Reiki Master Vickey

Charlotte, NC

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How does your business stand out?

Being very dedicated and compassionate to all of life, I treat all my clients with the highest respect.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

I love to see the wonderfully positive effects people receive during and after a Reiki session with me. To know I improved someones life for the better is my greatest reward.


Charlotte, NC 28208

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  • Lauren C. Mar 2, 2013
    Reiki Healing
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How did you get started doing this type of work?
As a child I have always had a strong desire to help anyone and everyone improve their life. Especially if they were struggling in any way. I started meditating when I was 8 years old. Before long I realized how easy it was to connect to the world around me. Colors started appearing like spheres around the trees and grass, then I was also able to see it around people and animals. I could feel the vibrations radiating from every where.... the water, plants, the sun and the wind. It felt like the entire world giving me one great, big, warm hug. I could find the connection in everything. This is when I realized I could heal things. I started with plants. It was great! :) What ever I planted just came to life with so much vibrance. Everything I tended grew three times faster and stronger an all I would really do was touch them and water them. Soon, I noticed that wild animals would come up to me and sit next to me or on me. For example: sparrows, ducks, frogs, turtles, snakes, groundhogs, butterflies would land on me nose, shoulders, and hands. I have even had the experience of petting and entire deer family ( a buck, doe, and fawn traveling together) up in the Poconos. There was also one time I was picking wild blueberries and a bear walked up to the other side of the bush. We looked at each other, I nodded and smiled and the bear looked into my eyes sniffed at me and we both went back to picking blueberries! lol :D I thought it was so cool to be hanging out with a bear. I eventually started taking care of people when they were sick. I wouldn't do much- just give them water, check their temperature, and rub their back, head and feet and they would get better in as little as a few hours (under 8 hours) but no longer than 48 hours. I mean completely better, as if they were never sick. No one understood why I was able to do all this, I didn't understand either. Not until I learned about Reiki. Once I did my research on it I quickly found a master and received my first attunement. After the session the Reiki teacher came up to me and advised me that it was not necessary for me to get this attunement for I was already completely attuned to Reiki. She went on to explain that I could just taking the second version of the 3rd attunement class ( which would have made me a Reiki Teacher) just so I'd know all the technical aspects behind the practice. I just smiled sweetly, bowed and told her that I personally feel better and more confident completing all of the attunements just like everyone else. My logic is everything has steps for a reason. Missing just one or two steps when walking up a flight of stairs seem harmless- until you fall flat on your face :). I was able to finish all of my attunements a world of a lot quicker than most people, but I completed all three attunements.
What questions should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?
When you get a Reiki session, a Reiki Practitioner becomes a direct channel for energy to flow through your aura and chakras and clears away the negativity and stress that has plagued your being. Everyone has a different experience with a Reiki Heal session. Reiki goes where it is needed most and it could never do any harm. It is pure positive energy. Also, depending on how sever and chronic your condition is you may need a series of heals. Just like everything, Reiki takes time and patience. What can Reiki do for me? Reiki is used successfully in all areas of healing: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Reiki helps heal at the root of the problem, assisting in re-establishing homeostasis. Medical experts acknowledge that many, if not all, diseases begin as stress. Reiki is particularly effective in the relief of stress and tension. It helps calm the emotions, inducing relaxation and restoring peace; and reiki does so much more. Reiki is also very useful as a first aid. It helps manage, reduce and/or eliminate pain, even helps speed up recovery from major or minor surgery, including trauma. Reiki has proven to be a powerful healing tool in treatment of catastrophic illness. What Do I Need to Know? First and for most, dress comfortably, as if you just came home from work and changed into some for a mid afternoon nap ( you may actually fall asleep during a session). Even if you are in your work uniform this is fine, just as long as you are comfortable, as you will NOT be taking anything off except for shoes, hat and coat if wearing any. I will ask you to lie or sit down, whatever is more comfortable to you. Next, In my practice I use a very light touch to no touch approach. I will never touch any part that is inappropriate, nor will I message anything. If it makes you more comfortable, I don't have to touch you at all, I could always leave my hands one or two inches above your body. Most Importantly I absolutely must say that Reiki does not replace your doctor or any medications you are taking, but, works in conjunction with them. NEVER, EVER STOP LISTENING TO YOUR DOCTOR OR TAKING YOUR MEDS! I am not a doctor and cannot give any medical advice. Reiki is a complimentry therapy to help assist with the improvement and effectiveness of your Doctor's orders. Effects During and After a Reiki Treatment Because a Reiki heal session will balance every organ, gland, chakra, and energy meridian, you may experience changes with-in this time period. These changes may include but not limited to: system flushing, tingling (good kind), emotional release, and very relaxed and mellow state. None of this is threatening or should alarm you. But, please take caution when operating heavy machinery, drink plenty of water and relax. This energy will continue to flow for 24 to 48 hours.