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About Spartan Training

Spartan Training is a personal training studio located on the S/E corner of Alma School Rd. and Chandler Heights Rd. at The Summit in Chandler, Arizona.

Let Spartan Training be the real weight loss solution…yes we can help you build the body of your

dreams and be the permanent solution to your weight problem. Join us in 2013 for our 30 days to

metabolic weight loss Revolution!

Begin your weight loss journey with the Spartan Training 7 point body tracker system and pin point

your weight loss facts for reaching your goals in 30 days.

The Spartan Metabolic Weight Loss Training System is a revolutionary metabolic way to lose

weight and get lean for 2013.
Spartan Training, is first and foremost in metabolic weight loss training and reversing the

symptoms of metabolic syndrome, You will learn how to increase your metabolism. The reason for

being overweight; it is a metabolic issue in which the liver is fatty and unhealthy, which in turn

affects the thyroid resulting in a lowering of the metabolism, Spartan Metabolic Weight loss

Training is designed to increase your metabolism and support a healthy liver. You can do a

thousand different exercises from Crossfit to Youfit to BeFit to PlanetFit, but if you are not using

your muscles correctly, you are not being effective in your training. At Spartan Training we are not

going to entertain you with how many different exercises we know how to do. We are going to teach

you how to use your muscles effectively and efficiently so that you are not wasting your time and

money on training that’s just not getting to job done. Increasing lean muscle increases your

metabolism, thereby helping you to reach your weight loss goals. With our 30 days to metabolic

weight loss system, you get a 7 point body tracker fitness assessment where we pin point your body-

fat and project how much body-fat you are going to lose in 30 days, how much lean muscle you are

going to increase in 30 days, how many inches you are going lose on your waistline in 30 days. With

the Spartan Metabolic Nutrition Plan we develop a plan that works for you and at the same time

increases metabolism. And with that plan we give you in writing exactly what you are going eat and

when you are going to eat and how much you are going to eat for the next 30 days. With the

Spartan Metabolic Cardio Plan we include how much cardio as in how many minutes and how

many days as well as what kind of cardio, as in where the heart rate must be and lastly when the c

cardio should be performed for the next 30 days. The Spartan Metabolic Weight Loss Training

System is the most complete metabolic training system ever designed for weight loss and optimal

health. You will be trained for 2 or 3 one hour sessions per week based on the results of your fitness

assessment. You will learn key factors in training your muscles correctly, how to use dynamic

tension, how to hit the stretch positions, how to isolate the muscles and how to fully activate muscle

fiber, how to make neurological connection to your muscles, all the things necessary to be effective in

your training. These things are just simply not being taught by your everyday personal trainer. At

Spartan Training we are the metabolic fitness experts with 20,000 hours of hands on metabolic

personal training experience, and with a lifetime of exercising and metabolic experience. Our 2013

get lean in 30 days package is being offered today! Start your weight loss resolution for



985 W. Chandler Heights Rd., #12
Chandler, AZ 85248

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  • 1/5 stars

    used there gym for a little while and was not happy. they dont pay much attention to your needs and leave all the time to answer phone.

    Spartan T. from Spartan Training replied to this review on February 10, 2013

    Hello Marty B....
    I have searched QuickBooks for Marty B and there is no record of you having been a client at Spartan Training. So unless you are not being honest about your name here then you are mistaken about training at our Studio with either Vicki or myself...I had a similar situation with another person who posted a review and didin't use their name...It took me a year to find out who this person was and what I discovered was that this person had never been to our studio, had never met me or Vicki, yet he was posting this defamatory review which was a total lie...Believe it or not this person was a business owner himself and of all people to do something like was just beyond the bounds of forgiveness...Recently the courts have ruled in favor of the business owner in a $750,000 lawsuit: ....I am myself considering a lawsuit over the review...

    So as you can see i am taking all reviews serious and I am going to protect Spartan Training against these kind of reviews that have no basis of fact... In the 6 years that Spartan Training has been in business we have not had one negative review...Because we take care of our fact if you bothered to read the website you would see that Spartan Training offers a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the training sessions. Spartan Training has no record of you training as one of our clients...I will eventually find out who you are through IP disclosure and when I do I will pursue legal action... The days of writing false reviews are coming to an end as the courts are now recognizing the facts.

    Your statement aboveI: "used our gym" nobody uses our gym...because everyone has a personal what exactly do you mean by that statement? Also "pay much attention to your needs" what needs are you referring to? Moving on 'leaving all the time to answer the phone' leaving where the phone is right here in the studio...and I do not answer the phone when a client requires assistance... From my perspective if you have been a client of Spartan Training I think that you would already know that Vicki and I are accessible and open with all our clients and if there is a problem then you would discuss it directly with us and we would resolve any problem then and there. But this didn't happen and I
    have no record of any Marty let alone a Marty B ever with Spartan Training...So why are you posting this review?

  • 5/5 stars

    I have known Robert, as a cyber friend, for several years as we both have been part of a online community. He has always been very honest, trustworthy and has a wonderful sense of humor. I know he is dedicated to his profession as a personal trainer and if I lived anywhere near Chandler, AZ he would be my first choice because he is totally committed to his clients.

    If you read Robert and Vicki's newsletter and the blog, it is obvious that they are very well educated about fitness and nutrition. I have been so inspired by watching the videos with Vicki. She makes weight lifting appear to be so effortless and even enjoyable.

    All the articles are great, on the newsletter, and I have used the recipes and they are delicious. But my favorite topics from the articles are transcending temptation and how to be more disciplined. I am a huge fan of their newsletter.

    Although I live so far away from AZ and wish I could personally engage Robert to help me become more physically fit in person, I would highly recommend Spartan Training based on what I know of Robert's integrity and dedication. He is a gentle soul who understands the connection between mind~body~spirit.

Question and answer

Q. What types of customers have you worked with?

A. Spartan Metabolic Weight Loss Training teaches our clients how to integrate health and fitness into their lifestyle. So when our clients reach their weight loss and fitness goals, they are transformed and health and fitness are now just a part of their lifestyle. Therefore taking care of their health through exercise and nutrition is a natural part of their everyday life. Because they understand the importance of being healthy and strong. Spartan Metabolic Weight Loss Training gives our clients the tools they need to not only succeed at reaching their weight loss and fitness goals but to manage and maintain the weight loss and fitness through the rest of their lives.

Q. What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?

A. Before you hire a personal trainer, make sure they know how to use their muscles. A few simple questions will be sufficient. 1. What are the stretch position for each muscle group. 2. How do you fully activate the muscle fiber being used in an exercise? What is dynamic tension and what does it do. 3. What is the most effective way to train a muscle? 4. How do you isolate the muscle being used in an exercise? If the personal trainer cannot answer these questions, then it would be a good idea to look for another trainer.

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