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Gutter cleaning is available for all types of homes and businesses. Common requests include clearing gutters clogged with debris, routine maintenance and cleaning, help with water overflowing from gutters, water not draining from downspouts, and help with de-icing or ice dam removal. Gutters are commonly made of aluminum or galvanized steel. When gutters are not doing their job, water collects and can cause homes to leak as well as structural damage to a home’s foundation. Several factors affect the cost of gutter cleaning.

Linear square feet

Many gutter cleaning companies base cost estimates on the linear square footage of gutters to be cleaned. For example, Royal Chimney & Gutter Service in Carmel, New York, charges $125 for cleaning approximately 200 linear square feet of gutters on a standard 60x60-foot ranch-style home.

Standard rates

Other companies advertise a price range and determine the exact price once they speak with the homeowner or visit the site. For example, NJ Four Seasons Gutter Cleaning in Paterson, New Jersey, typically charges $75–$115 for gutter cleaning, depending on the size of the house and location of the gutters.

Added risk

Second- or third-story gutters, unstable terrain, and hard-to-reach locations can all have an affect on the cost of gutter cleaning. In addition, many gutter cleaners work from the rooftop to access all areas in need of cleaning, so roofs with steep pitches may also cause the price to increase. Royal Chimney & Gutter Service charges additional fees for roofs that are high or potentially dangerous—typically $200–$250 for higher-risk jobs.


In general, gutter cleaning services cost less in the slow season of spring and summer. Having gutters cleaned in the slow season can be a good strategy for saving money as well as to plan ahead for the rainy season. Costs rise in the fall and winter months because the demand for services is higher.


Gutters generally only need to be cleared once a year, however, frequent customers may pay a lower price per visit for company loyalty. For example, customers who have their gutters cleaned for $125 during the winter months by Royal Chimney & Gutter Service will pay only $40 for a lighter cleaning in the off season to remove pollen and similar debris.


A job’s location may affect the cost of gutter cleaning services. Frequently, gutter cleaning professionals work within a specific service area range. If a home to be cleaned is outside of that service range, many companies charge an additional travel fee to account for travel time and transportation costs.

Gutter guards

Gutter guards are professionally or homeowner-installed screens that cover gutters to help slough off debris and leaves as they fall. If gutter guards are in place, gutter cleaners may charge an additional fee because the pro will have to remove the gutter guards in order to access and clean the gutters. The additional time and labor involved in the removal and reapplication of the guards can increase the overall cost of cleaning.

Pro tip:

  • Gutter cleaners may also offer chimney cleaning services because chimneys often get clogged with debris, especially during winter months. Royal Chimney & Gutter Service has a winter fee of $120 for cleaning a chimney from top to bottom with a vacuum and clearing the chimney cap. Off season—during spring and summer—that fee is $80– $100. Chimneys only need to be cleaned once every two or three years.
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