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Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

How is a mold test done?

Mold testing can help identify a mold infestation in your home or business. The EPA explains that if you have a visible mold problem, in most cases sampling and testing is unnecessary. However, if you have unexplained and potential mold-related illness or can smell mold in your house, mold inspection costs may be a good investment.

To avoid unscrupulous testers, the EPA recommends working with a testing agency that adheres to the analytical methods laid out by professional organizations such as the American Industrial Hygiene Association or the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists

If you suspect there's mold growing in your home, contact the best mold removal experts to get it tested.

What is mold remediation and how does it work?

Mold remediation is the process of identifying and removing unhealthy levels of mold that have colonized in a home, office, school or other building. Over time, if untreated, mold can destroy a home by breaking down cellulose-based materials (like wood or ceiling tiles) and causing a slow and messy decay. In the shorter term, a mold infestation can cause severe health problems.

If mold has been positively identified in your house, either by visual examination or through mold testing, remediation can safely remove it. Properly trained and equipped professionals use specialized equipment (like vacuums and air scrubbers with HEPA filters) to keep mold spores contained while they remove contaminated materials and treat infested areas with antimicrobial spray. 

Here's an example of the steps involved in professional mold remediation:

  • Contain work area and apply negative air pressure HEPA air purifiers to prevent cross-contamination. If spores spread, the colonies can easily regrow elsewhere in your home.
  • Mist an EPA-registered antimicrobial to suspend and kill mold spores.
  • Remove affected building surfaces.
  • Bag and dispose of contaminated materials properly.
  • Treat cavities/underlayment and dehumidify.
  • Abrasively remove dead loose mold.
  • Apply EPA-registered protective sealer.
  • Perform clearance testing.
  • Remove containment materials.

A key component to a successful mold remediation after eliminating the mold is ensuring that the water source that caused the mold infestation is also resolved.

If you think there's mold in your home, contact the best mold remediation experts immediately.

How long does it take to get rid of mold in a house?

You can never completely remove mold from your house; a small number of mold spores will always exist indoors and are a natural and helpful part of our world. However, if water or moisture is left unchecked inside your home and mold begins to colonize, it can pose a serious health risk. Mold remediation can quickly and safely remove a mold infestation from your home or office. Depending on the size of your problem, mold remediation might take anywhere from one to seven days (or more) to wipe out the major sources of mold in your home.

Mold growths (colonies) can establish within 24-48 hours, so it is important to act immediately if you have a water spill or leak — especially if you live in a hot or humid climate. If you are past the point of DIY and need professional help, mold remediation teams will come to your location, assess the extent of the mold problem, identify and rectify all water leaks and sources of dampness, identify all mold sources (both visible and hidden), use specialized equipment to contain and prevent migration of mold spores, safely remove contaminated materials, treat infested areas with approved antimicrobial sprays, dehumidify and dry the appropriate areas, and seal areas as needed.

Can mold grow behind drywall?

Mold can grow behind drywall, in your attic, in the basement, under floors — mold can grow anywhere.

If your home has been exposed to excessive water due to flooding or heavy rains, if you have an old home with leaky pipes, or if you live in an area with high humidity, you need to be vigilant about mold. Mold is most easily identified by sight. You may see blooms of mold on furniture, on walls, or along the floor.

If you can spot mold, you probably don’t need to test for it and can save on mold inspection costs and direct your energies towards mold remediation. But if you’re not certain, you may need to contact a pro who can help you determine whether you have hidden mold. 

What are the signs there's mold in your house?

First, mold tends to grow in places with high moisture. Have you had water damage recently or a leak in your home? Check these areas for visible mold growth.

Mold can appear in a variety of colors, including white, gray, brown, black or green. It may have a rough or velvety appearance, and it often grows on walls, ceilings, under floorboards, or on wood or wallpaper. Also, pay attention to the odors in your home. Mold tends to smell earthy or musty.

And lastly, keep track of your health for possible symptoms. Mold may cause asthma attacks (if you have asthma and are allergic to mold), running noses, sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, difficulty breathing, skin irritation and more.

If you think you’re experiencing mold symptoms, hire a mold remediation specialist near you and perhaps even consult your doctor.


Is mold damage covered by insurance?

Mold damage may or may not be covered by your homeowner's insurance. It may be covered by insurance when an item already covered under your homeowners insurance breaks accidentally — for example, if your plumbing suddenly ruptures and water floods your house, the homeowners insurance will cover part or all of the costs for the plumbing repair and any mold remediation costs necessary as a direct result of the water damage.

But you may not be able to get insurance to pay for your mold remediation costs if the damage is a result of your neglect — for example, if you’ve had a slow leak under your bathroom sink for years and have ignored the issue. If the insurer can determine that the mold damage is a result of your negligence, they likely won’t cover mold remediation costs.

Also, most homeowners insurance will usually not cover mold remediation costs after a flood unless you have a special insurance rider covering your home in case of a flood.

