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7 Common Home Theater Fixes
  1. 1. Lack of signal

    This can occur due to poor connection settings of each of your devices. Your repair specialist will go through the settings to diagnose for malfunctioning components.

  2. 2. No sound

    The technician will confirm that the speaker connections are correct. If every connection is okay, you may need to replace the cables to the speakers or the speakers themselves.

  3. 3. Poor picture quality

    Picture distortion occurs due to poor settings or damaged cables. If a new cable fails, the technician will connect the TV to another medium to confirm if the home theater has an issue.

  4. 4. Can’t turn on

    You can experience this problem as a result of detached wires. If the connections are OK, a technician may need to replace the internal power supply system or the power cord.

  5. 5. Universal remote won't work

    Seek the help of a technician to buy a remote that is compatible. In some instances, the problem may be low batteries or detached infrared emitters.

  6. 6. Surround speakers won't work

    This often occurs because the DVD you are using does not have surround effects. If this is not the case, your technician will diagnose your home theater for distortion or crackling sounds.

  7. 7. Poor vocal clarity

    The sound may not be clear or may end with an echo. The problem may be your speakers. Always seek the help of a technician to pick speakers that match the size and design of your room.

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