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Outdoor furniture assembly services put together furniture and other items that are sold unassembled or as kits and commonly used in outdoor spaces, such as patio sets, barbecues, fire pits, play structures, gazebos, sheds and even free-standing hot tubs. As with all unassembled furniture, outdoor pieces vary in terms of how complicated they are to put together. Hiring a professional can save you time and provide peace of mind that the assembly is done correctly.

Many service providers assemble all kinds of furniture, not just outdoor items, so if you purchase furniture from companies such as IKEA, Wayfair and other big box stores that sell furniture unassembled, you’ll likely be able to call on the same pros again and again.


The best way to check a service provider’s qualifications is to read reviews on Thumbtack and, if possible, testimonials on their website. Depending on the complexity of what you need assembled, you may want to look for someone with previous experience with the same exact item. Assembling a patio set is probably less complicated than putting together a gas grill, for example. As with all furniture assembly, hiring someone who has experience as a builder or handyperson can be ideal. Bob Sarda of Bob the Builder, for example, works full time assembling furniture at Walmart. Lancelot "Lance" McGrann advises customers to ask for references who can confirm an assembler’s experience with the item(s) they need put together.


Most pros who assemble outdoor furniture will come to your home or office to get the job done. Hiring someone local is ideal because their fee won’t include extra fees for gas or other travel expenses. Some assembly professionals, such as Jeff Gonzalez of Jeff’s Assembly, have employees who can help with large jobs.

Number of pieces

Most outdoor furniture assemblers charge a flat rate for assembly, based on the number of pieces, ranging from $50 to $145 depending on location. For large assembly projects (seven or more individual pieces or a large shed or gazebo), some pros bring helpers. Morris Assembly Service employs 14 people to ensure there’s always someone availability to help meet customers’ varied assembly needs.

Structures and appliances

Outdoor furniture doesn’t usually require someone with special skills or experience beyond furniture assembly. But if when it comes to assembly of a gas grill, fire pit kit or freestanding structure such as a shed or play structure, experience with these particular items is beneficial. It may also be a good idea to hire someone who is a licensed contractor or insured handyperson, which could mean you’ll pay more. Morris Assembly Service focuses specifically on putting together furniture and structures that come unassembled. They offer a 90-day labor guarantee from the date of assembly.

Gas or water connections

Items that need to be assembled and then connected to utilities, such as a fire pit or freestanding hot tub (which definitely requires a specialist) should be handled by professionals who have experience dealing with gas or water lines and working with the materials involved. Some jobs may require a licensed tradesperson or contractor, which will affect the cost.

Cost-saving strategies

If you have a complete patio set that needs to be assembled, see if you can negotiate a package deal. For example, ask if the provider will accept $600 to assemble a table with six chairs rather than paying $90 per piece.

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