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KMGLife Inc. is the ultimate lifestyle company for artists and musicians of any genre. The #KMGLIFE helps artists pursue their passions in creative ways while building their individual brand. Subdivisions include: KMG Studios, KMG Media, KMG Press, KMG Live, KMG Records and KMG Academy. KMG Studios, a well known subdivision of KMGLife Inc., is a full production music studio and multimedia facility located in Boulder, CO. Greg Kimble, CEO of KMGLife Inc., founded his company in 2010 and has made a huge splash in the Denver music scene. With top of the line studio gear and a talented team of fellow artists, KMG holds Colorado music and multimedia to a new standard. Virtually anything an artist would need help with musically and visually, KMG can take care of, including but not limited to production, writing, recording, mixing, mastering, full artist-development, photography, video services, press, promotion, social media management, live shows, graphic design, branding and more. KMG is all about making great music and media in every genre, so any style is welcome! And since KMG has talented artists on their team, they know what steps other artists need to take to achieve their career goals. With the knowledgeable team, high quality gear, industry sound, comfortable atmosphere, creative vibe and unbeatable prices, KMG has attracted a lot of attention from local artists and was originally known as the "studio created by musicians, for musicians." KMG offers competitive rates in the form of a project or hourly, which ever will best suit the artists' needs.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

It is a way of life, NOT just a Job, Everyone at KMGLife Inc., has real passion and it is the best family/team to get to work with. Helping the consumer is our mission, YOUR pocketbook or wallet no longer dictates your Creativity. So "what do we like most?" HELPING YOU MAKE GREAT MUSIC. That's the #KMGLIFE
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12 Reviews
  • Jeanette J. Aug 25, 2017
    Audio Recording
    Verified Review
  • Crista S. Feb 16, 2017
    Audio Recording
    Verified Review
    I purchased studio time for my nephew as a graduation present. KMG Life was very responsive and easy to work with getting everything setup. I asked my nephew and he loved the experience. His band's debut album is coming out soon and KMG helped this dream become reality. Definitely recommended.
  • Susan L. Jul 23, 2016
    Audio Recording
    Verified Review
    Was excellent in every way. Equipment, engineer, receptionist ave final product.
  • Sherman M. Jun 9, 2016
    Audio Recording
    Verified Review
    I LOVE this place!! Amazing!!
  • Axel G. Dec 12, 2015
    Audio Recording
    Verified Review
  • Jonathan M. Aug 19, 2015
    Audio Recording
    Verified Review
    The head engineer and studio we recorded in was very professional! I would highly recommend this to my fellow artists out there! -Mist
  • Jeff G. Jan 12, 2015
    Event Videography
    Verified Review
  • Laura W. Jan 7, 2014
    I took my 15 year old daughter in to Greg for her first recording experience. As Greg has said on his website, you need to "ask the right questions." We did not even know where to start. Greg and his awesome crew welcomed us in and over the course of a few months, my daughter has recorded four great songs with musicians that Greg provided, her songs have been mixed and mastered and they are amazing, Greg and his crew have filmed a video for one of the songs, and Greg has helped immensely with teaching us the ropes of marketing & the music business. If you want suits & ties, DO NOT go to KMG. This crew loves and lives music. If you want genuine people who will listen, embrace you like family, and work until all hours of the night, then call KMG. Their equipment and studios are top of the line, and with the expansion Greg has done, I have to think, KMG has BEST equipment between LA and Nashville. We have been extremely pleased with our time there, and with all of the talented people who work there. Frankly speaking, I have a lot of years in college & I can't do any of what Ryan can do to engineer a song at the soundboard. The instrumentation, computers, electronics, and sound quality is not something you get sitting listening to a professor. These guys have extraordinary talent, and it's all in one place at KMG. If you are considering recording, definitely give them a call.
