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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Steps to Carpet Installation
  1. 1. Check measurements

    Measure the width and length of the rooms with a measuring tape twice to double-check your measurements are correct. This is useful whether you or your installer will be ordering the carpet.

  2. 2. Get the square footage

    Most carpet is sold in terms of square footage so this is an important number to have.

  3. 3. Look for experience

    Carpet can be expensive and you want it to look nice in your home, so be stringent with whom you decide to hire.

  4. 4. Research background info

    Look online for reviews from customers who had their carpet installed several years ago, so you will know if the installers did a good job and the carpet is still holding up nicely.

  5. 5. Look for specialization

    Find out which type of experience your potential carpet installers have. Those who mostly work on apartment buildings are usually less qualified than those who work on custom homes.

  6. 6. Use a carpet pad

    Insist that your carpet installer place your carpet over a carpet pad. Using a carpet pad drastically lengthens the life of your carpet and makes it look better.

  7. 7. Help out

    If you have old carpet in the room, you will need to have it removed completely. Also, try to remove as much furniture and clutter as possible to make it easier for the installers to work.

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