To help prevent mold damage, always keep humidity levels in your house between 30 percent and 60 percent, clean up water spills and damp areas right away, and ensure you have exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom. And as soon as you suspect there's mold in your home, contact the best mold removal experts near you.

How do you get rid of mold?

Hiring a mold remediation professional is usually the best strategy to get rid of unhealthy levels of mold in your home or office. If you’re not comfortable working with mold or the area is larger than 10 square feet (3 feet by 3 feet), it is highly recommended to hire a mold remediation professional to resolve the problem.

However, if you’re DIY-savvy, don’t have any health risks, and are not freaked out by mold, the EPA gives homeowners the greenlight to clean mold areas that are less than 10 square feet. Here are some EPA-recommended DIY cleaning tips:

  • Fix plumbing leaks and other water problems as soon as possible. Dry all items completely.
  • Scrub mold off hard surfaces with detergent and water, and dry completely.
  • Throw away absorbent or porous materials (like ceiling tiles and carpet) if they become moldy.
  • Avoid exposing yourself or others to mold.
  • Do not paint or caulk moldy surfaces. Clean up the mold and dry the surfaces before painting. Paint applied over moldy surfaces is likely to peel.
  • If you are unsure about how to clean an item (art, fine furniture, etc.) consult a reputable specialist affiliated with a professional organization in their field.

How much does it cost to get rid of mold?

Mold inspection and remediation costs will vary based on the severity of your mold infestation. But typically, the cost can range from as low as $135 to $1,592.

The total square footage of your mold damage and mold colonization, the accessibility of the areas to be treated, and any demolition and repair work required will all affect how much it costs to get rid of mold. Mold remediation crews may also have a minimum fee for services to ensure their business expenses are met even when they take on small mold jobs.

To find out how much it will cost to remove mold from your home, contact the best mold remediation experts near you.

What do professionals use to kill mold?

Some mold removal specialists may use biocide, an enzyme treatment and/or a mold inhibitor to remove mold in your home. Throughout the entire mold remediation process, professionals may also use air filtration devices, wire brushes, fans, dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, HEPA vacuums and a variety of other tools and equipment.

Contact the top mold remediation companies near you to get an idea of what the remediation will entail.

Can you get sick from mold in your house?

Yes, exposure to mold can cause a wide range of health symptoms. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, respiratory symptoms such as allergic reactions and asthma may occur due to mold in the home. Specific mold symptoms can also include sneezing, a runny nose, a rash, and throat and lung irritation.  

To protect yourself and your household, routinely inspect your home for mold. If there are signs you have a severe mold infestation, contact the best mold remediation companies near you.

