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Find a tile installer near Sugar House, UT

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Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

What’s the best way to set up a consultation or an appointment with a tiler during the COVID-19 pandemic?

To set up an appointment or consultation with a tiler during the COVID-19 pandemic, start by conducting an online search for tilers in your area. Ask if the tiler can conduct a consultation through a video call instead of a traditional site visit to limit exposure. It’s also wise to confer about the current state of the pandemic and ensure that it’s safe to complete the project now. If not, discuss postponing for another time. 

Can you tile over drywall?

Yes, it is possible to lay tile over drywall. If you’re looking to lay a tile backsplash in your kitchen, you can certainly do it yourself — but hiring a professional may save time. 

Before you tile over your drywall, make sure the wall has a smooth surface with no bumps or cracks. Start by using a compound to seal up any crevices, then sand the drywall and clean up the dust. Then, lay a coat of primer on the drywall to get it ready for your tile. 

How long does it take to lay tile?

Depending on the pro’s expertise, the size of the project and its complexity, the time it takes to lay the tile will vary. For some projects, it may take a few hours to lay tile while others will require several days of work. 

When planning a tiling project for your home, get free estimates from the best tile contractors near you and ask them how long it would take them to complete your job.  

Can you tile over tile floors?

Yes, you can lay tile over existing tile floors (or a backsplash). Although it’s generally best to pull up your old flooring, you can simply place tiles on top if your existing floor is in good condition.

Before you start, examine your tiles carefully for mold, cracks or unevenness. Provided none of these is an issue, you can begin laying your new tiles. 

But if this is your first time laying tile — or if you want to ensure that the job is done right — save time by hiring a tiling professional near you

What do you need to lay tile?

If you’re laying a new tile floor, you’ll likely need an assortment of tools and supplies, including (but not limited to):

  • Tile
  • Tile adhesive
  • Tile trim
  • Tile spacers
  • Underlayment
  • Sealer
  • Caulk
  • Level
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Trowel
  • Carpenter’s square
  • Grout
  • Sponge
  • Tape measure
  • Etc.

If you don’t have all of the tools, equipment and skills necessary to lay tile in your home, consider hiring one of the best tile contractors in your area.

Which is better: porcelain or ceramic tile?

Porcelain tiles are more durable and have a longer lifespan than ceramic tile. If you're installing flooring in an area with high traffic or lots of heavy furniture, porcelain tiles will look better for longer. They’re also very easy to clean and maintain. Porcelain is also very water-resistant and can hold up in places like bathrooms and rooms with jacuzzis, hot tubs, or swimming pools. 

But if the cost is your top priority, ceramic tiles are often more affordable. Ceramic tile prices start as low as $0.45 or $0.50 per square foot, and porcelain tile starts at $3 per square foot.

Does tile flooring increase home value?

Having a tile floor may increase your home’s value, but it might depend on the type of tile you install and the trends in the real estate market.

Chat with your realtor or a real estate expert to figure out what types of home repairs and remodeling projects you should tackle before you put your home on the market. It might make sense to add new tiles when renovating your kitchen or bathroom, for example. 

If you decide to include new tiling in your home remodeling project, contact the best tile installation pros near you to get free estimates.

What’s the difference between porcelain and ceramic tile?

Ceramic and porcelain are some of the more popular types of tile, but there are a few differences: 

Porcelain Tile

Ceramic Tile

More durable, have a longer lifespan

Cheaper, easier to install

Better for high-traffic areas

Recommended for interior floors, walls

Slightly more water-resistant

Softer, easier to cut

Consult with a top tile contractor near you and get free estimates on how much installing tile will cost you. 

What is the best tile?

There are many different types of tile to choose from, and they all have unique benefits when it comes to aesthetics, longevity, durability and safety.

Porcelain and ceramic tile are often popular in kitchens and bathrooms because they are water-resistant, making them a go-to choice for floors and backsplashes. Marble tile is also a great choice for kitchen and bathroom floors, and granite tiles are popular for countertops. 

Consult with a tile installation professional to figure out what type of tile you should install in your home.

How can I find out if a tiler is considered an essential COVID-19 service provider?

To identify essential service providers during the pandemic, visit your city or state’s government website to find a list of recommendations.

A list of national recommendations can be found at CISA’s Identifying Critical Infrastructure During COVID-19 webpage. This service lists 16 different types of essential infrastructure sectors that are approved to continue operation during the pandemic. But note not all jurisdictions follow CISA’s definitions of critical infrastructure. 

