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Dancing is a challenge alone! Staying balanced over the ball of one foot is success. Teaching dance is a way of life for one who loves to teach. A teacher of dance has to honestly understand his/her own balance before becoming a teacher. A dance teacher/instructor is a manager of balance and space. Dancers have to be aware of silence as sound passes by. As it happens as one, together musical movement with physical motion become a factor of balance and mind. Teaching these things in a simple formula is what makes us whole and trying to understand them keeps us going. Job! Work! Well, these are places you have to be at. Dance... Well, it's a contagious, spiritual fulfillment that never stops. Like your heart beating, our dance is of perpetual motion.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

Meeting people having fun. Watching someone trying to get it and is having trouble getting it. Finally they manage before the session ends and they get it. Watching people hang in there is a thrill especially when you see their happy faces. The other part is being able to dance yourself. It's a great workout and a high!
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3 Reviews
  • Kris F. Jul 10, 2011
    Stan and Linda do a fantastic job of teaching the technical steps of Ballroom dancing while making it fun at the same time. We are currently taking their Ballroom I class and after 3 weeks my wife and I already know enough to feel comfortable dancing the foxtrot or the waltz at a wedding. The individual attention they provide, make you feel at ease as you are learning new steps. Stan and Linda walk you through the steps using terms you can understand and then allow you to practice as they observe. They always encourage you and never talk down to you because you are a beginner. We are thrilled with the class so far and we are already planning on attending their Ballroom II class this fall. We would highly recommend them to anyone thinking about taking dance lessons. They really know their stuff!
  • Debbie R. Jun 29, 2011
    We are a couple weeks into our session - I'm loving it! Stan and Linda are very attentive to all of their students and very patient with those that need some extra assistance. You don't feel like you are lost in the crowd. Looking forward to attending some of the dance classes at the Knights of Columbus so we can practice and learn new dances! Thank you for providing lessons that are affordable and convient.
  • TaraDavid W. May 21, 2011
    Linda & Stan's Dance Program at the St. Charles Community College is Fun, Exciting and Accurate for the Beginner Dancer. Their Eight Week Program Teaches You How to Dance Right Away Especially in Ballroom Dance. My Husband & I Can Do West Coast Swing With Ease and Feel Confident on The Dance Floor from Just a Few Dance Lessons. It really Helps to have such Wonderfull, Excellent and Knowledgable Dance Instructors When Your Trying to Get Off to a Good Start in Your Dance Lessons


What should the customer know about your pricing (e.g., discounts, fees)?
There should be no complication at all when it comes to cost on dance lessons! Professional Ballroom dance instructors make at an average of $50 on Up per hour-private lesson. This also depends on what state they are in. If a Studio or Instructor charges less than that rate per hour, without credentials, think about going somewhere else! A confusing part of dance lessons sometimes is in the advertisement, sale ads or coupons that studios and instructors offer. When a studio or instructor advertises a sale, such as, "Introductory Offer $30 for 6 private lessons," the ad doesn’t say how many hours you are getting for $30. In many cases after customers paid the studio/teacher, they were told that they were getting six half hours for $30 towards an introductory program/course, afterwards. It turns out that the customer is only getting 3 hours of lessons, which still seems a bargain but it's the introductory part that gets you! Most studios’ introductory program/courses are kind of sight seeing programs. You put your quarter in the camera and after a minute rolls by the camera shuts off, then you have to put another quarter in to get the camera to work again. Always call first before you walk into a studio or purchase a special sale on dance lessons. Ask how many hours is it going to take to get to your goal. Ask what are you getting for your money! Ask them to be specific. Most people new to dancing do not know what a private lesson is in the first place. A Private Hour Lesson Is A Good Quality Hour Lesson Intelligently Planned Out From A Tangible Program in Which A Student Participated In, Who Was the Agreed Purchaser with The Teacher Involved. The student should feel, after the lesson, that they have learned how to dance when they leave the studio. A student must be able to recall what the teacher taught them so that they can retain the information put forth. A Student Should Get What They Thought They Were Getting When They Came In To A Dance Studio. After All There Are More Than Ten Dances To Choose From In Ballroom Dance. You should be able to learn and physically do at least four patterns in one dance when you leave the studio after the first lesson. The belief in some teachers is that you, the customer, don't know what you want so they try to chew your time up being friendly, chatting with you and trying to talk you into something else that you don't want other than your original reason for taking dance lessons. Teachers/Studio's are hoping you spend more time with them so they can make more money. Sometimes the original reason for taking dance lessons becomes lost in a sea of bargains, promises and glittery dress up wishful thinking. The key is stick on track to your original dance goals! Give us one hour of your time and you'll spend more time with us! A good well trained teacher can get most new students, for example, to dance three to four patterns of swing pretty good in one hour. In two hours he/she should be getting you through the foxtrot with about four patterns/steps and in the third hour have you Waltz across the floor with about three to four patterns / steps with the music. Any more than that could be too much and less than that, is a shame and utter failure on the teacher’s part! Yes, we can get you to do all of that in 3 hours! How? We've been doing it for 30 years. We teach, coach and train thousands every year in our classes for less than $5.75/hr. which can even be less than that if you got the time. Many of our students stay with us and continue on with their dancing, and some dance as a hobby and just for fun. Others that finish their programs go their own way and are happy campers, satisfied, and occasionally they come to our dances to say hi or sometimes enroll again to take more dance lessons. Social Dance is what we teach and it is important that dance teacher/instructors understand that! We charge $60 per hour-private lesson. If you are a student enrolled in our classes we give you $10 off per hour-private lesson. That's $50 per hour-private lesson and If you purchase in blocks of lessons at a time we also give you a discount off your regular price. Group classes are taught at the St. Charles Community College. The cost is less than/or $5.75 / hour-class lesson and run 8 weeks. Since there are 24 classes total in a schedule, you only have to pay for 8 classes per program. The easiest way to understand this our classes are $46 /8 Week Course Enrollment. That's $5.75/hr. Extras/Make-Ups are Free - No Extra Cost To You! Our Dances are $8 with four free workshops twice a month (Every 2nd & 4th Fridays) and are held at the Knights of Columbus Hall. We provide these dances for our students to learn in a social dance atmosphere. A sort of a test ride before you try it on your own. You might say! How can we do this at such a low cost? Again, we teach more people how to dance each year than any other dance studio, dance club, dance organization, dance teacher, schools/colleges, community services / centers, on-line web services in the St. Louis, Missouri Metro Area. Our students / clientele come from in a hundred mile radius to learn to dance from Linda & Stan, which they get personalized attention and Excellent Quality, Professional Instruction. Come In and ask any of our clientele. You’re Welcome To! Don't wait long! Our classes fill up fast! We only allow so many students per class session in order to teach good, quality lessons. Check us out on our website, or give us a call. Ask for Linda.
What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?
Yes, out of town training and research & development. Sometimes we go to dance competitions or conventions where they have workshops and teacher/studio training seminars. Our job is two-fold. We learn new techniques in dance as well as how to manage our business. The latest training is in Nightclub 2 Step which is becomming ever so popular. Yes, we also teach for the St. Charles Community College. We have several classes and types of classes running each session/course.