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We provide reserve studies to residential and resort associations. A reserve study is a budget planning tool which identifies the current status of the reserve fund and a stable and equitable funding plan to offset the anticipated future major common area expenditures. Our service includes: - Regular follow-up consultations and training - Complementary board and association presentations - Unlimited what-if scenarios - Weekly progress reports - Standard 30-day turnaround - Color report sent directly to each board member - Report summary (RCW disclosures) for inclusion in the annual report Study Benefits include: - Decrease unexpected expenses: Our report provides a long-term plan for all significant purchases. We evaluate equipment and provide an expected time of replacement. - Explain budget increases: We provide members with the justification required to seek an increase in funding. Whether through regular assessments or special assessments, we provide a detailed report explaining the need. - Increase member trust and support: We believe that sharing information, distributing our reports, increasing awareness, and educating the members of the true cost of common area assets goes a long way. - Maintain common area assets: Eventually, items need to be maintained, repaired, or replaced. Our reports provide a road map with recommendations that bring the resources required to maintain and replace common area assets. This maintains and even improves aesthetics and culture. Study highlights include: - Realistic projections: Our projections are created specific to your needs, history, environment, and desires. - Photographic inventory: This photographic inventory helps you to associate with, understand, and locate assets. - Life and valuation estimates: Each reserved asset is inventoried with useful life (UL) and remaining useful life (RUL) estimations, including current and future replacement costs. - Report snapshot: We inform and explain the results with our unique, low cost, and effective one-page report snapshot. - Educational: Our exclusive report explains the reasoning and justification of recommendations and decisions. - Easy to understand: Our recommendations are easy to understand and implement.


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  • What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
    Remember that not all reserve study providers are the same. While there are national standards published by the Community Association Institute and the majority of the reserve studies will have similar results, not all providers are willing to spend ample time with their customers. We pride ourselves in serving our clients by attending board meetings, providing power point presentations for their use, and sending a color report to each board member.
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