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Colorado Springs Copywriters

Browse these copywriters with great ratings from Thumbtack customers in Colorado Springs.

Vibrant Digital VA
from 25 reviews
  • 7 years in business
  • 20 hires on Thumbtack
Alexandra S.
Verified review

Vena is an extremely smart, professional and talented marketer. We hired her for website copywriting and were so impressed with her work that we have signed on with her social media management services. Highly recommend!

Bloomery Forge, LLC
from 7 reviews
  • 12 years in business
  • 2 hires on Thumbtack
Devon R.
Verified review

Working with Brenda and Mary of Bloomery Forge, LLC has been both educational and rewarding as a fellow copywriter. Masters of their craft, I have long regarded Brenda and Mary, indirectly, as mentors. Through careful emulation many years ago, I was able to establish my own style of copywriting while adhering to Bloomery Forge's engaging and thought-provoking writing techniques. I have collaborated with them on large-scale advertising campaigns for luxury resorts, as well as magazine writing for an interior design and architectural publication. All experiences were first-rate.

  • 1 hire on Thumbtack

I'm a copy writer/producer for television. I've written copy for promotions and advertising for several national broadcast companies over the past 20 years such as Starz & Encore channels, Discovery channels, and A&E's networks. I can write copy for television, advertising, blogs, social media, print, scripts for shoots, tag lines, blurbs, web content, product placement and branding, and technical. You name it, I can write it and sell it.


I provide full range of strategical and tactical marketing services, including marketing plan development, direct marketing, branding, interactive and copywriting.


Business owners are experts in their business, not experts in or at either marketing and writing sales copy that works. It has always been my philosophy to play to my strengths and outsource my weaknesses to professionals. Opposable Thumb Marketing provides the full services of a complete marketing department for your business at a fraction of the cost of hiring one. Contact us today! Phil Meyers


