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How much does it cost to fix a leaking pipe?

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The average cost for a plumber is $130. You are likely to spend between $75 and $230 total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated August 1st, 2017

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Plumbers can easily repair leaking pipes and dripping faucets. Pro plumbers tackle faucet repair or replacement and pipe repair and pipe replacement for all types of indoor and outdoor plumbing. Several factors affect the cost of repairs.

Type of repair

Costs for leak repairs depend on the circumstances of the plumbing in the house. A simple pipe repair can lead to discovering a much larger issue, or a leaky faucet may be just that. In general, contractors prefer to inspect a situation in person before giving a quote.

Hourly rates

Many plumbers charge a flat rate after they consider the time, materials and labor requirements of a job. Most will calculate flat rates using an hourly rate for labor as part of the total cost. According to JEM Plumbing and Drain Cleaning in San Diego, California, hourly rates for plumbers start around $55 and go up, depending on the complexity or hazards of the job. Rates can also vary based on geographic location and experience of the plumber.

Flat rates for faucets

Fixing or replacing leaking faucets is a frequent job that most plumbers can approximate the costs for. Here are a few examples of average costs:

  • Spitfire Plumbing in Minneapolis, Minnesota

    • Change the cartridge (the inner parts of the faucet) on a leaking faucet: $189–$225, including labor and materials

    • Replace an old or nonfunctioning faucet: $250, including labor and two new shut-off valves at the wall and two new supply lines (does not include new fixtures)

    • Completely replace an old or nonfunctioning bathroom faucet: $350, including new faucet fixtures, labor and two new shut-off valves at the wall and two new supply lines

    • Completely replace an old or nonfunctioning kitchen faucet: $350–$400, including new faucet, fixtures, labor and two new shut-off valves at the wall and two new supply lines

    • Replace an outdoor hose spigot (silcock): $250, including labor and materials
  • Sweetwater Plumbing Company in Alvin, Texas

    • Repair leaking faucet in bathroom or kitchen: $125–$400, depending on the grade of faucet and location

Leaking pipes

Leaking pipes are hard to pin down. The problem may require a simple repair, or it may indicate a larger problem and require demolition to get to the problem and install new pipes. For this reason, most plumbers give free estimates to assess the situation. Here are a few examples of possible leaky pipe repair costs:

  • Sweetwater Plumbing Company

    • Diagnosis only of a leak located inside a wall that ultimately requires demolition: $80–$100

    • Simple waterline repair inside a wall, including diagnostic demolition: $150–$350

    • Replace leaking water main (pipe coming in from the outside): $200 minimum, including labor, parts and replacement of the shut-off valve
  • Spitfire Plumbing

    • Starting price for pipe leak repair: $189

      • The same leaking pipe could turn into an $1,800 repair if the pipe is faulty and needs 50 new feet installed—circumstances can vary greatly.

Minimum service fee

Some plumbers charge a minimum service fee for arriving on location to work. For example, Spitfire Plumbing typically charges a minimum of $100 to pull out tools for work, but it all depends on the situation, and estimates are always free. JEM Plumbing and Drain Cleaning also does not charge for estimates, but charges a minimum service fee of $90.

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