Best Illustrators in West Hollywood, CA 2016

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  • Distinctive Logos, Illustration & Graphic Design

    Los Angeles, CA · Doug Millhoff

    (10 reviews)

    In need of experienced professional graphic illustrators? Doug Millhoff and his colleagues create unique logos and IDs, product designs, conceptual visualizations, web graphics, line sheets and more.

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  • Art Painting & Illustration

    Los Angeles, CA · Face painting in Los Angeles by Carmen Designs

    (9 reviews)

    Carmen Mac offers creative mural painting and handmade jewelry creation minus the inconvenience. She is also available to do face painting sessions for anniversaries, baby showers, fundraisers and more.

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  • Graphic Design, Illustration & Photography Services

    Valencia, CA · Migrate Design

    (6 reviews)

    Migrate Design is a team of reliable illustration artists, photographers, and graphic designers who offer quality services. They also specialize in corporate identity, web design, branding, and more.

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  • Digital Marketing & Consulting

    Santa Monica, CA · David B Anthony Process Digital Agency

    (3 reviews)

    If you're looking for a creative illustrator, try David Anthony. He provides a variety of digital marketing services including print and web designs including illustrations, web development, and more.

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  • Creative Art Works

    Camarillo, CA · Gretchen Carroll Design

    (6 reviews)

    Gretchen Carroll Design specializes in offering branding, advertising, multimedia and print media services. They also provide illustrations, brochures, logos, and more.

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  • Illustrator Artists

    Ventura, CA · Elena Trevino Design

    (3 reviews)

    Elena Trevino Design offers creative work for photographers and copywriters. They provide ad, website, brochure, conference display, annual report and illustration design.

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  • Illustration & Graphic Design Services

    Los Angeles, CA · Daniel L. Grant Illustration and Design

    Make your brand stand out with the designs from seasoned manual and digital illustrator Daniel Grant. He offers design and illustration services for fashion, entertainment, print and publishing.

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  • Illustration & Storyboard Art

    Los Angeles, CA · Alexis J. Estevez

    (1 reviews)

    In need of reputable digital illustrators, video editors and cartoonists for hire? Alexis Estevez is a multimedia artist who provides professional video editing, illustration and storyboard services.

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  • Artist & Illustrator

    Los Angeles, CA · Tate Marshall Illustration

    Are you looking for a graphic illustrator, a storyboard artist and a concept artist all rolled into one? Tate Marshall has a year of experience in making other people's vision come to life.

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  • Illustrations & Creative Services

    Los Angeles, CA · Unknown Depths

    Unknown Depths provides a range of creative services. They create graphic designs, illustrations and productions. They also can realize both large and small projects alike.

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  • Graphic Design, Web Design & Multimedia Services

    Los Angeles, CA · LA Soundbox Graphic Design

    (1 reviews)

    This professional graphic graphic designer and digital illustrator offers creative services that include photo retouching, CD artworks, storyboards, video editing, stop-motion animation, and more.

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  • Graphic Design

    North Hollywood, CA · Tamando Design

    Tamara Andolsen is an all-around graphic designer and software illustrator. She does hand-drawn and vector images, paintings, murals, and more. She also does marketing paraphernalia.

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  • Wedding Invitations

    Chatsworth, CA · Invitations of Love

    Spread your influence with help from patent illustrators from Invitations of Love. Their technical illustrators provide custom-themed invitations such as oceans, western, butterflies, kids, and more.

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  • Custom Murals & Signs

    Los Angeles, CA · L Star Murals

    This company specializes in creating custom hand painted mural and signs to residential and commercial spaces of all sizes. They work on media rooms, entryways, bedroom walls, and much more.

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  • Apparel Graphics

    Los Angeles, CA · BGS Graphic Design

    Let the talented illustration artists from this graphic design studio set your brand a step ahead of others. They specialize in t-shirt design and branding using digital and traditional techniques.

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  • Photography & Graphic Design

    Los Angeles, CA · Anatamy

    Anatamy houses professional cartoonists, illustrators, photographers, and designers that are sure to tickle anyone's visual fancies. This artistic team does manual and computer generated pieces for any project.