Attention marketers who want more profit form their sales copy; Sales Copy That Produces Results Guaranteed Or Your Money Back If you want proven sales copy that will multiply your sales, cut the fat off of your marketing costs, and stuff money into your pockets... ...If you're tired of gambling with copy that's not converting... ...If you want to squeeze more people through your sales funnel, like a rubber raft through the rapids on the Colorado River, than this could be the most important letter you'll ever read... It's been said that you're only one sales letter away from making a million dollars - Your next project could be that letter. Dear Savvy Internet Marketer, Stop Risking Your Valuable Time, Effort and Money on Ineffective Advertising - Put a Professional copywriter on your team and watch your sales soar There are three problems that keep most internet marketers broke. Not enough traffic to their website, not having a good quality product that people want, and sales copy that doesn't convert that traffic into buyers and cash. Most broke marketers mistakenly think that the newest, latest, greatest, product that the so called "guru's" come out with will solve their marketing problems once and for all. So they try this solution and that solution without ever staying focused on any one thing. They just jump from one tactic to another and never plan a real strategy to build their business. Most people think that it's easy to start an internet business and make enough money to quit their day jobs. You and I know the truth - It's not easy, it takes time, effort, money and focused "stick-to-it-ness" in order to plan out a strategy and see it through. Anybody can get decent traffic even if you have to buy it from Google, Yahoo or MSN. Creating or promoting a decent product on the other hand isn't always that simple. But if you do your research you can figure out what people want and are willing to pay for - then create a product to fill that need. I believe the hard part for any individual business is convincing people to trust you enough to read your marketing message and try your product. Believe it or not it's all about persuasion, and there is technique in persuasion. You have to understand psychology and people and you have to understand what they want. Then you have to lead them right where they want to go. To your solution for their problem. If your customer has a problem, and they do otherwise they wouldn't be looking for a solution, than you have to show them how your product or service solves their problem. Then you make it easy for them to buy without risk. You assume the risk if you stand behind and believe in your product. Over 89% of internet marketers have difficulty getting their prospects to buy. You're probably no different. They need help putting their sales message together and convincing people that they can be trusted and will stand behind their product and guarantee. Most marketers know that they need to create a better message. Many marketers try to do it themselves. Because of their inexperience and lack of knowledge about printed salesmanship they get it wrong and their message doesn't convert or doesn't convert well. For one of two reasons they don't hire a competent copywriter. Either they can't afford one or they just don't know that they need one. Some of them don't even know about Direct Response Marketing. They mistakenly think an institutional ad, or worse, brand advertising will work. Institutional and brand advertising doesn't work, unless you're Coke® and can afford millions, especially not on the internet. So for those marketers who know about Direct Response Marketing - most of them don't know how to do it themselves properly. For those who know about Direct Response Marketing and also know that they shouldn't be doing it themselves the only option is to pay someone else to do it for them. That brings up a whole new problem. How much do professional copywriters charge? The really good ones charge allot and get it - they are worth it. Because marketing is an investment. When you put a dollar in and get two dollars back that's a smart investment. But for the average internet marketer there lies the problem. They can't afford to pay what the professional "A" class copywriters charge. The good news is that most internet marketers don't need that kind of quality. They need something that will work and work now. Testimonial: "From the questions Mike asked I knew he understood what was needed" “I needed a writer to write a postcard for me to help sell my auto electrical services to garages (my target market). I had been trying to get friends, family, and even English professors to try to understand what I wanted and turn it into postcard copy. "None seemed to understand what I was trying to say, every one of them came back with copy that seemed like they were writing what they wanted, not what I was trying to say. "From the questions Mike asked I knew that he understood what was needed to craft a postcard that will perform. We were in touch all the time during the month, the time frame he needed to understand what I did and who I did it for. "He even went as far as calling my current customers to see what they needed and what it was that I did for them, and I feel this was very important if I wanted a postcard that would convince others of my abilities. I'm impressed with what he did for me and I'll be calling on Mike Lucero again in the future.” Sincerely, Jerry C. Keystone Auto Electrical If you're getting a sufficient amount of traffic to your website, and you have a good quality product that people want, one that you are proud of and are willing to stand behind, than you are two thirds of the way to your internet marketing dream. If that sounds like you than I have The Solution that you need. Great copywriting, at an affordable price, guaranteed to get results. Great copywriting has to do four things. 1. It has to get the attention of your target market. 2. It has to convert that attention into readership. 3. It has to convert that readership into a desire for your quality product. 