Reviews for Brookhaven mold remediation professionals
Keith H.
Mark provided excellent service in remediation of the mold issue. He is responsive to all communications. I was very pleased with the service.
Genesis Home SolutionGenesis Home Solution
Brenda P.
Anthony was very accessible. This company was amazing. Did an excellent job with the mold remediation. So pleased with the results. Would highly recommend.
Sick Building Group, LLC 4-268-0979Sick Building Group, LLC 4-268-0979
Shavonda b.
Mark arrived on time as scheduled for the mold inspection. He was very informative, and he helped resolve our mold concerns by using a mold test kit. The mold test came back negative, and he didn’t try to sell us unnecessary mold remediation services the way other companies did. He was very honest, and he provided us with many helpful maintenance tips such as using white vinegar on areas we suspect mold could develop until we repair the leaks in our basement. We appreciate Mark’s time and would definitely recommend his business to others.
Genesis Home SolutionGenesis Home Solution
Julia N.
Kellen and the team were great to work with. They responded very quickly, and were even able to do the job the next day! They helped us with a mold remediation and did great work. I'd recommend them again.
All Dry Services of Northeast AtlantaAll Dry Services of Northeast Atlanta
Thumbtack Customer
Rick Petro provided us with a response via Thumbtack within 5 minutes and came to our home the very same day to conduct a thorough inspection. He provided his professional credentials / certifications and was a wealth of knowledge concerning mold issues and causes. He also provided us with a same day quote of remediation costs and guaranteed his work. He quote was also cost-conscientious and very reasonable. Would highly recommend him to anyone in need of cost-effective, timely and thorough mold remediation.
Georgia Home Inspection ServicesGeorgia Home Inspection Services
Asia R.
Mark did an excellent job. He helped me understand my options and made sure that the job was done right. He is also very responsive. I highly recommend him for your mold remediation needs.
Genesis Home SolutionGenesis Home Solution
Lane a.
All Clean did an excellent job for our mold remediation and demolition project. Wayne saw through the completion with professionalism, courtesy, communication, thoroughness, and great to work with. I highly recommend Wayne and All Clean One for your projects.
All Clean One | Restoration + CleaningAll Clean One | Restoration + Cleaning
Annette R.
I am very satisfied with Mark Baim and Genesis Home Solutions. From the inspection to the quote to the mold removal and remediation, Mark explained verbally and in writing what caused the problem and detailed the steps to fix it. I appreciate his professional and promptness
Genesis Home SolutionGenesis Home Solution
Gabe P.
Mark was professional an courteous. His price was about 25% less than 3 other quotes and came with a 5 year warranty. It has only been one day since the work was completed, but the mold remediation seems to have been successful.
Genesis Home SolutionGenesis Home Solution
Charles B.
It was a very pleasant experience dealing with Brandon and his team. They were competitively priced and did a wonderful job with the mold remediation in my basement. They scrubbed, fogged, used a preventive paint, etc. Brandon had a really positive energy and was seemed like an honest, genuine businessman. I felt safe leaving my house while they were working. A lot of the other companies I spoke with made me feel as if they were trying to mulct me for my pennies but New Image was straight to the point, down to Earth, and hardworking. I would highly recommend them. Mold remediation is notoriously expensive, but luckily they didn't break the bank.
Ashley S.
Safe home restoration did an outstanding job with mold remediation in my basement. It was a fairly large job (approximately 2500sf). He gave me a fair estimate and completed the project on time. He did a great job of explaining where the areas of concern were and what he was going to do to fix it. Highly recommended.
Safe home restoration, LLCSafe home restoration, LLC
Thumbtack Customer
Anthony and Sick Building Group are the best! We were concerned about mold in the basement of the house we just move into. We searched for mold remediation companies on Thumbtack, and Anthony's company was at the top. He responded rapidly to our request for a quote, coming out the next day, and he instantly relieved our anxieties with his experience and ability to answer all our questions. Once they started work, his team worked EVERY day (except Thanksgiving, but including Saturdays and Sundays) so they could finish the project on our schedule. He responded quickly to all texts and phone calls throughout the process. We are really impressed with how clean the basement looks, and we are very happy with the plan we have worked out with Anthony for preventing further mold issues. If you have any mold concerns, Anthony is the only person you need to call.
Sick Building Group, LLC 4-268-0979Sick Building Group, LLC 4-268-0979
Gerald A.
Pure Home was an absolute gem for me. As an investor they will be one of the first checks I scratch when I aquire my next flip. I needed mold remediation and radon gas removed from a closing property per the buyers request. After contacting five different companies right here through this platform. Mark not only built rapport with me explaining and educating me on the process and what makes his company different. He also worked to meet my urgency in getting the job done correctly for my closing. I would strongly urge anyone needing these services to do your due diligence but before making a decision make sure you contact Pure Home before deciding. Gerald A.
Pure HomePure Home
Eartha W.
Brandon and team did an excellent job. I had an end to my due diligence period in only three days, and was blindsided by a mold discovery during inspection for the sale of my home. I posted a request for mold remediation estimates, and Brandon came out on the very same day, was flexible, extremely patient, and explained the entire process - which was several steps. While Square Soft did not come in with the lowest estimate, we chose this company because of Brandon's professionalism, my trust in his ability to get the job done right, and his willingness to have a team come out and do the work on the *next day*, when we were in a terrible pinch! Brandon and Team showed up when promised and got rid of a frightening amount of mold that had been growing without my knowledge in the crawl space. They took their time, were thorough in the job, and did not skimp on either time or materials. In addition, the team was polite, pleasant, and considerate, much like Brandon. Brandon and crew applied special solution, scrubbed, fogged the crawlspace and inside the home, and cleaned HVAC vent areas to kill, remove, and prevent any reintroduction of mold. They did some other some other stuff too, but I'm not an expert. It certainly was a THOROUGH JOB! The result was a crawl space that was scrubbed clean and looked brand new. All of the wood beams are clean, the crawl space smells fresh and dry, and the buyers agreed to move forward! I can't say enough about Square Soft - I have absolutely no idea what I would have done without them. They saved my deal with high quality work, and I'm so glad we found them here on thumbtack.
Square Soft RestorationSquare Soft Restoration
Thumbtack Customer
When my northeast Atlanta home finally went under contract after 5 long months on the market, I breathed a sigh of relief, only to have an inspection report questioning the presence of mold in the crawlspace. I was so discouraged over this, thinking that this news was a dealbreaker. Rick Petro came to my rescue, and I am so fortunate to have found him on Thumbtack. His credentials as a general contractor and master home inspector were impressive right off the bat. Rick's ethical common sense approach to evaluation, treatment, and prevention is truly refreshing. Out of all the contractors who gave me proposals, Rick is the only one who actually looked for the source of moisture which led to the mold. That, along with his professionalism, availability, extremely reasonable pricing, and 2 year transferable warranty, is why I went with his company. Rick gave me a proposal on Thursday, and by Tuesday, the work was completed. He went the extra mile in terms of explaining the scope of the remediation to the buyers themselves, something which I really appreciated. He really helped save my contract. I highly recommend consulting with Rick prior to going with any other company!
Georgia Home Inspection ServicesGeorgia Home Inspection Services
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