Your guide to wedding makeup artists

We've helped many customers hire a wedding makeup artist in the past year.

Planning checklist

Prepare for success by getting started now.
6 months ahead: Start searching
  • Makeup artists get snatched up quickly, so stake your claim early to find the best.
  • Don’t choose a makeup artist on ability alone. You should click with your makeup artist on a personal level.
5 months ahead: Hire and prep
  • Choose someone who has experience working with brides. Bridal makeup is different than makeup for other events.
  • See the artist’s portfolio. Look through the portfolio to gauge the artist’s ability and to see his or her style.
  • Don’t hire anyone without a trial. As good as recommendations are, makeup is about personal style.
  • After a trial, decide if you want to hire the artist for your special day.
2–3 months ahead: Make your plan
  • Some companies have one artist do a trial and another artist comes out for the wedding day. Don’t let the company do that to you.
  • Do a few trial runs with you artist spaced out in the months leading up to the event.
  • Discuss what happens if the makeup artist can’t make it to the wedding. The artist should have a contingency plan in place, so go over the details of the plan.
1 month ahead: Confirm logistics
  • Make sure your makeup artist knows where to be when on your big day.
  • Specify exactly how many members of the wedding party will need makeup and let your pro know.
  • Ask if any supplies will be necessary, and make sure your artist has plans to obtain them.
1 week ahead: Final preparation
  • Confirm a dedicated area will be available at your venue for hair and makeup.
  • Share final contact and location info with the makeup artist and double check arrival time.
  • Plan any music or other details about how you want your wedding prep experience to go. A festive pre-ceremony vibe is important.
  • Prepare to relax and enjoy being in the capable hands of your makeup artist.

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