4. And, it has to convert that desire into the action that you want from your prospect. Getting your target markets attention is about more than just an attention grabbing headline. Although the headline is very valuable and important. You must also draw your reader into your copy by creating an interesting and valuable, super-heading, subheadings, and first paragraph or lead copy. Hot buttons and benefits are what your customers are looking for. What is the most desired benefit that your customer wants and how can you help him get it? A super-heading that will qualify your target market can kick start your message. They immediately know that you know who they are when they read it. You are identifying them. A really powerful heading will seize you target markets interest and pull them into your copy and your message. A great subheading continues to qualify your target market. It will also separate those who should not be reading your letter. A great subheading will continue generating the interest of those who should read it. Beyond your headline your first paragraph, lead copy, should draw your readers into your copy and the rest of your presentation. It should be stuffed with the most important and valuable benefit that your target customer wants and needs and that your great product offers. This creates interest and readership. There are many different ways to sell or present your product. Teaching your prospect how to use your product is about as simple as it gets. Some sort of demonstration. Everybody wants to know how things work, if it's easy to use, and if it will work for them. Story telling is another, everybody loves a good story, you can get and keep your prospects attention with a great story. Painting pictures of happy customers using your product is great for generating excitement and enthusiasm. And enthusiasm sells. And finally the call to action. Getting your customer to perform some action, whether that's opting in to your e-mailing list, or buying your product right here and now. Your call to action is more than just a simple call to action it's your entire offer. It describes everything that your new customer gets when they purchase, including bonuses and your bold guarantee. It makes your product so irresistible that it would be foolish not to buy it now. Your offer should be so irresistible that it will make even the most skeptical buyer salivate in order to have what you're offering. Finally within all of those words you have to provide proof that you know what you are doing and can be trusted. Proof elements come in many different forms, there's your credentials, testimonials, images and more - proof that you can support your claims. Testimonial: "Its converting great, well worth the investment." “Mike, you did a fine job on this copy writing job. It's converting great, well worth the investment. Thanks a lot and wish you best of luck on your business ventures.” Gregory C. Vancouver Canada Testimonial: "First I was skeptical" “First I was skeptical, but when the leads started coming in I knew I had done the right thing. One of the best providers I have worked with. Communicates extremely well. He is quick and efficient. His writing is of very high quality! I would recommend him to anyone! " "Thanks Mike!" Savannah V. SV Enterprises Your new sales letter will give you the foundation you need. Everyone knows that when you build something, whether it's a house, a barn or a three legged stool, you need a foundation to build on. Well, building your internet business is no different and your sales system is part of that foundation. In fact if you were sitting on a 3 legged stool you would have a sufficient foundation under that stool. Your internet marketing business is no different. If you have all three legs in place... 1. Your traffic generation techniques 2. Your quality product that people want 3. Your sales presentation that closes sales If you are missing any portion of that foundation than you are missing opportunities. If you have a two legged stool, you'll probably fall over when you try to sit on it. Or worse if you have only a one legged stool you'll really struggle to keep your balance. Here's What You Stand To Gain When You Get All Three Pieces Of Your Foundation In Place. • Improved conversions means more sales - If you're converting at one percent now a two percent conversion rate will double your sales. • Improved conversions means more profit - if you double your conversion rate you also double your profit. • If your sales letter converts to leads than doubling your conversion rate will double the number of leads you get. • Having a professional create your sales copy will make implementation easy. • If you invest a dollar in your marketing you'll multiply your investment - the best part is that investing in great marketing will give you a return on your investment. • The price you pay for your sales copy will be returned to you by greater sales and greater profit. It pays for itself! It's almost that simple - what ever price you pay for a great sales letter will be returned to you by your increased conversion rate. It's almost a no-brainer, pay what ever you have to in order to get the best performing sales letter that you can - it'll pay off in more sales higher profit and cash in the bank. Calculate your conversion rate, your breakeven point and Count the money before its made. If you know what your profit margin is, and you should. And you know what your conversion rate is than you can calculate exactly what you should expect in profit. Of course it's all based on the amount of targeted traffic that you get. Multiply the amount of traffic you get times your conversion rate. This gives you your total conversions. Multiply total conversions times your profit margin and you'll get total profit. Now turn on the traffic. It's almost like printing money! Now close your eyes and picture your website with a whole new Direct Response Sales Letter face-lift. Can you see all those new leads, sales, and cash coming in? Imagine your conversion rate soaring and doubling or even tripling your sales! Can you picture yourself calculating your return on investment, and the future profit that your business will make with a great conversion rate? Imagine what you could do with all that extra time and money? • Imagine playing golf during the day when there is no-one else at the course? • Imagine taking you children fishing, hiking, or just to the park in the middle of the day - no crowds and no other distractions? • Imagine watching your daughter’s ballet recital or coaching your son’s baseball team. • Imagine what it would feel like to give your children a private education and pay for it with cash. • Imagine adding on to your home or getting your dream home. • Imagine traveling anywhere in the world - spur of the moment. Where would you go? It all starts with conversions and sales! If you're not profitable now - how profitable could you be if you doubled, quadrupled or more your conversion rate? It can be done and it should be done. Like a child at Christmas, looking at all of those presents under the tree, the excitement of finally converting your visitors into buyers will be so overwhelming it'll nearly bring you to tears. Testimonial: "He understood the unusual concept quickly and deliver upon it." “Mike is great not just in sales copy writing; his main asset is in e-marketing in all its aspects. He understood the unusual concept quickly and deliver upon it. I'll continue the co-operation with him on the next phase of the project.” Jirka, Prague - Czech Republic Testimonial: "I was skeptical at first" “I was skeptical at first, but this stuff works! Excellent writer and very quick! Will definitely work with Mike again! Thanks.” Kevin Perry - Picton, Canada