Arctic Studios

About this pro

The first hour at Arctic Studios is free when you purchase at least one hour! At Arctic Studios, we believe a combination of analog and digital recording is the format to provide great sounding tracks. Our engineers use an analog front end, tube mic pre-amps, compressors/EQs, and an analog console, tied to Pro Tools digital audio recording system to achieve the sound musicians seek. "Fix it in the Mix": This is a phrase you won't hear from us in a session. Our goal is to set up and capture a great performance. Your job is to come in well-rehearsed and ready to roll! We'll take care of everything else for you. Arctic Studios provides two recording studios to fit your needs: Studio A - Large (800+ sq ft) acoustically treated, fully configurable live room, three isolated recording areas, floated floors, a vocal isolation booth and a large, comfortable control room. Studio B - This three-room studio offers a more intimate environment that offers great services to fit the needs of smaller budgets.


Minneapolis, MN 55405
Coverage Area for Arctic Studios is about 150+ miles of Minneapolis, MN.