Your guide to shower and bathtub repair

We've helped many customers repair a shower or bathtub in the past year.

Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Fixes for a Shower or Bathtub Pro
  1. 1. Faucet repair and replacement

    A professional can replace and repair each of the various types of faucets, including compression, ball, cartridge and disk. They have the replacement parts readily available.

  2. 2. Leaky pipes and fixtures

    Leaky pipes can cause great damage to floors, ceilings underneath them and drywall. And leaky fixtures cause unnecessary escalation of water bills and mineral damage.

  3. 3. Clogged drains

    Restore your drains to proper working order by having a pro remove accumulated hair and grime as well as snake out small objects that have accidentally gone down the drain.

  4. 4. Shower and tub retrofitting

    A pro will make your desired upgrades to your shower or tub, perhaps adding jets, a headrest, shelf or grab bars.

  5. 5. Water pipe relocation

    If you are making some changes to your bathroom, perhaps replacing a tub or shower that your pro has recommended needs updating, he can also upgrade and reroute water pipes as needed.

  6. 6. Tile grout repair

    Have tile grout that has worn or become loose repaired to prevent water damage to underlying foundations, floors, and walls as well as improve the looks of your bathroom.

  7. 7. Water pressure fixes

    Showering is much more pleasant and energy efficient when the water pressure is set appropriately to cause a steady and powerful stream.

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