Sound Media Solutions

About Sound Media Solutions

We specialize in CD printing and duplication. We do short run printing Starting at $1 a CD!

Text or full color graphics, includes paper sleeve (or other sleeve by custom order), printing, and duplication.

Full CD packages available.

We accept small or large orders. Contact us to ask about our full replication and printing.


Long Beach, CA 90807

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Question and answer

Q. Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.

A. Short Run CD Duplication is a highly sought after field. Many bands and small groups love to be able to print only 50-100 cds at time for gigs and promotion

Q. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

A. Be sure to know what you are looking for, and ask the right questions. You may need or want something but are not sure. Always make sure you get the right answers for what you are looking to do.

Q. If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about your trade? Any inside secrets to share?

A. CDs and DVDs are still alive and well, many thing that digital drives and such are making dvd and cds obsolete. That is not so true. There are many needs for cd and dvd duplication. From music to data to video files, or just some back up storage.

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