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Design build as a product delivery system, is being used by budget and schedule conscious clients more and more. It eliminates the contentious atmosphere created by the typical traditional design-bid-build arrangement and replaces it with a team of architects and contractors working together towards a common goal, a beautiful and budget conscious building. The process is also faster than the traditional method, because budget issues are identified and dealt with much earlier in the process. Design build can cut 20% from schedule required for a traditionally delivered building. Sustainability is one of the driving forces for the new economy. With the higher energy costs, there has been a push for greater energy efficiency, and this trend looks like it’s here to stay. In addition, there has been new freedom found in waste reduction and expectations for higher levels of efficiency and cost effectiveness in our manufactured products. Buildings are no exception. Fortunately for us, there are more federal and state government incentives than ever before helping fund some of these goals. Both of these concepts have a drive toward efficiency and reduction of waste, and they both require a familiarity with the integration of systems and a holistic approach. They are the hottest ideas in the industry today and we can handle them both with ease and experience.


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