How much will your roof installation or replacement cost?

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How much do shingle roofs cost?

Shingle roofs cost approximately $65 to $600 or more per square to install. Asphalt shingles and architectural shingles start at roughly $65 and $95 per square, respectively. Tile and cedar shingles are more expensive, with costs starting at $284 and $477 per square

The cost of your shingle roof will depend on many factors, including roof size, if you need tear out your old roof, labor costs and more. The following guide will help you estimate your roofing costs, gather free estimates, hire the right roofing contractor and more. 

What’s in this cost guide?

Shingle prices

Asphalt roofs are a top choice among many homeowners, according to the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA). This is primarily because these shingles are the most affordable option on the market. 

However, other shingle options are available for a new roof, with varying costs depending on the material type. The following chart breaks down prices for common types:


Estimated cost per square

Estimated cost per square foot

Asphalt shingles

$65-$350 per square

$0.65-$3.50 per square foot

Laminated or architectural shingles

$95-$350 per square

$0.95-$3.50 per square foot

Cedar shingles

$284-$377 per square

$2.84-$3.77 per square foot

Faux slate roofing shingles

$310-$500 per square

$3.10-$5 per square foot

Tile shingles 

$477-$642 per square

$4.77-$6.42 per square foot

For further information about each of these new roof materials, keep reading.

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Asphalt shingle roof cost

Costing an estimated $65-$350 per square, asphalt shingles are usually designed with a fiberglass base that is surfaced with an asphalt coating. On top of this, weather-resistant mineral granules are added for more protection.

Asphalt shingle roofs are extremely popular with homeowners, mostly thanks to their popularity, quality, durability and affordability. As seen in the chart above, they are by far the least-costly option. This makes asphalt shingle roofs a great pick for homeowners who are on a tighter budget.

3-tab shingles prices

Three-tab shingles are the most basic style of asphalt shingles and also start at $65 per square, making them the least expensive asphalt roofing product on the market. They're durable and economical, but lighter than more costly, premium shingles.

Architectural shingles prices

Architectural shingles — also referred to dimensional or laminated shingles — are typically more expensive than 3-tab shingles, costing $95-$350 per square. A type of asphalt shingle, architectural shingles utilize multilayers to make a thicker product. The result is that these shingles also provide a multi-dimensional look for a roof, creating a more stunning appearance.

Cedar roof shingles cost

A timeless roofing material option, cedar shingles cost approximately $284-$377 per square. These shingles are exactly what they sound like — a shingle made out of cedar. Cedar shingles are environmentally friendly, weather-resistant and repairable, according to the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau. 

On the flip side, cedar shingles are a more costly material, as shown in the chart above. Additionally, the Bureau points out the importance of careful installation. Without the right installation procedures being met, the entire roofing system can be compromised. This makes it imperative for homeowners to hire a professional to install a cedar shingle roof. 

Faux slate shingles cost

Faux slate shingles cost $310-$500 per square. These shingles are often referred to as synthetic slate shingles.

These shingles offer the beauty of natural slate without the extreme expense or difficult installation of slate. Natural slate is a heavy material, which means many roofing systems cannot handle the stone’s weight. However, synthetic slate shingles are lightweight and extremely durable.

A con of this roofing material is the cost. As outlined above, faux slate roofing shingles are more costly than their asphalt counterparts, requiring a hefty upfront investment. 

Tile shingles cost

Tile shingles cost $477-$642 per square and are usually made of clay or concrete. Tile shingles are an attractive choice, offering a timeless design for any home. These premium shingles are incredibly durable and can resist damage from hailstones larger than golf balls, according to the Tile Roofing Industry Alliance.

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Cost factors

There are numerous factors to consider when trying to price out the cost of a new roof. Take the following into consideration.

  • Roof size. The size of your roof will play a large role in the cost of your project. The size will impact the cost of the shingles and the cost of plywood and underlayment. 
  • Scope of installation. Different roofing materials will require other installation techniques. The wrong installation techniques can compromise the entire system. For this reason, it’s critical to consider what your installation costs will be.
  • Cost of specific brands. Finally, as is true with any product you purchase, your total roof replacement costs will be impacted by the brand you choose for materials. Always ask your roofing contractor what brands they offer and recommend based on price and quality. 
  • Additional work needed. If you’re repairing a shingle roof, your costs will be lower. But if you’re replacing your old roof with a new asphalt or metal roof, expect to pay more.

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How to estimate shingle roofing costs

If you are looking to install a new roof, you will likely want to enter the project with at least an estimate of roof costs. Determining the average price for a new roof can help you make the right financial decisions before choosing materials and hiring roofing contractors for the work. 

The following steps will help you estimate your roof installation costs:

  1. Know the size of your roof. The total roof cost will be dependent on the size of your home. 
  2. Use the total square footage of your roof multiplied by the average material cost to estimate material expenses. For example, if you decide to use asphalt shingles, multiple your roof’s square footage against the average material cost.
  3. Ask for cost estimates from local roofing companies. Pull at least three to four estimates and add these labor costs to your material estimates.  
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Benefits of shingle roofs

Whether your existing roof is leaking or the last storm to pass through the area caused severe hail damage to your roof’s shingles, installing a new shingle roof can be worth the cost. Here are some reasons why these roofs are beneficial:

  • Aesthetic. You can purchase asphalt shingles in a variety of styles, colors, materials and designs to create a beautiful roof that increases your home’s curb appeal. 
  • Affordability. Compared to most roofing materials, asphalt shingles are an economical choice. For the homeowner on a budget, these shingles are an ideal fit. 
  • Reliability. Shingles have been around for decades, and they’ve proven to be durable. 

How to hire roofing contractors

Once you’ve decided on the right material for your new roof, it’s time to hire a roofing professional to tear off your old roof and install a new one. Hiring roofing contractors is a simple process, made even easier by the use of Thumbtack. The following steps will help ensure you hire the ideal roofing contractor for your needs.

  1. Start with a local search to find roofing contractors near you. 
  2. Compare online ratings and reviews of each roofing professional you’re considering. 
  3. Ask for estimates on installation costs and materials from multiple roofing contractors.
  4. Ask each contractor a few key questions, such as:
    • What brands can I choose from for the asphalt shingles?
    • Do you have examples of previous work you’ve performed?
    • Are you licensed and insured? 
    • Do you take care of property clean up and haul-away trash after the project is complete?
    • How long will it take to install my shingle roof?
    • Do you offer warranties?
    • How long have you been in business?
    • Do you offer a workmanship warranty?

Weigh the total project cost estimates you receive against the services offered and the professional’s online reviews. It’s also important to choose a roofer that communicates well.

Find a roofer near you

If you’re ready to hire a roofer to install a new roof or repair an old one, do a quick search for roofers near you. Once you find a list of roofing companies in your area, start pulling estimates.

Whether you decide to install an architectural shingle or 3-tab asphalt shingle roof, Thumbtack makes it easy for you to locate a roofing contractor that offers the materials and re-roofing services you need. 

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Is roll roofing cheaper than shingles?

Roll roofing is a cheaper alternative to shingles. However, some believe roll roofing isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as asphalt shingles and it’s less durable. It’s generally installed on sheds, barns and other storage buildings. 

Do you nail down roll roofing?

Yes, roll roofing is attached using nails.

What are the longest-lasting roof shingles?

Slate, concrete, clay and metal roofs tend to last the longest. Here’s a quick look at their life expectancy:

  • Metal roof: 40-80 years
  • Slate roof: 60-150 years
  • Clay/concrete roof: 100+ years

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