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Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

How much do painters cost?

The national average cost to hire an interior painter ranges between $200-$2,700. Interior painters can tackle everything from complete color makeovers in each of your rooms to touching up an accent wall to painting pieces of furniture. The square footage and complexity of the project, along with the materials needed, are the main factors that will affect cost. Other factors include whether you supply the paint yourself or want the painter to do so, whether you move the furniture and do the prep work or ask them to do it, and whether any repair work is needed on the walls.

Painting the ceiling and the trim will also have an effect on cost. The type of paint you choose can also raise or lower your house painting cost. A gallon of paint may range from $20 to over $100, depending on quality and brand. Ask your painter if they charge per hour or per square foot, and how much you can save by doing prep work (moving furniture, etc.) yourself.

How much should interior painting cost per square foot?

You can expect a 12x12-foot average room with 8-foot ceilings to cost $100 to paint, while a 16x16-foot room with 9-foot ceilings could cost around $175. 

To calculate the cost of interior painting per square foot, measure the square footage of wall space and ceiling space of your room. From this, you can estimate the number of gallons of paint needed to cover the wall space and compare it to these figures. You can also ask interior painters near you to provide an estimate before you hire them.

How much does it cost to paint the interior of a house?

Interior house painting costs are calculated on a few key factors. Nationally, interior house painting projects range from $917 (for one room) to $4,893 (for eight rooms). The wide price range indicates how much square footage, paint selection and labor can affect cost. One pro uses a laser to measure each room, subtracting the size of the doors and windows, and then bases the quote on the square footage of the actual surfaces to be painted.

Painters may provide you with savings if you opt to paint your entire home rather than just having one room or an accent wall painted. For example, the average house painting cost for an 8x12 room with 8-foot ceilings is roughly $200, when contractor-grade paint is used. Painting ceilings, baseboards and frames can also affect cost. Pros may charge per linear foot to smooth and paint baseboards.

In one area, pros might charge 50 cents per linear foot to paint baseboards, while pros in another part of the country could charge $1.50 per linear foot for the same task. Painters may charge flat rates for painting door and window frames, with one charging $20-$25 and another $60 per door. Geography and regional costs to do business play a major role in the cost of interior painting. The same painter in a rural region has less to pay in taxes, transportation, insurance and overhead than they would in a major city like New York.

How much does it cost to get the outside of your house painted?

You can expect to pay around $2,535 to get the outside of your house painted, though this cost will increase with larger house sizes (and decrease with smaller ones). The average hourly rate for exterior painters is $45 and ranges from $25-$75.

Wood, brick, stucco, vinyl, aluminum and stone each have their own set of demands. Contact exterior painters near you to get a detailed cost estimate for your house.

How much do interior painters charge per hour?

You can expect to pay $50 per hour for interior painting. This price will change depending on a number of factors and may range between $30 and $160 per hour. Some factors include the height of the rooms, the complexity of the painting and more.

For an accurate cost estimate, request quotes from local painters and contractors.

What should I look for when choosing a painter?

When choosing a painter, pay attention to online reviews and ratings. Reviews with pictures are especially valuable, as these showcase the painter’s work. It’s also important to check whether your state requires licenses for painters — if it’s required, your contractor should be able to present their license. 

Finally, compare estimates and quotes from multiple painters near you. Take into consideration what each one guarantees with the job, including factors like higher-quality paint, extensive preparation and a good warranty.

How many coats of paint does the exterior of a house need?

Your house’s exterior will likely need two coats of paint. With two coats, your house will look more even and solid in color and will be better protected from moisture and the elements. The painting should always occur over a primed and well-prepared surface.

Do you tip painters?

Yes, it’s best practice to tip house painters if you’re pleased with their work. Painters perform detailed, skilled work that can last for many years, if not decades. 

Tipping house painters is good etiquette. You can base the tip on the size of the crew, and request the amount to be evenly divided. Or, you can leave a tip based on the size of the job and leave it up to the foreman to decide how it is distributed among the crew. Sometimes — especially with big projects — the painters on the job change during the course of the project, so it’s often customary to leave one tip for the whole job.

How much value does painting add to a house?

Due to a lack of data available, it’s hard to say whether painting your home’s interior or exterior will increase its value. But there are some important things to keep in mind. 

If you're thinking about selling your home, you might want to repaint areas that look especially worn, dull or chipped so your house looks fresh and new to potential buyers. On the other hand, it’s possible some potential buyers will repaint the home upon moving in. So if you have a limited budget, your money (and time) might be better invested in other types of home projects, such as remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, installing new floors or fixing broken appliances

When in doubt, check with your realtor before making a final decision.

