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Hi there, my name is Jonathan and I'd love to help you get into the college or grad program of your dream. I've counseled dozens of people through the admissions process and gone through it myself multiple times. My students have significantly improved their standardized test scores and have been accepted into many of the most selective institutions including Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. Applying to undergrad and grad programs can be time consuming and expensive but it's worth investing to polish your application so you have the best chance possible to get into the schools you want. If you are early in the application process I can create a study plan for your standardized test preparation, offer personalized tutoring, and help develop and finalize your application. If your deadline is near I'm happy to simply review and help you polish your application and essays. I studied Ethics, Politics, and Economics at Yale University and then worked as a policy analyst at the White House for two years. I applied to and was accepted into Harvard Business School and the Graduate School of Business at Stanford and I work here in San Francisco at Thumbtack.com. I have a number of close friends who worked as admissions officers at Yale University so I know some insider secrets, and for an extra fee I can have a former Yale admissions officer review your application as well. Thumbtack keeps me busy, but with my free time I'd love to help you get into the college or grad program of your dream!


Los Angeles, CA 90028
Coverage Area for Swanson Prep is about 40+ miles of Los Angeles, CA.