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I have professional training in the carpentry trade. Example: age 19-23 training included 1000hrs of nailing with hammer, 1000hrs of circular saw,sawall, table saw usage.All hrs sign off by General Contractors with the highest standards of craftmanship and safety. Also, cabinet making. Where I started at the bottom,from/ assemble line ,building cabinets to/ inspecting and quick repair to damage cabinets before green tagging to pass. After yrs of training with city and union I earn my carpentry knowledge the right way. Nowadays ,what I'm seeing is monkey see monkey do carpenters. example: I started working with a new construction crew , no one in this crew were looking/following the plans But proceeding to build. Now, I studied the plans for a moment, and then proceeded to build according to the plans. The crew is now coping the walls I'm building.So, doesn't this mean the walls they building are wrong? I'm a team player but shouldn't the other players know there job as well? These are the carpenters to be careful of. Monkey see monkey do type. Mistake after mistake,maybe even break something else extra you need to fix later., you guess. Whos gonna pay? twice/three time? $10hr x 3= $30 hr maybe more! Still, will it pass inspection if need be? Just be careful is what Im trying to say. I work fast/smart and safe, saving you time and money. And its gonna pass inspection first time. Its art to me, not a job at all.


Dallas, TX 75241

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