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Appliance repair professionals help bring washers, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, stoves, dishwashers, microwaves and other household appliances back into working order. Repair costs vary depending on brand, what needs to be repaired, what parts are needed and other factors.

Hourly rate

Some appliance repair professionals charge flat rates for certain projects; however, because each job is so unique, most pros charge an hourly rate for their services. In addition, some vary their rates based on the complexity, relative danger or intensity of the work. For example, Greg Mr. Fix It in Greensboro, North Carolina, charges $75 per hour for standard appliance repair and up to $85 per hour for more complex repairs, jobs that require accessing challenging locations and so on.

Minimum service fee

Some appliance repair pros charge a minimum fee to cover the costs of arriving onsite and diagnosing a situation. Depending on the pro, the minimum fee may include a set amount of work or it may solely cover the diagnosis. Greg Mr. Fix It charges a minimum fee of $65, which covers his diagnosis, up to 1.5 hours of travel from his location and an estimate to repair the appliance. He does not charge an additional service fee if he has to return to the same location to continue work on another day.


The parts required for a repair also affect the total cost of services. Greg Mr. Fix It says that 98 percent of the time his customers need a new part to get their appliance running again. The cost of parts varies depending on the part, the type of appliance and the brand.

Type of appliance

Different appliances require different amounts of time to repair and, therefore, cost more or less for labor. Greg Mr. Fix It says dryers are typically easier to fix than washing machines, but dishwasher repairs tend to be the most labor-intensive. Here are price Greg Mr. Fix It charges to repair various standard home appliances. Prices include parts, labor and his $65 service fee:

  • Dryers: $180

    • The faulty part is often the belt or element.
  • Washing machines: $180–$400

    • The faulty part is often the water pump or transmission.
  • Refrigerators: $180–$400

    • The faulty part is often the evaporator, fan motor, the element, or the timer.

    • Fridges with issues related to touch screens, control boards or other computerized components cost $600–$700 for repairs.

Repair versus replace

Honest repair professionals let you know when it’s worthwhile to repair an appliance rather than replace it with a brand new one. According to Greg Mr. Fix It, a $2,000 stainless steel, top-of-the line refrigerator may be worth a $600 repair, but spending $200 to repair a dryer that could be bought new for $300 isn’t worth the money. It’s more cost-effective to just to buy new. Be sure to ask what your options are and consider how old the appliance currently is.

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