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Top 5 Fridge Repairs that Need a Pro
  1. 1. Stays warm inside

    If you hear the whir of a fan as well as the hum of a motor, but the fridge contents are not cold, you likely have a problem with your condenser coils. A pro will find and repair any leaks.

  2. 2. Stays warm on the back

    Too much heat behind the fridge can lead to bigger problems and should be attended to quickly. A pro will assess if the compressor start relay and assess if the entire compressor unit is shot.

  3. 3. Trips circuit breaker

    This is tricky to find the cause and a pro knows what to look for. It could be a shorted component within the fridge, frayed wire, bad compressor or moisture buildup around the outlet.

  4. 4. Makes strange noises

    A sizzle from the freezer and a pop from the fridge's condenser fan are normal throughout the life of the appliance. However, if you start to hear these sounds often, it is time to hire a pro.

  5. 5. Does not function

    If you have checked the circuit breakers and have made sure the fridge is plugged in to a non-grounded outlet but it is still not working, a pro will diagnose the problem.

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