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7 Plumbing Problems for a Pro to Fix
  1. 1. Clogged drains

    A partial or full clog can prevent the flow of water to your toilet, tub or sink. You can use a plunger to fix this problem, but if the problem occurs regularly, call in a plumber.

  2. 2. Leaky pipes

    This problem is usually rampant during the winter season, but it can occur anytime. Check the joints for leaks and look for wet spots around your pipes.

  3. 3. Running toilets

    You may face this problem if the flapper valve that allows the flow of water from the toilet tank fails to work. A plumber can use a toilet repair kit to fix this problem.

  4. 4. Poor water pressure

    In most cases, low pressure might be due to a problem at the municipal water supply. But it is worth hiring a plumber to ascertain this by looking for breaks in the main water line.

  5. 5. Leaky hose bib

    You may experience this during the summer and spring. Hose bibbs tend to have cracks after the cold weather because of poor protection. Installing a frost-proof hose bibb reduces the risk of cracks.

  6. 6. Frozen or broken pipes

    Your pipes can be under intense pressure that could lead to bursting. You can wrap duct tape on the area as a temporary fix while you wait for your plumber to replace the pipe.

  7. 7. Water heater failure

    There is nothing more upsetting that waking up to take a shower only to feel cold water. You will need to call your plumber to pinpoint the underlying problem and make the necessary fixes.

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