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5 Reasons to Hire a Bed Bug Exterminator
  1. 1. A speedy diagnosis

    Many people are unaware they have an infestation until they are covered in itchy welts. Bed bugs conceal themselves during the day, but a professional exterminator can confirm the bed bugs' presence.

  2. 2. An infestation can grow quickly

    Even if you suspect you have bed bugs in your bedroom, not doing anything about them in a timely manner can be detrimental to the rest of your home and your family's health.

  3. 3. Pros are faster

    At-home treatments can take several courses before you start seeing improvement. Bed bugs are particularly difficult pests to eliminate, but a pro exterminator can provide measurable results.

  4. 4. Pros use different treatment methods

    An exterminator can use EPA-approved pesticides that are very effective. Exterminators can also heat-treat your home at temperatures over 120 degrees, killing bed bugs and their eggs.

  5. 5. Exterminators guarantee their work

    An added benefit is that the exterminator performs follow-up visits to check on the condition of your home. This consistent monitoring is great for your peace of mind and for keeping the bugs at bay.

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