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About Animal Addiction Concierge

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We care for your pet while you are away and not able to be there. They stay in their own environment, and this is beneficial because it is less stressful, and they are less likely to contract any type of kennel cough or other disease that could potentially kill them.

We are bonded, CPR trained, and first aid certified. We bellieve that great pet care should not cost you a paw and a claw! Call us for a free consultation. References can be provided upon request.

We specialize in special-needs pets. Our own little boy, Rocco, is in a wheel chair. He is the reason we started our service. There has to be a company out there that is in it for more than money, and genuinely cares for pets. That is us!

We care, and we guarantee that our service is outstanding and affordable! Check out our website, and give us a call today!


Plano, TX 75024

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  • 5/5 stars

    My dog love her
    She very responsible and I can trust her to leave keys from my home and my dog !!!

  • 5/5 stars Pet Sitting Verified Review

    We went out for the holidays and needed s sitter for our two cats. We were extremely pleased with service! The litter area I think was cleaner than how we left it! Plants watered and msil picked up as well as all the cat dishes were cleaned. We even received photo updates via text while out. Highly recommend

  • 5/5 stars Dog Walking Verified Review

    They were nice and my dog enjoyed her time. They were able to provide last minute service which was very convenient.

  • 5/5 stars

    Jacklyn takes amazing care of all of her clients! We love having her at our convenience, and knowing our baby will be taken care of as if we were at home! I highly recommend this concierge service to anyone and everyone!

  • 5/5 stars

    Jacklynn walks my two dogs, Padyn and Calvin, Monday through Friday. She takes amazing care of them. I've had Jacklynn house sit as well. She does lots of nice things without asking:

    - Takes out the trash
    - Gives them baths
    - Finds events for the dogs. We're going to a dog day at Hawaiian Falls
    - Brings them treats
    - Does different activities with them - frisbee, fetch with the ball, swimming in the kiddy pool

  • 5/5 stars

    Wonderful pet sitters! Our air conditioning went out and they went out of their way to make our fur kids comfortable. They are animal lovers and will treat your pet as their own! Very trustworthy and house spotless!

Question and answer

Q. Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.

A. Pet walking, Pet sitting, Vet visits, concierge services. Offered to clients who have pets. We offer services such as airport transport, dry cleaning drop-off and pick-up, grocery shopping. Our motto is: If you can dream it, we can do it!

Q. What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

A. Be sure to ask them if there is a situation to where there is an altercation with another pet. How would they go about protecting your pet in an incident such as this. Then make sure they are insured, bonded, certified in CPR & First aid. They are caring and focussed 100% on your pet. Do they mention money in the first five minutes- If so, you may want to check us out. Money is a perk but your animal is our priority!

Q. If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about your trade? Any inside secrets to share?

A. Bonded, Insured, Certifications of any kind, CPR & First aid training. Any other types of qualifications they may have. Do they own animals of their own and what kind. What made them go into an area such as pet services where the competition is so fierce? They can care for pets, but do they really love your pets as their own and can thay offer any references. What kind of volunteer work have they done with pets to show their dedication and willingness to learn as much as possible about pets and their behaviors.

Q. What questions should a consumer ask to hire the right service professional?

A. Depending on what the consumer is looking for. They should of course set up a consultation, it is an interview process that is invaluable. Pay attention to the way your pet reacts to that person. I always say pets are great judges of character and the nose knows! Ask questions about their experience, integrity, and character. A lot of these service companies are compromising your time to maximize their money. If you pay for 30 minutes, you should get 30 minutes, not 15-20. It is a matter of integrity and when you say you will do something, you should do it 110%.

Q. What important information should buyers have thought through before seeking you out?

A. What their specific needs are and expectations. What level of care is expected and what qualifications they expect for the individuals to have. The dogs they have, if they are larger, would a petite walker have difficulty in handling their dogs. If so, animal addiction can certainly offer our services. We walk dogs of all sizes and temperments. The larger, the better. There is no dog we cannot handle.

Q. Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

A. We strive to go above and beyond. We actually talk to your pets and give them plenty of TLC, play ball or whatever the toy of choice is. We do small things around the house, such as take out the trash, load the dishwasher, or vaccuum in such cases. We believe that you should come home not having to worry about your pet and be able to relax and think of us as your executive concierge pet service that does not cost A Paw and A Claw!!

Q. What do you like most about your job?

A. I am a gift you give to your pet and I get to snuggle and love pets all day. It really is a stress free job. It is a bit hot, but the satisfaction of knowing I can be there when you can't be there to take your pet walking or to use the bathroom is a great satisfaction in the service that I provide!!

Q. What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?

A. Over the phone, they ask about cost? We always reply we set up the consultation, then meet the owner and pet, then we can discuss cost after we find out what your specific needs are.
At the consult, how we handle larger dogs? We have confidence in our abilities and walk several large breeds, such as boxers and English mastiffs, we have no issues at all.
Cost? Is always a concern as it should be, not at Animal Addiction, we believe great pet care should not cost A Paw and A Claw!! We wish we could do it for free, but we have to live and it costs money to live. We do think that we are competitive in cost to other dog walkers, but we want to provide the best service at the lowest cost to you. We will work around budgets, so do not let cost be the reason you do not contact us!

Q. Do you have a favorite story from your work?

A. I am a gift to your dog from you. I go out of my way to do special things on occasion such as fill up a small pool for those clients(dogs) who love water and let them have a splash day during their visit. I did this for one client and she had a blast during that visit. Also, I am your dogs bodyguard, you trust me with your pet and in such a case there is an altercation with an aggressive dog, your dog goes behind me and I will protect your pet at all costs.

Q. What do you wish customers knew about you or your profession?

A. I care for your pet so much. That I go to the extent that I put ice in their drinking water and text you after every visit. If I notice any thing that could be wrong such as excessive loose stool, I let you know. I also, take your pets riding in my car if you want. It keeps your car clean. I take them and bath them and keep vet appointments if you do not have time. Some may cost extra, but saves you time when you get so busy, as we all do. I do things for you around the house, such as bring in packages, load the dishwasher, take out the trash and swifter the floor.

Q. How did you decide to get in your line of work?

A. Rocco, he was the main reason I started this whole business. He is my baby boy. The best Chihuahua ever. He had an accident a few years ago and had to have emergency back surgery. He is in a wheel chair today and I love him so much. I started it to spend time with him and to give consumers options out there that really care for their pets and are not out to just make a quick buck. I may not get rich doing this, but at least there is someone out there that really cares. We would not have made it with Rocco if it wasn't for people who cared and we just want to give back. We could have lost our boy if it wasn't for people who cared.

Q. Tell us about a recent job you did that you are particularly proud of.

A. I am particularly proud of all of my clients. They bring joy to my life and I treat each like a VIP.

Q. Do you do any sort of continuing education to stay up on the latest developments in your field?

A. I donate time and volunteer at the local SPCA and help to do whatever I can to find pets homes. I work closely with trainers and behaviorists there at the facility to learn as much as I can possibly learn.

Q. What are the latest developments in your field? Are there any exciting things coming in the next few years or decade that will change your line of business?

A. My plans in the next few years are to add services that people are in need of to my concierge service. I want to be an asset around the home and not just benefit your pet, but benefit the owner and family as well. When there is a problem, I want to offer a solution. You have a unexpected emergency, I can be there to help.

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