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Hello. Are you leery of the term handyman? Well, so am I. I have been a home remodeling professional for 15 years. My pricing is extremely reasonable and more than competitive. In most all cases, I provide a firm written quote, rather than just charge by the hour.

I'm honest and dependable, and perform top-quality work at an affordable price. Unlike many people who offer this service, a cheap or competitive price means cutting corners, using inferior material, or flat out doing the job wrong. Not only will you be satisfied with my work, but it will be, without exception, done right the first time.

Do you have a listing that needs to have work done prior to an actual open house? Have you had an inspection completed, and now the prospective buyer will only sign contracts contingent on repairs being completed? Do you buy properties to resell and need a qualified contractor to get the work done in a very timely manner?

See some of what I can do for you:

- Kitchen remodeling
- Bathroom remodeling
- Decks
- Door installation (interior and exterior)
- Door repair (interior and exterior)
- Gutter cleaning
- Gutter repair
- Drywall
- Laminate flooring
- Tile
- Heating and cooling
- Plumbing
- Electrical
- Carpentry
- Painting
- Basements
- Safety modifications for disabled or elderly
- Seal coating
- Shelving
- Closet organizers
- Storage rooms
- Shed installation
- Sprinkler systems
- Swing set installation
- Window repair
- Inspections and much, much more

Company credentials:

- Insured beyond government standards
- Permits will be obtained where/when necessary
- Only the best-quality materials available will be used
- We do not cut corners; we only use the best practices to complete your job
- References and pictures are available upon request
- All labor is guaranteed for a minimum of 1 year
- All materials provided are guaranteed for a minimum of 1 year
- 15+ years of experience in H.V.A.C. and home remodeling

Note: Inspections I perform are not State of Illinois certified home inspections. I will inspect a home at a customer's request and provide a written professional contractor's opinion as to the state and condition of the home in question, and upon request, provide approximate cost of repair (if needed) for a small fee (this is not the same as an in-home estimate).

Landlords and property managers:

- I provide annual inspections to make sure the property is up to date and repairs get taken care of before the local authority performs their inspection.
- I provide remodeling services for that new income property.
- I provide clean-out and get-ready services for that next tenant.
- I can help you maximize your income potential from each property with economical remodel and repair solutions.
- I also provide 24-hour emergency on-call service for landlords for their rental properties.


Streamwood, IL 60107

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3 Reviews
  • Mr W. Nov 4, 2014
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  • Jamie R. Nov 27, 2012
    General Contracting
    Verified Review
    I was initially very impressed with Handy Home Services. Ray was very personable and showed much interest in the work that I had to be done. He also had some good ideas and spent quite a bit of time with me during the initial job quote consultation. I also very much appreciated the line item details on the quote. However, when he arrived for the job, he was noticeably less friendly, almost irritated to be here. During the installation of the powder room, I incorrectly imagined he would ask me if he had any questions, since I was home the entire time. In fact, I specifically asked him not to install the sink a certain way, but he did it anyway. I asked him about it after the fact, as he didn't consult me when deciding on the installation. He told me the way he chose was best. I am really disappointed. We have a ton of work to be done around the house. I'm also looking for quality people to refer clients to. The unstable demeanor, lack of communication and disregard for my wishes doesn't work for me. I sent him an email expressing my unhappiness, but he hasn't responded. He is capable, but not someone I would hire again.
    Raymond O. Mar 17, 2013

    I am sorry Jamie feels this way. I never received a phone call from her expressing any concern what so ever. As for her remarks concerning the quality of my work or the lack of communication in regards to what and or how things would need to be completed in this very small powder room: there were many discussions specifically regarding the sink bowl alignment on the vanity top, more than was necessary.Unfortunately Jamie just could not understand, as best as i could explain why the sink bowl was going to be an issue. I installed the sink as best as can be accomplished considering what I had to work with, due to space constraints in the powder room, faucet alignment and size of sink bowl. I have no issue installing something the way a customer wants, but i always explain any issues that may arise as a result and always discuss all available options to eliminate any potential future problems with all my customers, Jamie was no exception Jamie wanted the sink bowl in the center of the vanity top and not touching the faucet, The actual installation of the sink bowl and faucet would not allow an installation to be completed this way and not have the sink bowl over hanging the vanity edge by several inches, which if installed this way would be constantly bumped by people entering and leaving the bathroom or getting up from the toilet seat, which would cause it to be dislodged from the granite top causing plumbing issues. We had lengthy discussions concerning this. The work was completed to best accommodate her wants and concerns. I even went so far as to show her how it would look the way it was ultimately installed, Jamie did not verbally express any concern at that time or when the job was completed prior to payment being completed at jobs end. the sink, faucet, vanity, vanity top, toilet, window treatment, and towel holders were all provided to me by the customer for me to install. we discussed every detail on the work to be completed, right down to where she wanted the toilet paper holder installed. Everything was completed and installed according to her direction and specification. I am sorry Jamie is unhappy with the services i have been providing customers for many years, and would have been more than happy to receive a phone call to address any issues she had at the time

  • Louie D. Mar 24, 2012
    Had the following services done today; -Outlet with wiring installed -New Screen door obtained and installed -Closet track repaired -Two carpet thresholds installed They were priced very competitively, went through the proposal line by line. The materials were obtained and the work was done over the weekend on Saturday. They said the entire job would be about 3 hours and they were right. Very satisfied with the work and would recommend to anyone looking for a handy man/electrician service.


What types of customers have you worked with?
90% of my work is actually going back and fixing or repairing the work of a previous contractor. whether it be a bathroom that was remodeled 3 years prior and needs to be re-done, bad plumbing, bad hvac installations, or a poorly built deck are other very common problem areas I routinely find myself repairing or re-doing For many of my cutomers the most common areas i get called to fix are bathrooms, kitchens and decks. its quite common for a customer i gave an estimate to, who chose to go with someone cheaper, only to call me to either fix or finish what one contractor failed to do right. believe it or not, 99% of the horror stories we read about in regards to a contractor, are completly avoidable. Saving a couple of hundred dollars 99.9% of the time will cost you more in the long run!
What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a provider in your area of work?
1. Do not base your decision on price alone, there needs to be a balance between quality and price without sacrificing quality for how much your willing to pay. 2. Always do your research on the type of work you want, perform a google search or visit DIY forums and contractor forums to research your project, your less likely to get sticker shock at estimate time and get taken advantage of. 3. Research the contractors, ask for references, ask to see pictures of previous work, check their insurance. any contractor that takes pride in himself and his work should beable to provide all of these with zero issue. 4. since most people dont know whats involved with most home improvement projects, your contractor should take the time to educate you about what to expect, whats getting done during all phases and why, and how the work will be completed even before you potentially choose his company. its his job to not only sell his company and his work, but make you the homeowner feel as comfortable as possible during the entire process