Spiral Healing by Raven

Greenbelt, MD

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I am amazed each day when my clients come ready to change their lives. Healing from a deep level, getting answers to questions and removing blockages in your life. Are you ready? This is different than any other healing work you have experienced up until now. Come ready to change your life!

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

I am blessed to do this work. It is my gift. It is my passion. I'm deeply honored by each and every client who trusts me and is courageous enough to want to find Joy, Healing, access to greater Love, and to work to clear what is in the way.


Greenbelt, MD 20770

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6 Reviews
  • KM R. Feb 4, 2016
    A session with Raven is like having your best friend emotionally comfort you, listen to you, and feed you — not only Chicken Soup for your soul, but all of your favorite gourmet and most decadent comfort foods. She is a unique healer because of her ability to incorporate both the spiritual realm and the present world simultaneously. Her spirit and soul might be in the “clouds” seeking answers for you, but her feet are grounded and she is present speaking to you along the way, if you desire. Raven is remarkable — she doesn’t have a specific way of doing things; she is highly adaptable and will perform only what YOU need for your session. The most amusing and amazing thing is that you don’t even need to tell her what that is — or even know your needs — because with one touch, she has all the knowledge necessary, and simply let’s it happen. One example: Raven has worked with both myself and my husband. In his session, it was a lot of quiet touch, energy release with breath, and balancing; very few words were exchanged, which is exactly what was necessary. In my session, I chattered away because I am an active person by nature, who loves exploration. In a sense, Raven and I partnered up in my healing…which worked really well for me and allowed much needed stifled energy to flow out of my feet at an incredible rate. We both listened and absorbed. Not only did both my husband and I personally feel better after our sessions, we noticed changes in each other. Both of us were more relaxed, grounded, and had an overall sense of peace. Bottom line: Make an appointment with Raven. It will be one of the best ways your money will ever be spent. Your soul will receive a massage, allowing you to let go of negativity and embrace love. I will return. K.M. – Maryland
  • Robert J. Jan 26, 2016
    Raven’s intuitive wisdom is a rare gift. I was blown away by how accurate and spot-on her reading of my third chakra was. She was drawn instinctually to my weakest chakra. I was amazed that she knew which one needed the most healing. Her loving presence and healing touch combine with her intuitive wisdom to give us a powerful, mystical healer with miraculous abilities to help us all feel better. What a blessing! R.J. Recreational Specialist
  • Elke H. Jan 19, 2016
    Raven offers you a mirror of yourself. She reflects what she sees and feels, but more than a reflection alone, she presents for you that which has been unseen and unknown to you up until that moment. Not just a mirror, but a magical one at that. Personally, Raven brought me closer to myself, more in touch with my feelings and trusting of my intuition. She brought a sense of peace and direction and offered practical tools to help me to maintain that sense. During a session, Raven knows you like no one else. She senses things that are beyond the normal realm of knowing. She perceives of you and responds as if she was next to you in real time and space, and more than that, she knows you inside out. She can describe where you are at even though she has never been where you are and she visualizes energies in way that is powerful in its ability to transform your own grasp on them to be one that becomes powerful as well. What I received from our sessions were a sense of truly being seen, understood, held and loved: acceptance of self thanks to the amazing sense of acceptance and understanding that Raven is able to convey. Also, greater clarify and trust in myself came from our sessions. Finally, I also felt like I was being read like a book – between the like being held and rocked like a baby. From the very outset, I sensed Raven to be someone that I could trust, whom I could confide in and who was authentic. She has an amazing ability to connect and to be one with what is – thereby enabling you to surrender to the same. From this new place, transformation truly becomes a possibility. Beyond a friend, she has counseled me in times of great difficulty. She is an amazing person, in each and every way. Her own story and that of mine, weave together like a patchwork of amazing stories – you will find yourself in her simply because she finds you – your true you! Elke Hottentot, Geneva, Switzerland (distance healing session)
  • Brigitte V. Jan 16, 2016
    I have to say, I am always a little skeptical about energy work and shaman type healers, but after 2 years of feeling adrift and wretched, I came to Raven a little desperate for some direction. To say I was astounded, is an understatement. In our hour session, I felt movement within…actual movement. And after Raven worked on me, our talk left me breathless. What I thought was in my way, was only a symptom of something bigger I hadn’t let go of or found forgiveness for. The weeks following our work together, things continue to open up for me and I am now feeling aligned again. Raven, you have a gift beyond measure. I am eternally grateful for you sharing it with me. When is our next session?! Brigitte Viellieu-Davis, actor, playwright
  • Mike C. Jan 14, 2016
    I came to Raven with a very specific problem: for years I had become increasingly more emotionally disconnected, which was the result of living through a series of traumatic experiences. This form of coping through life left me unable to properly grieve losses and to be fully vulnerable with others. Previous attempts to deconstruct my emotional walls through conventional therapy were only moderately successful, but not enough; I seemed to be strongly blocked on a deeper level internally. In the first few moments of our initial session, Raven placed her hands on mine and almost immediately I began to cry – something I had not been able to do for several years. Knowing nothing about my past, and only assisted by her spirit guides and intuitive gifts, Raven was able to pinpoint specific dates and moments in my life that were pivotal in the formation of my emotional walls. Many of these were instances that very few people in my life even knew about. From that point forward, each session, and the tools she gave me to work with on my own, helped me to become more in touch with the buried pain of my past and to tear down a significant portion of the emotional walls I’d surrounded myself with. As a result I have become less stressed, less anxious, more open with others, and have begun to view the pieces and places of my life journey thus far in a way I had been unable to see them before. While I’m still in the midst of my own journey of healing and self-discovery, I can honestly say that without Raven’s help I would still be wandering around aimlessly trying to find a way to begin. Whether you have specific problems or not, I highly recommend having a few sessions with Raven, as even the smallest benefits from them will make a significant positive impact in your life. The tools and exercises she has given me are ones I use almost every day, not just in pursuit of my own healing, but to help dissipate and balance out the effects of the stresses of life and various events.
  • Brecken "Bhakti" C. Jan 14, 2016
    Raven’s ability to channel energy is amazing. During our session, a clear beam of purple light was evident behind my closed eyes, and I truly felt transported beyond space and time to… Akashic records? I need more sessions to go deeper. Just the experience of being under Raven’s powerful hands brought me so much energy and insight that keeps unfolding. She is truly a tremendous midwife between worlds. Brecken Bhakti Chinn, Boston, MD