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Unlike others, we offer semi-private training sessions that make your training more affordable and enjoyable. Our trainers are not with you to simply count your reps and babysit, they are professionals who design your program for each trip you make into the gym and evaluate your form and progress. Whether you see a trainer one, two, or three times per week you will always come to our facility to get your workout in, and while you are in FITT Quest, our staff is here to help whether you have a session scheduled or not. We are able to help a great number of people every hour instead of just helping one or two like traditional trainers do. With so many people and personalities moving through the facility it is truly impossible to not be motivated while you are in the building. We have a great sense of community and everyone is here to achieve results.


Phoenix, AZ 85006

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    • How did you get started doing this type of work?
      I have always been involved in the study and improvement of human performance. After serving as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach for 14 years and helping athletes win numerous All-American, National, International and Olympic Championships, I transitioned to working in private training facilities helping young athletes and others improve their health, fitness and performance. It has always brought me great joy to watch others achieve their goals, whether it is winning a local tournament or losing 20 pounds. Our facility is designed to help our clients achieve results and have fun doing it.
    • What types of customers have you worked with?
      There are several services we provide to our clients: 1. Body Composition Assessment and Nutritional Guidance - without having a clear understanding of what makes up your body and what you need to do to make changes to it, you cannot establish clear, achievable goals. 2. Supervised Fitness Training - our programs allow flexibility in the number of training sessions per week that we will design and supervise. For those that have their own home routine, but want one day per week of attention we offer a basic package. For the real results, our complete package provides 3 days per week of supervised fitness training with unlimited access to our cardio equipment for those "extra" workouts 3. Group High Performance Fitness Classes - as an alternative to all the cross training and high intensity exercise programs offered at the commercial gyms, our high performance fitness is designed by certified trainers to mix the right amount of intensity with other key aspects of fitness including flexibility, balance, agility and power to make a complete training program that provides unmatched results in a social training atmosphere.
    • What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
      Be sure about your decision and once you are, commit to it whole heartedly. A lot of your success is going to come from simply getting into the gym and sticking with your program. If you jump into a program without truly enjoying it or committing to it and you simply give up within a few weeks, you cannot expect to get the physical results you are seeking. Open your mind and follow the program set forth in front of you. The worst part about our job as trainers is watching someone who truly wants to change their body toil away in the gym but not follow the program completely and not see any results because of it. Get committed, don't look for any easy way out, work hard and nothing will stop you.
    Coverage Area for F.I.T.T. Quest USA is about 30+ miles of Phoenix, AZ.