, whether by replacing a broken board or swapping in a new metal section. The main factors to take into account when budgeting for a fence repair project are the extent of the damage, the materials used in the fence and the cost of labor.

Average fence repair costs

Because there are so many variables when it comes to residential fences, the average cost varies widely, ranging from $200 to $1,000. A fencing contractor, such as Denver Fence & Fountain in Denver, Colorado, A.J. All Fences in Taylor, Texas, and Jay-Mar Fencing Installation and Repair in Groveland, Florida, usually offers repair for all kinds of damage, as well as maintenance services and new building.

Most fencing companies are experts in all types of fences. For example, 2 Brothers Fencing in Greenwood, Indiana, can fix fences made from wood as well as wrought iron, aluminum, chain-link and PVC.

Types of repairs

Each type of repair carries its own price tag; simpler repairs are less expensive than complicated ones. Dealing with wood rot costs from $150 to $500, depending on whether damaged areas can be filled in or a number of fence boards need to be replaced. Replacing missing boards costs $100-$300, depending on the type of wood and size of the boards. Replacing entire fence posts, which hold up the fence, as well as replacing fallen sections, costs from $140 to $400 per post.

If the original fence was stained or painted, the new sections will need to be colored to match. If the stain or paint is relatively new, it might be possible to color-match the new section; otherwise, the entire fence will need to be repainted. On average, this costs $5-$10 per linear foot.

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Gate repair

Repairing a gate might mean replacing broken hinges, resetting the gate or replacing it entirely. On average, gate repairs cost $100-$400, including the cost of labor.

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