  • Ashley K. Jan 7, 2014
    KMG. Man, these guys know what they are doing. Seriously. Music has been my passion my entire life and KMG is the only studio in Denver that has been able to take my music to the next level. And trust me, I've been around the block a few times when it comes to studios. I am so honored to be able to work with such a talented, dedicated, creative team. You will come for the music, and stay for the family atmosphere. No matter what you have in mind for your music goals, KMG can help you achieve them and so much more. The sky is the limit. I am a singer from Denver, CO and am working with them on my first original album. Whatever expectations I had going in to my project, I scratched all of them because KMG has given me the hope that I can achieve anything I could possibly want and more on my album. I have grown so much as an artist and as a person from working with these amazing people and I could not be more grateful for my experience at KMG.
  • Jono J. Oct 20, 2013
    The best studio in Colorado, hands down. If you haven't been yet, then you are truly missing out. Quality is key #KMGLIFE
  • Osric P. Feb 13, 2013
    Audio Recording
    Verified Review
    The best studio experience I've had in Colorado. Everyone was professional yet relaxed. The set up is beautiful and they know how to make you comforatable and still not let you just make some sh*t. Plus the deals for the quality. Excellent this is where I will be handling all of my recording needs from this point on.
  • Austin U. Jun 26, 2012
    KMG Studios is the MOST AMAZING studio. There are many studios out there that have all the fancy gear and microphones, but they have something that separates them from every other studio in the world....real, talented people. Each person who works at KMG adds their own flare, touch, and passion for music. When you walk in the doors, you don't breathe breathe inspiration. As a new artist, going into a studio and recording for the first time was extremely scary....especially when everyone who works their is ridiculously talented themselves. However, right off the bat, they eased my nerves and pushed me to be ME. Although being an artist is a lot about finding yourself and your sound, they were always there to help me technically because I had never had formal training. They pushed me to be better--and with their help...that push was exponential. To them, I wasn't just another project or a $ sign...I was family and they would do ANYTHING to make sure my progress was continual and my sound was nothing less than immaculate. KMG doesn't just treat me as family, that is the norm. Anyone who walks in the door isn't judged by their talent, skin color, living situation, etc.....the only question is: "Is music your true passion?" For me, I always had a feeling. With KMG by my side, it came to fruition. I am truly grateful to have everyone at KMG in my life. They have not only pushed me to greater heights in the studio, but also in my day to day life. They challenge me to be the best person I can be. That drive, that passion, has trickled even into the small parts of my the point where you bet that even when I make a cup of coffee in the morning, that coffee makes Starbucks mermaid wish she could be on the cup of my morning grind. Ha, I'm just playin....but seriously....ITS LIKE THAT. Please do yourself a service and choose KMG. Dreams are important, follow them, but make sure not to focus too much on the sleeping while you should be doing. KMG will help you achieve and teach you how to DO. -Austin Uhl


What types of customers have you worked with?
We offer many services to our artists. We do a lot of in house production and also work closely with quite a few outside producers to ensure variety. We assist in writing/arranging parts of or full songs, and we have several on staff writers available. We have a significant amount of high-end gear we use on a daily basis for our artists. For recording, we use SSL, Neve, API, Chandler, etc. We also use a great array of microphones and other outboard equipment. For mixing, we use SSL summing, outboard EQs (Neve, SSL) and outboard compressors (Neve, SSL, Purple, Universal Audio). For mastering, we use SSL bus compression, GML EQs, and SPL EQs. If an artist needs any kind of development we can also assist in their growth in any service we offer. Being involved in the industry for so long allows us to help put an artist on the right path by working for and with them. We also offer voice lessons for beginners or for established singers. The owner, Greg Kimble is an accomplished vocalist who is well versed in various types of singing and can help the artist get the most out of their voice.
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
You need to make sure you ask the right questions that are important to you. Also, make sure that the sound quality is what you're looking for. Don't be afraid to test out a studio and find your perfect sound. Example questions: What is the education level of your staff/engineers? How long have you been in the industry? Also, find out if they have any talents in your specific genre of music to better help you. Lastly, find another artist who records there and ask them about their experiences. As musicians we understand that the people you work with and the environment is key. We want to help you become the best musician that you can be. That's why we work hard to ensure we are a great support system for our artists and give them the most creative environment to be successful.