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6 Electrical Issues That Require a Pro
  1. 1. Wiring inspections

    One of the most important home maintenance tasks is having your wiring inspected. Over time, wires dry out or fray, which are two safety issues that pose electrocution and fire hazards.

  2. 2. Fuse installation

    Take care not to install fuses that have a higher amperage than what your wiring system is designed to handle. Damaged wiring is a fire hazard and should be replaced by a professional electrician.

  3. 3. Circuit breaker replacement

    A circuit breaker panel is considered overwired if the panel contains more circuits than it is designed to handle. An electrician can install extra slots or replace the whole panel with a larger one.

  4. 4. Retrofitting

    Aluminum wirings are prone to corrosion, which in turn can start fires. Have an electrician retrofit them with dielectric wire nuts approved for aluminum wire.

  5. 5. Flickering lights

    If your lights flicker when it is windy, frayed wiring in the weatherhead is usually the cause. The weatherhead is the part where your overhead electric cables enter the house from the power lines.

  6. 6. Outlet replacement

    When you are overly reliant on power strips and extension cords, this means you do not have enough outlets. This poses a fire hazard if you use undersized extension cords and the load is too heavy.

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