What should I expect from a painting contractor?

You should expect an estimate based on an actual examination of the house, as well as a plan for exactly what the painter will do. During the job, the painters should behave professionally while working as efficiently as possible to complete the job in a reasonable timeframe. Afterward, the only evidence of the paint job should be the paint itself — a professional contractor will clean up thoroughly once a job is done. 

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Reviews for Hawley painters
Thumbtack Customer
We needed a master bedroom painted in a pinch and Darin was able to paint it quickly and with impeccable attention to detail! His work was affordable and his work ethic was top notch.
Darin's CarpentryDarin's Carpentry
Thumbtack Customer
Painted walls and ceilings; removed old carpets; installed flooring
Affordable Home improvementAffordable Home improvement
Steve E.
W and P Painting, Walter Perez is a man of his word, he and his crew were on time to to begin preparation for painting and then immediately began painting as prep was completed. There were additional issues that I had mentioned when Walter was here to look at the job and make a bid and importantly he remembered to take care of issues. Very satisfied with the results.
Thumbtack Customer
Absolutely fantastic. Very accommodating. Great paint job. Super friendly.
True Finish Painting, LLCTrue Finish Painting, LLC
Kyle L.
Well done, W & P painting completed the job in reasonable time at a good price. Thank you!
Luis T.
Billy did a great job painting my house. Worked hard and long hours, I would recommend him to anyone!
Billys Painting and DrywallBillys Painting and Drywall
Karen O.
I’m giving Color World 2 stars because although Scott was pleasant to work with, when the sale is over you end up working with the subcontractors. In our case it was Alex. The contract was printed out and given to me by Scott with a step by step guide sheet on how the job was supposed to go. Step 1, “Washing”. Alex did wash the house. Step 2, “Tarping”. This is where problems began. Alex painted leaves still attached to bushes right onto the house. He painted sunflower seeds and ground debris onto the house. If tarps were used around the house, they served no purpose. He’d show up anywhere from 1:00 -2:30 on most days and he’d be gone before the clock struck 4. We have paint overspray all over our deck, the brick, the flowers around the house, in the grass and a tree. They also painted around the edges of our new metal window frames after I specifically said we did not want the frames painted. If fact, Scott said he never recommends painting metal frames because the paint won’t last. We now have that problem waiting for us. Step 3, “Scraping” and Step 4, “Priming” should go hand in hand. I’m not sure about any scrapping he may have done but it was determined by Color World that priming wasn’t necessary because the primer was built into the paint. Note: we went from fading dark brown to Lemongrass and a cream colored trim. After the job was completed, we can see where touch up will be needed to cover over brown spots still left on the house. Step 5, “Caulking” (per the contract) “ joints and seams allowing exterior moisture entry will be caulked anywhere that wood meets wood”. This step was completely left out. It would not have been done had I not noticed and brought it to Scott’s attention. Scott acknowledged it and then told me that some of the joints may be there to “allow for drainage” as if I was a complete idiot, but he’d check it out. Scott and I walked around the house while he was working up the quote and we specifically talked about the joints and the need to caulk PRIOR to painting. This wasn’t done so Alex and his helper ended up caulking the seams over the paint. I sent a message to Scott to let him know my concerns which he followed up with a call. His answer was basically to just wait until they’re completely finish and he was sure the house would look great. Step 8, “Daily Cleaning”. Alex rinsed out the blue paint from my neighbors house from his hoses and machine on our side yard, opposite my neighbors house (see below). They left their spray paint machine, ladders, paint buckets filled with paint water and various tools in our yard when they left for the day. Due to their previous schedule or weather, those things stayed in our yard, overnight for multiple days. That’s not “pack up and pick up at the end of the day” to me. On the final day they were here, Alex spray painted our downspouts in the back yard with no tarps down which left a huge area of our yard painted as well as our Juniper tree! Before the painting began, my neighbor asked me who I’d contracted with so I gave him Color Worlds information and Scott’s number. He hired Color World too. However, even though I’d hired and given our down payment to Color World to paint my house first, they finished my neighbors house first and in a day and a half! Just to give perspective of the mess they left us, our neighbor mentioned one drop of paint the size of a quarter left on his driveway! That’s it! My house took a week and a half and we have the neighbors paint and our paint all over the place. Why? Undervalued customer? Dumped on? It sure feels like it. The final inspection was done with Scott and my husband during which Scott saw all the questionable areas of concern, acknowledged all of them and apologized profusely. He even took pictures. When asked how we should go about removing all the paint from the bricks around the front door and elsewhere on the house, he kindly suggested using a product called M1. I should also mention that he did offer to send someone back out to try to fix these concerns