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  • Fine Art, Antiques, Music Production & Publishing

    Los Angeles, CA · Draw Me 2

    Turn an old photo into a new masterpiece with Drawme2. Their freelance cartoonist and children book illustrator also provides advertising and web design, portraits, caricatures, logos, and more.

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  • Illustrator

    Pacific Palisades, CA · Charles Art

    Technical illustrator Charles Hetenyi offers various imagery for video, print and web. He is also an architectural illustrator able to produce creative, patented designs using ink and watercolor.

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  • Cartoonist

    North Hollywood, CA · Jkat Productions

    Johnny Mchone is among the best illustrators who provide traditional illustrations, comics, cartoons and animations using inks and pencils. He has been animating and drawing for more than 14 years.

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  • Freelance Illustrator

    Burbank, CA · Isaac Marzioli Illustrations

    If you need a cartoon animation artist who has worked for Nickelodeon and Disney, choose Isaac Marzioli. This experienced freelance illustrator is proficient in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

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  • Technical Illustration

    Los Angeles, CA · The Way Home Media

    This local company provides multimedia services that include website consulting, design, hosting and maintenance as well as audio and video production and editing, technical illustration, and more.

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  • Storyboard & Illustration Services

    Los Angeles, CA · WoHALO

    Make your ideas come to life with storyboard, humorous illustrator, and cartoon artist Wakana Yokota. He can do realistic to cartoony styles utilizing freehand or digital software.

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  • Illustrations, Portraits & Cartoons

    West Hollywood, CA · David Glover Illustration

    David Glover is a freelance illustrator and cartoonist whose works have appeared in various professional trade journals and magazines. He has done projects for airlines, websites, museums and more.

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  • Architecture, 3D Rendering, Concept, & Illustration

    Van Nuys, CA · Michael Lee

    This seasoned freelance illustrator does 3D modeling using Maya, Zbrush, SketchUp, 3D Studio Max, and Mudbox. He provides graphic design and CAD drafting as well.

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  • Creative Solutions in Branding, Print & Web

    Van Nuys, CA · Alterna.tif Design

    Alterna.tif Design's teams of web designers and developers and graphic illustrators specializes in branding services for your business. They provide creative solutions for your brand.

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  • Art, Animation & Illustration

    Moorpark, CA · Design Loft Studio

    Looking to hire cartoon illustrators for books or film production? This Disney-trained freelance illustrator provides quality illustration and commercial animation services at a reasonable price.

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  • Storyboards, Illustration, Fine Art & Logo Design

    Los Angeles, CA · Galloping Tintypes

    Jason Brown is a creative illustrator with over 15 years of experience in graphic design, film making and fine arts. He also does advertising graphics, comic arts, storyboards and more.

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  • Communication Strategist For Design, Web & Photo

    Los Angeles, CA · Gary Makes Art

    Increase the marketability of your business and get the services of this graphic illustrator who retouches photos, edits videos and more using different software to come up with a wowing end product.

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  • Award-Winning Graphic Design & Photography

    Culver City, CA · Fusion Entertainment Studios

    These award-winning graphic designers and 3D illustrators have over 15 years of experience in logo and web design, Flash authoring, storyboarding, digital illustration, animation development, and more.

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  • Event Design, Production & Illustrations

    Los Angeles, CA · idesigns Event Services, Inc.

    This reliable full-service event design and production company provides innovative concepts, 3D illustrators, and architectural renderings for environmental designing and costumers satisfaction.

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  • Portraits & Caricatures

    Los Angeles, CA · Keiko Wakamura

    You'll be amazed at how this text illustrator and calligrapher, anime-manga style cartoon illustrator, and white and black cartoonist recreate photos. The pieces of art he delivers are priceless.

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  • Illustrator

    Tujunga, CA · Eerren

    If you are searching for a freelance illustrator who holds a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration, check out Iren Tsaturyan. She provides quality illustration services.

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  • Silhouette Artist

    Thousand Oaks, CA · Cut Arts

    Karl Johnson is regarded as America’s leader in silhouette artistry. This skilled silhouette artist's works and portraits hang in the homes of many Hollywood figures.

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