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$300 Data Recovery
$300 Data Recovery

$300 Data Recovery

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Introduction: We offer the highest-level data recovery services (except for clean room repairs which are only necessary about 15% of the time) for the cheapest possible price. Our abilities far exceed that of your average computer repair shop offering data recovery (including the Apple Store, Best Buy/Geek Squad and smaller shops). We have a $300 flat fee for data recovery; you only pay if we can recover the data that you want back. We can usually tell you the same day if we'll be able to recover your data. If successful, it may take up to 3 days to actually get everything back (but sometimes as quick as the same day). Depending on your computer model, there may also be a $65 fee for removing your hard drive from your computer (iMac, MacBook Pro, etc.). If you have an external hard drive for storing your recovered data, please bring it along when you drop off (or mail in) your bad drive. If you don't have one, you can buy one from us if the recovery is successful. Note that you must drop off (or mail in) your external drive at the same time you drop off (or mail in) your bad drive. We do not accept transfer drives after the bad drive has arrived. If you didn't include one, then you must buy one from us. Some rare hard drives may incur an extra fee (in particular, some 2.5" USB WD drives, encrypted drives, drives over 2 TB and drives with previously opened covers). To see all fees, check out the Rates page. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Randy S.

WOW - only way I can think of how to describe this company. There are so many great reviews about this company that I initially thought it was too good to be true, but man was I wrong. They SUCCESSFULLY RECOVERED all my information from my broken drive. Here is my story about how this company delivered for me! I had an old hard drive from 2008 that I hooked up to my laptop with a SATA/USB cable. I was dumb let the drive slide off my bed onto the floor (carpet) while accessing files. Had clicking noises after that and wasn't able to access data. So I sent in my drive for a free diagnostic by the first company I could find in my area of Nashville which was Secure Data Recovery Services, and when they gave me a quote back it ended up being $1423 to retrieve my data. That wasn't an option for me, so I got the drive back, and $300 Data Recovery was the next one I found. I honestly was very skeptical about $300 data recovery service since every information piece or company I found said basically it would be at least $800 to repair a drive. Long story short, I took a chance with them. I was IMPRESSED with the whole process. I filled out a mail-in form and everything was kept up to date through email. The format for status updates in the email I thought were very informative and clear. When they gotten to the data on the hard drive they sent me an HTML file that opens listing all my files. I gave them the okay the proceed with the recovery, paid through Paypal, and a couple days later I got an external drive with my data and broken drive back. Super easy, and great support. I felt that I could email and get a response back anytime. Keep in mind also that I am across the country from California in Nashville. For overall turnaround (without priority), they received my hard drive on 9/10/14 and it arrived back to me on 9/17/14. I wasn't in a rush, but I think that time frame is pretty good. I even ordered a spare 500 gig drive from them. $89.99 which is what it costs in the store anyway. Data was on the external drive, and I also got my broken hard drive back. OVERALL....this is a great company. It was my first time using a data recovery service also. Brian seems to be the guy running it, and I can't thank him enough and his team. If I ever have any drive failures again in my life, this is place I am sending my stuff to. They get it done! Randy (I am posting this to other review websites also) 9/21/14
Nov 25, 2014
Ja T.

Hard Drive became BRICKED. Could not be detected by BIOS or through a USB Adapter hookup. About 1T of critical data needed to be retrieved. I was very skeptical, but liked the flat rate offering, so made some inquiries and looked for other ratings on the web. Very favorable, Angies List, BBB, Plus -- No negative information found. What won me over was that all my emails were answered quickly and there was no slick salesman talk or bait and switch activity happening. Brian, emailed me personally and laid out the options for recovery and their odds of success. More importantly, he told me what he could not or would not do if my drive required serious repair which required a clean room. I asked lots of questions and I got his responses usually w/in 30 minutes but no later than 6-8 hrs, even on weekends & late at night. He indicated a 90% chance of recovering my data. When all was said and done, I got 100% of all my data back. Quick turnaround - I had my drive back w/in 1.5 weeks. Honest & upfront pricing. My $300 bill was easily the better deal than trying to solve the issue myself or messing about w/ possible solutions -- save time, $$, my data, & my sanity. Highly Recommend Thanks so much for being awesome!!
Nov 25, 2014
Nick R.

Internal hard drive was corrupt, contacted several other companies and received quotes from $429 to maybe $2,000., with no guarantees! The I found $300data recovery and contacted Brian. After sending my information to $300DR, Brian immediately contacted me and explained exactly how many of the exact model of my hard drive he had worked on and how many he successfully recovered. He estimated that he could recover at least 90% of my data. If that was not acceptable, the drive would be returned and I would only pay shipping charges. When they started working on the drive, they sent me several e-mails keeping me informed of the progress. They had told me it may take 2-3 days to complete, but they actually had it done in 1 day. Data returned to me was 100% accurate. PERFORMANCE, PROFESSIONALISM, AND VALUE ARE OUTSTANDING!!!!!! I HIGHLY recommend $300 DataRecovery
Dec 6, 2014
Kevin B.

12 year old Desk Top PC with Window XP died Feb 2014. Many symptoms of ill health for previous 3 or 4 years led to heart(300 watt power supply) stopping completely. McAfee anti v firewall updates always running but slow running, corrupt files, register certificates not recognized and error on page stuff just got worse. Many times PC NOT shut down and plug was pulled to stop it. Other times it just froze. Am a toy train and toy collector/ seller so look at e bay and other auctions a lot. Anyway I packed it all up, took it to local tech company who attempted to xfer hard drive to new PC. Nothing, NADA, NYET, ZIP. So we looked at places which charge 600 to 2000 to retrieve stuff off hard drive. Settled on 300 Data recovery people. Keep in mind I never had back up going, had some older files from 1998 so I lost 16 years of family history on my HD. The FAT 32 file system was gone so nothing was in order, BUT 300D people recovered ALL my 20,000 plus JPEGs. Will take time to go through and sort or delete but grateful for JPEGs being transferred onto my new PC. Writing stuff, address books, records, documents all corrupted and not useable. Paid another 100 for Seagate portable drive AND shipping to my technical company. Note: IRS excuses are plausible.
Dec 7, 2014
Kerry W.

$300 Data Recovery is a tremendous value. Their customer service and communication throughout the shipping, receiving and recovery process is excellent. Their instructions are clear and concise and guide you through every step of the way. They recovered all of my customer's data at a fair price and they could not be happier. I'll second that.
Nov 25, 2014
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