I Promise Not To Charge Dan Kennedy Prices Unless you have plenty of time to devote strictly to learning the art and craft of copywriting, along with running your business, you need to hire a competent copywriter who understands the complexities of writing for the internet. I'm not a Dan Kennedy or Clayton Makepeace so I won't charge you $10,000 or $20,000 to write your sales letter. And I promise to keep it affordable and to deliver the goods so that you can spend more of your hard earned money elsewhere on your business. You do need to know what good copywriting looks and sounds like. Otherwise you won't know if you're getting a quality product. You can get some so-called copywriters to create your sales letter for less than the price of a cheap computer. But if they haven't studied copywriting or had a coach to help them fill in the blanks, they may not be able to perform. Sounds to me that you'd like to have a professional copywriter create your sales letter and marketing message but not go broke doing it. You'd like to have an affordable sales letter that can produce results for you. Hire An Affordable Copywriter Who can Get Results My name is Mike Lucero; Loyal husband, father, grandfather, copywriter and businessman. Oh, and the owner of two rescued Chihuahua dogs, Pedro and Jasmine. Because I understand where you are in your business I want to make you a special offer that you won't be able to resist... I want to create the sales letter for your website that will perform and do exactly what you expect it to do, convert prospects into buyers - at a fair price. Because - I want you to be a return customer. Even when I raise my prices which I'll do at some point. You - will raise your prices too, as you create better higher quality products for your market. I want to be the copywriter that you think of when you need to improve your conversion rate or are ready to introduce your next new product. I'm not the Walmart of copywriting so I won't be the cheapest, you can find someone like that elsewhere, but I will be affordable - I promise, and I promise to help you get results... Here's what you get: • You get your target market thoroughly researched by me in order to understand who you are talking to. • You get your entire sales copy produced section by section, and bit by bit, including the words that get the results that you want. • You get a profit producing offer and call to action created specifically for your market and your sales letter. • You get, not just one or two, but I'll give you three headlines to split test against each other to see which one generates the best results. Not only that but you'll also get... ...My 100% complete satisfaction guarantee * No other copywriter offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee like this! They guarantee to change and edit your copy two or three times. I'll give you your money back. My copy will get results or you won't pay - simple as that!!! This is bold because not all copy works right the first time. Sometimes it needs to be tweaked and adjusted before it converts. BUT... ...If at any time you're not convinced that my copy will produce the results that you want, even after testing it for 1 full month, I'll gladly give you a complete refund no questions asked and no hassles. That's right; I guarantee that you will get results or your money back - for a full 30 days after you take possession of your completed sales letter. Go ahead; test it, if you don't get results I'll give you your money back. I can edit and make adjustments during those 30 days, but if it still doesn't convert you just get your money back. Make sure that you have a sufficient amount of targeted traffic though; it may not convert at all if you only get 3 people to your website, or worse - people who have no interest in your product. You'll get: more sales, more profit, and more qualified leads, or you pay nothing. You have absolutely nothing to loose so pick up the phone and call now. Don't you think you owe it to yourself to have a sales letter that converts? It just makes good business sense... Why am I making you such a fantastic offer? I was recently asked about a client’s guarantee and how long it should be. As we spoke he asked me why I don't offer a guarantee. All I could say was -Uhhh, I don't know. Which got me to thinking...? ...I ask each of my clients to make a great offer and include a guarantee, so why am I not practicing what I'm preaching? I thought - I believe in my product and the power of my sales copy, maybe it's time that I offer a strong guarantee I know that, just like his guarantee, if I offer a guarantee it'll push people off of the fence. So that's why I'm offering you a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. I want you to know that I believe in my copy and in myself enough to give you your money back if it doesn't convert. And - I'm trying to bribe you so I can build my client list... That's right, it's a bribe. But it's a good bribe, because you are getting a quality product and you have nothing to lose. I'm bribing you because I know that once you use one of my sales letters you'll want more. You'll want me to write another sales letter for you at some point and I want to write another one for you. We both win, you get quality and results and I get more new clients. I'm even giving you a whole 30 days to test it. You won't need it though. If you're already getting targeted traffic, and have a great product, you'll know right away if it's converting or not. I'm sure it will! Call me right away though, don't wait! You must act quickly. I can only manage between 2 and 4 clients per month. So it’s important that you call and set up your FREE consultation right away. Otherwise it may be a couple of months (or more) before you can begin getting more sales, more profit, more qualified leads, and more money in the bank. I can't promise that I'll have time to start on your project right away - I'm busy just like you are. I’m only human, and there are only so many hours in a day and so many businesses I can physically help! As a special bonus I'll also give you a 25% discount off of my already low fees. Don't wait call me today! Here's why: My calendar will be practically full in about two days from the time I start sending traffic to this site - and my available time is limited! Email me now... ...You’ll be glad you did! Sincerely, Mike Lucero Freelance Direct Response Copywriter PS: Remember, you have NOTHING to lose with my 100% satisfaction guarantee! CALL NOW because if you put it off, you may forget and chances are you'll let this opportunity slip through your fingers! With my 100% satisfaction guarantee and this ridiculous 25% discount you can't lose! Call me now... Thanks! PPS: Like they say: "JUST DO IT"!!! - because I know at this low price, and with my limited time slots available, my schedule will be full and I'll be turning people away within the next 2 or 3 days.


