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Planning ahead

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5 Steps to Lawn Mower Repair
  1. 1. Prevent issues from becoming bigger

    Finding small problems with a lawn mower creates the opportunity to take care of repairs before they become bigger problems. Early repairs can save money in the long run.

  2. 2. Perform maintenance each season

    Some basic repair tasks handled at this time should include checking or replacing the spark plug, replacing or cleaning the air filter and an oil change.

  3. 3. Have fuel lines checked

    Rubber or plastic fuel lines can become dry-rotted after a couple years, or they can simply get a small puncture that lets fuel leak out before reaching the engine.

  4. 4. Have the carburetor checked

    A lawn mower repair service might recommend cleaning, rebuilding or replacing a bad carburetor, so be sure to ask questions and get a written estimate of the cost.

  5. 5. Remedy a complete shut down

    If the mower will not start at all, it might be time to have the battery replaced on a riding lawn tractor, or the repair service might recommend other work in the ignition system.

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