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7 Door Fixes for a Pro to Repair
  1. 1. Loose hinges

    This occurs because the holes are too big for the screws. An experienced handyman may opt to use longer or bigger screws or he could make the holes small using wood glue and toothpicks.

  2. 2. Sticky fixes

    This happens when your doors rub against the door jamb, making the paint in the area wear off. Instead of rebuilding the jamb, a handyman can simply trim the door to suit the opening.

  3. 3. A warping door

    You will need to have a professional replace your door if it is continuously warping or coming apart.

  4. 4. Doorstop problems

    Your doorstops may develop a problem, and the common culprit is usually the stop on the latch edge. This will create a gap between the door's face and the stop when the door is closed.

  5. 5. Misaligned bottom wall plates

    This occurs because the door is not fitting perfectly to the door stop. A handyman can also recommend moving the top of the door in after appending the latch side brackets to the wall.

  6. 6. Over painting

    Repeated painting could result in some door problems. Always inquire from an expert if repainting is necessary.

  7. 7. Dents

    A professional will sand down the damaged area and then apply the auto filler until your door is smooth. Coating the area with silicone spray is also necessary.

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