I have more than 10 years experience in advertising design and photo editing. Also am a very skilled copy writer with a passion for catalog production.

Q & A

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

How do you hire a good grant writer?

Grants are available to nonprofit organizations, for-profit businesses that qualify for government grants, and individuals who qualify for foundation or government grants. Hiring a good grant writer can help you gain funding in your chosen field. According to the American Grant Writers’ Association, grant writers can help you research potential grant opportunities; write grant proposals, create budgets, and build budget narratives; review written materials before you submit; prepare a business plan; analyze your organization for grant competitive qualities; prepare research grants; help with 501(c)(3) applications for nonprofits; and more. Investing in the right grant writer could result in a financial win for your organization. Generally no licenses or certificates are required to be a good grant writer, but you may want to find a grant writer who has been certified (not just received a certificate of completion) by a reputable organization such as the Grant Professionals Certification Institute. Qualities to look for in a good grant writer include:

  • Proven success writing winning grants, especially in your target area.
  • Strong writing skills.
  • Strong math skills and demonstrated proficiency with budgeting.
  • Careful attention to detail — brilliant grant proposals may be rejected just for formatting errors, so you want someone who follows instructions explicitly.
  • Expertise in your target area.
  • Punctuality and good communication skills.

How much does a grant writer cost?

Hiring a grant writer can give you a competitive edge when applying for financial grants for your business or nonprofit organization, or as an individual. The cost to hire a grant writer can vary depending on their academic background, areas of expertise, previous grant writing success and years of experience. According to the Grant Professionals Association, grant writers should be paid hourly or by flat fee. It is unethical for a grant writer to accept a commission or percentage compensation of grant monies received. They can, however, be awarded bonuses in line with the hiring company’s prevailing practices. Here are some examples of average grant writing fees:

  • Hourly rate for grant writers with less experience or fewer grants awarded: $25-$35 per hour.
  • Hourly rate for grant writers with some degree of success: $35-$75 per hour.
  • Hourly rate for grant writers with proven success winning large grants: $75-$150 or more per hour.
  • For a smaller grant, the writer may charge a flat fee of $200-$500 for preparation and submission.  

Pricing may also vary based on the complexity of the grant application. A federal grant that requires pages of research, budgets and a business plan may take more than 30 hours to prepare. For a high-level grant writer who charges $100 per hour, this means $3,000 or more in grant writing fees.

Most grant writers will provide you with a total cost estimate before agreeing to the work. You may be required to pay a deposit up front, or the grant writer may work from a retainer. Often, seasoned grant writers pay for themselves in the long run by writing successful grants.

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