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Planning ahead

Things to know before you get started.
7 Reasons to Hire a Spanish Translator
  1. 1. Confusing words

    Many Spanish learners mix up words that seem similar to English words but are completely different. This is a small mistake that can have large consequences.

  2. 2. Addressing strangers

    When talking to a customer you have met before, it is common to use the person’s first name as a sign of trust. In Spanish, it makes the individual feel as if you are disrespecting him or her.

  3. 3. Using pronouns

    English speakers use pronouns in nearly every sentence, sometimes several times. Because Spanish verbs conjugate differently depending on the pronoun, using pronouns is generally not necessary.

  4. 4. Using verbs correctly

    If you want to show that you are professional, proper verb conjugation is key. Because Spanish has many different verb forms, it takes a translation pro to handle them correctly.

  5. 5. Confusing pronouns

    Gender confusion can offend customers. Because most Spanish adjectives

  6. 6. have both male and female versions, you can accidentally call a male colleague a woman and vice versa.

  7. 7. Using cultural references

    One way to connect with clients involves showing an understanding of their culture. A translator can insert culturally relevant language that helps clients feel more personable with you.

  8. 8. Understanding purpose

    A professional translator can translate documents into language that is appropriate for your specific business setting. This helps you and your Spanish-speaking clients get the most from them.

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