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How much does a wedding planner cost?

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The average cost for a wedding planner is $905. You are likely to spend between $525 and $1,570 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated August 1st, 2017

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Wedding planning services coordinate all aspects of a wedding, from rehearsal dinners and the ceremony to the reception and after party. Common requests included assistance with wedding design, venue selection, vendor selection, rehearsals, rentals, invitations and managing events on the day of the wedding. Many factors affect the cost of wedding planning services.


The largest determining factor to a wedding planner’s fees is the total budget for the wedding. A bigger budget can mean that the guest count is higher or, for a more intimate wedding, it can mean everything will be more opulent. So fewer people doesn’t always mean less expensive. In general, the larger the budget, the more intricate the decor, design, vendors and so on, and the more extensive the wedding planner’s work will be.

Service type

The type of service that the planner provides affects their overall fee. Generally, wedding planners provide three broad service categories: Day-of, partial and full service.

Day-of service

"Day-of" is a misnomer for a service that actually begins about one month prior to the wedding. In this scenario, the couple plans the wedding themselves, then one month prior to the big day, they hire a wedding planner to help finalize details, confirm vendors and oversee all day-of activities. Here are some examples of pricing for day-of services:

Partial service

In this scenario, a wedding planner works in partnership with the couple, helping secure vendors, create a timeline and ensure day-of execution. Here are some examples of pricing for partial services from Event Details by Edelina:

  • $2,880 for a minimum of 45 hours of coordination

  • $3,780 for a minimum of 60 hours of coordination

Full service** **

Full-service wedding planning means the professional handles all the details from working on design, securing rentals, a venue and vendors and also handles complete execution of the event. Here are pricing examples:


By the hour consultations generally cost $75–$135. Some planners may offer discounts when consultations are purchased as a bundle. For example, Event Details by Edelina charges $250 for three hours of planning for DIY couples who need strategic help.


Many planners charge hourly rates for la carte services. For example, Event Details by Edelina charges $60 per hour in two-hour minimum blocks for services related to decorations and favors or for running wedding-related errands.

Pro tip:

  • Wedding planners save couples money because they get professional discounts, and because of their expertise, they can help couples allocate money strategically to stay within budgets.

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Vision into Reality Events

It was a great pleasure planning our wedding with Rolanda. She kept us on track and helped us look like expert wedding planners to our family and friends. Several people commented on how seamlessly everything seemed to flow throughout the wedding and reception, and her planning and flexibility played a big role in making that happen. We are enormously grateful for all Rolanda did to help make this one of the most memorable, inspiring, and beautiful days of our lives. ROLANDA IS AWESOME AND WE ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND HER. Here are a few specifics we appreciated most: - Enthusiastic-- She seemed genuinely excited about our wedding and was eager to help us. We really appreciated Rolanda’s positive energy. - Experienced-- Not having planned a wedding before, it was a relief to lean on Rolanda’s experience. - Generous-- We felt she went beyond the call of duty relative to the money we paid. Rolanda shared some of her own supplies, bought lights to decorate the boathouse railing, and met, talked, and texted with us multiple times before our wedding day. - Flexible-- We really appreciated being able to go "off script" to take extra time to connect with our guests during the reception. Rolanda adjusted on the fly and made us feel comfortable to relax and enjoy the celebration. - Dedicated-- She truly cared about making it a beautiful wedding, and her dedication showed in every little detail she took care of, everything she did surpassed our expectations! - Proactive-- She got me to rent my tux the first day we met, and Rolanda continued to keep us on track in the weeks leading up to the wedding. - Reliable-- She quickly responded to our texts, emails, and phone calls. - Thorough-- She helped us see all the nitty-gritty details that are necessary to have a smooth event.

Bleu Soiree

Lanette was a dream come true! She was a big help during the entire wedding planning process. Lanette is professional and personable and manages to remain calm in all situations. She is responsive and detail-oriented. She asks the right questions and did not make me feel silly for asking not-so-smart questions. I was budget conscious and she provided great cost-savings ideas. She also provided floral arrangements & bouquets for the wedding. I could not have pulled off the wedding without her. Lanette's experience and positive attitude helped make my day less stressed and more special. I would GREATLY recommend Lanette to any bride.

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Marisa did a wonderful job planning my wedding. It was a complete stress free planning experience, and our guests and us all loved our wedding! She was organized, responsive, creative and had excellent attention to details. She's full of ideas and also consciously looking for ways to save costs for us. She took charge of our lantern and flower centerpieces and we were thrilled with the results at a very reasonable price. She's the reason we could sit back, relax and enjoy our big day, as she and her assistant took care of everything on the day of. We are grateful to have Marisa with us throughout the process and would highly recommend her!