but at that point we didn’t want to extend the unpleasantness any further and told him no. As much as I appreciated that Scott didn’t try to make excuses, our feelings of being undervalued customers remain. Whether Scott uses this as a learning opportunity for the health of this budding company or not or if he continues to use that particular subcontractor in the future is not my concern. But at the end of the day, we remain unsatisfied, undervalued and unappreciated customers who have a lot of hard cleanup to do on our house. We won’t use this company again and I won’t be recommending them to friends or family. One last note. In today’s world, customer service, a job well done shown by pride in the work you do will end up being your greatest asset. Having none of this will be your downfall and will most likely be the beginning to the end for any business.
Color World Painting - NebraskaColor World Painting - Nebraska
Neelee G.
Darin was great to work with and helped me with my list of things before putting my house on the market, including painting, blind installation, and repairing wood paneling.
Darin's CarpentryDarin's Carpentry
Kayla K.
Jason did an awesome job on my bathroom. He was easy to work with and the price was very affordable. I would seek him out again in the future for any painting projects.
Affordable Home improvementAffordable Home improvement
Thumbtack Customer
Beyond thrilled with out exterior paint job. Quality, price, and timeliness all met my expectations. Really appreciated progress updates and suggestions. Would definitely use service again.
Affordable Home improvementAffordable Home improvement
Laura A.
W & P did such an amazing job painting several things in our home and so responsive!!! They were able to come and complete everything we needed very soon after the estimate as well.
Cheryl L.
Excellent experience. Walls and ceiling look great. Painting crew was polite, moved all furniture out and back, and arrived on time. I will hire them again when I need more work done.
True Finish Painting, LLCTrue Finish Painting, LLC
Jess K.
Anthony and his crew were amazing ! They completed the project in record time and did quality work. Very responsive and open to feedback. I give my highest recommendation to 360 painting. We could not be happier!! I already have them set up to complete another project !
360 Painting of Lincoln360 Painting of Lincoln
Thumbtack Customer
I had my entire house painted. It is a split level with very tall ceilings. My husband and I are more than satisfied! Everything looks perfect! Jason's quote was reasonable and he was wonderful to work with. He got the job done very quickly! Worth every penny!!!!
Affordable Home improvementAffordable Home improvement
Thumbtack Customer
Jason painted the interior walls, fixed and re grouted some tile and patched some walls. Jason was very easy to work with and he got the job done quickly! His prices are reasonable and he does a good job. We will definitely call him next time we need something done!
Affordable Home improvementAffordable Home improvement
Phillip j.
We had a quick job we needed done on short notice and couldn't have asked for better from Walter. Was punctual both when he came to give an estimate and on the day of the actual work. The new paint looks great, he got it done very quickly, and went the extra mile tidying up afterward.
Robert A.
I would not give them any stars. I was so disappointed based upon the reviews I read before contacting them. My wife called and someone came out and gave us an estimate for the work we needed done. We were told we needed to buy a can of paint to go with what we had to do the job. We made the appointment to have the work done and was told the would start at 8am. Then we get a call saying they won’t arrive until 11-12 . They finally arrive at 12:35. Because my wife took off work to be home and wasted the entire morning, we ask if we could be discounted. The said no and then told my wife that she didn’t need to buy the can of paint because they use a different brand and would buy the paint. My wife wondered why she was told something different from the guy that came to do the estimate and was told that person no longer is with their company. So he couldn’t do the work that person had quoted in the estimate. He told her he had to go out to his car. My wife called me and I wanted to talk to him and he had left already. He then send a text telling us to find someone else to do the job. I don’t know how a company like this will stay in business if they treat customers like that.
Chiroy’s painting LlcChiroy’s painting Llc
Susan R.
We purchased a 6 year old home in Lincoln and needed many rooms painted. Walter responded immediately and met our daughter to walk through the house. From day one, he was on it. He and his crew were excellent. Worked very long hours. So polite and clean and courteous. Removed two glued on mirrors and did drywall repair. Excellent work. I can’t say enough about the quality of their work. Do not hesitate to hire him. I give him 10 stars if I could. Thank you, Walter and crew! Love our new house.
Melissa R.
Holly was amazing!! Great at communicating and getting an understanding of what we were looking for. She kept me posted on her arrival timing. And Holly painted an incredible mural in my baby’s room! Now on cloudy days we all have somewhere to go sneak in some blue sky time, as long as the baby isn’t sleeping. Holly worked while I was home w/ the kids (toddler & newborn) and was so quiet my curious toddler forgot she was even there working and napped normally while the magic was happening just steps from her door. I am so happy w/ her work!!
Holly Carey ArtHolly Carey Art
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