Workhouse Studio

About this pro

Workhouse Studio is San Jose's professional recording studio of choice, offering the best in analog, digital, mastering and multi-track audio recording, digital and analog archival, voice overs, and tape and vinyl restoration. Workhouse is well-known for its mastering and recording work. Our studio offers both digital and analog mastering systems, from 16 to 32-bit and 32k to 96k sampling. Workhouse has over 25 years of friendly and reliable service with major label credits. You can come to the Workhouse Studio, and for $350, you can have a 2 to 4-song demo completed in one to two days. If you have four guys in your band, that's less than $100 each to get a recording for your Myspace or Facebook page. Plus, get a demo that will get you shows, if not more. Check out our prices and quality of recording and mastering work; you will end up paying double the price at other studios to get the same thing done at our studio. I have over 25 years of recording and mastering experience, with hundreds of happy customers. Check out the Workhouse Studio at ReverbNation, and see the hundreds of satisfied customers. Prices start at $35 per hour. Do you need your project mastered? Check us out! Complete mastered CD up to 12 songs for $220 -- satisfaction guaranteed. Check out our work at ReverbNation -- Workhouse Studio Recording and Mastering Works. We are quick and efficient. We get the sound you are looking for. No fumbling around, no downtime, no computers crashing. Come in and record in a comfortable, hassle-free environment that has over 25 years of experience with major label credits. Have a good time and record... no stress. Check out our website. Call us about your CD project. Our price and quality will not be beat! We will work with your budget.


San Jose, CA 95125
Coverage Area for Workhouse Studio is about 30+ miles of San Jose, CA.