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How much does a gas line installation cost?

A new gas line must be installed if a homeowner is replacing electric appliances with gas appliances, including a gas stove, water heater or furnace, or if a gas-powered fireplace is being installed for the first time. Because it can be dangerous—handling flammable, potentially deadly gases—only an expert should undertake this job. It requires the correct tools and materials as well as proper procedures to ensure that no gas leaks and that the integrity of the piping remains sound. When done by a licensed professional, the cost factors generally are simply the labor and materials.

The average cost of having a gas line installed runs between $200 and $1,000; the U.S. average is about $500.

Permits and inspections

Most cities require homeowners to file a permit for a new gas line, and the service provider must get clearance to dig beforehand. Permit fees vary according to location, but the average is $100. After the line is installed, it must be inspected by the city, which costs from $50 to $75.

Hiring a gas installation professional

Two types of professionals can install gas lines: plumbers and natural gas specialists. Because gas lines are often an integral part of a home’s plumbing system, plumbers, including Bay Area Plumbing in Concord, California, Pro Pipe Plumbing in Conifer, Colorado, and E&S Plumbing in Accokeek, Maryland, specialize in installing new gas lines.

Natural gas specialists, such as Chicago Gas Lines in Arlington Heights, Illinois, can install the line as well as a wider variety of appliances, including gas grills, fire pits, heaters and generators.

Labor fees

Installing a new gas line is a relatively quick job, usually taking just two to four hours. At a plumber’s typical rate of $45-$65 per hour, the labor costs range from $90 to $260.

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