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We go out of our way to make your day as you want it. Our motto is "We know that this is the biggest day of your life... we'll do our part to make it perfect." Now automatically you may think of a wedding, and that's definitely true, but whatever the event, we know it is important to you or you wouldn't be planning it! Maybe it's a school dance, hey, we know how important that day can be in a young person's life! Maybe it's a charity benefit event or a make or break nightclub show, whatever it is, maybe that's your biggest day! At the very least, it's important enough to you that you are seeking the best, we recognize this and treat your event as such. I love being able to make the dreams of someone's wedding day come true. I know, big words from a DJ huh? Well just think, who's the 1st person to announce you as a couple besides the clergy? Who keeps your reception flowing smoothly? Who keeps your guests happy? Who's the one who coordinates your 1st dance with your new spouse, and your dances with your father or mother? I'll stop there, but you get the point. The DJ is a very important part of a wedding reception, and responsible for so many things during it. Please pick a person that you are confident will be able to handle this responsibilty!


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    • How did you get started doing this type of work?
      This is the owner's story: I have about 15 years Pro DJ experience. Well, of course it started with a love of music. We were raised with music always playing, and all types! In my teen years, I decided I would try my hand with some turntables and a mixer. I found some (really) used gear and started practicing. When i was old enough to get into some clubs, I mentored under some great DJs. I worked on weekends and nights as a DJ, but only as a hobby! I still had a 40 hour a week job and thought of it as just fun and extra money. When I got married, my wife suggested that I quit my job at Heinz and stay home with our newborn (yes, my wife is awesome) I said, "well ok, but I can't just do that, I've been working since I was 15. And I want to contribute somehow" She THEN suggested that I make my hobby into a business, the hours of a DJ work well for this type of thing! So now, our family has grown and Pittsburgh DJ Company has grown into a real business with only the BEST DJs the 'Burgh has to offer!
    Coverage Area for Pittsburgh DJ Company is about 40+ miles of Pittsburgh, PA.