Reviews for Sugar House tile installers
Peggy c.
They installed a tile backsplash and it looks really nice. :)
3 Brothers Maintenance & Construction3 Brothers Maintenance & Construction
Joey W.
Incredible job installing new tile in front of my fireplace. Highly recomend!
Cransten Handyman and Remodeling- Wasatch FrontCransten Handyman and Remodeling- Wasatch Front
Brad G.
Our selection of cheaper tile before engagement made for some challenges but overall adequate install. I did most of the demolition, spread tarps and masked, and provided capentry support for suspended tiles. Our fireplace job was probably not the only priority of the day and job moved quickly. Installer never took a break all day. We were consulted on layout preferences. We are satisfied with the look of the new tile installaion and would consider masterpiece tile and stone again.
It's a Masterpiece Tile & StoneIt's a Masterpiece Tile & Stone
Marty O.
Great job! Installed tile back splash with excellent quality, speed and professional. Paid more than they wanted for a job well done! Would use in future again
Distinctive Flooring Solutions LLCDistinctive Flooring Solutions LLC
Jim did an excellent job installing tile around my fireplace and tub surround. He even fit me in around another job he had committed to.
Access Equity Home Improvement llc.Access Equity Home Improvement llc.
Mike C.
Tiago and his brother Rafael did excellent job installing our kitchen and bathrooms backsplashes. My wife and I love the install. They are very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Their pricing is reasonable. Fixed rate regarding tile size/style,. Will use them in future and will recommend to friends and family.
Emily M.
I hired Impact Interiors to remove an old tile backsplash, install a new tile backsplash in my kitchen and install a bathroom vanity. They were very professional and worked hard to make sure my projects turned out exactly how I wanted them. They stayed late one night to ensure that the job was finished the next day as they had promised and they cleaned up every day before they left. Both of my projects turned out beautifully and I'm very happy with the work they did. I'd definitely recommend or use them again.
Impact Interiors LLCImpact Interiors LLC
J'Lynn I.
I was planning on tiling the bathroom myself. After I got the new tub installed, I was grabbing tile and starting to measure it out along the tub. That's when I realized that the tub wasn't flush and the tile wasn't lining up correctly. I talked to my friend who's done lots of tiling and the people at home Depot on what to do. No one had any ideas. I searched on thumbtack and found David. He was able to come the next day to quote and I even showed him the tile problem. He says no problem and he could do it. He was very reasonable in the quote and he was able to start in a few days. These are the pictures he was able to send me as I left to Europe on my trip. He was able to also do the floor tiling as I totally gave up. He went above and beyond and was able to get my bathroom tiling done before I'll even get back. He helped walk me through everything I needed to buy and was extremely professional and nice. I would recommend him and will be using him for future projects!! Is give him more than 5 stars if that was allowed!!!
Skala Renovations LLCSkala Renovations LLC
Carrie B.
They were good on communication. We had a deadline and they were able to meet it. They did a terrific job, the tile looks clean and beautiful. However, they never were able to install two shelves which we paid for. This issue is not resolved more than 3 months later.
John H.
Average service. Nothing special about this service. Old flooring was removed, tile was installed. Don’t expect anything above the most basic service. No assistance with baseboards, transition pieces, clean up. Tile is mostly even but we have one spot in the middle that sticks out a lot. We have grout/mud all over our front porch, driveway, and in a solid puddle in our garden bed. Looks mostly good and was a lot easier than doing it ourselves, but wouldn’t recommend to a friend.
Utah Flooring & DesignUtah Flooring & Design
Hailey I.
DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE EVER HIRE THIS SHADY COMPANY!! Thoroughly read through reviews on Google, Yelp, BBB and you will see. I wish I had. They use contractors on their jobs who are not even LICENSED in the State of Utah. Utah Flooring and Design came to me on Thumbtack when I was trying to find someone to complete a tile job for my home renovation. Ryan (their sales guy) came to my house to measure and examine our flooring. I was not expecting them to ask for money right then, but in order to schedule the job, I had to pay half down, which was $263.02. I used my debit card, but it was ran as credit on his Ipad. About a week before the job was to be scheduled, I got a text from Ryan saying that my card was declined and if I wanted to keep my appointment I would need to pay again. I knew that was not the case, as I had seen the charge come out of my account and I had sufficient funds. I confirmed with my bank and I, in fact, WAS charged by Utah Flooring and Design. I texted him back with a screenshot showing I had paid, but knowing how this company is now, I'm sure they were trying to double charge me. This was just the start of things I dealt with from this company. On October 14th, they sent Kenneth out to install my tile. BTW, he is NOT licensed in the State of Utah. Do not let him into your house! He did EVERYTHING in one day - setting and grout and very clearly rushed through the entire job. On the sales invoice, 1/16" grout is specified, but in most places, the grout is 1/4" or thicker. I've had cracked grout and popping tiles since day one, he laid the tile OUTSIDE of my front door, past the threshold, which we were very clear to him to not do. Who does that?! He didn't know how to install schluter and there are areas where he just globbed on a bunch of grout with NO tile, there is also a very sharp corner where he didn't lay the schluter down that is a safety hazard. The job is absolutely botched and they destroyed my tile in the process. We were in and out of the house a few times that day while Kenneth was installing the tile. When he finished he never called or texted me that he had completed the job. We came to look at the job that night after he left and were really disappointed with the result. It was really bad. I took pictures and contacted the Project Manager over the job named Kimball. He would not answer my phone calls or texts for two days. I finally texted him that I had been trying to get ahold of him and he needed to call me. He responded with a text that his "personal assistant" set up a walk through with an onsite manager. No apologies, nothing. They didn't even ask which day worked for me. They just scheduled it. Nathan, the "Onsite Manager" came out to take a look and met with my mother in law since I could not be there. He said it was "the worst tile job he had seen” and that they would get one of their two best installers to come out and fix Kenneth’s poor tile job. Also, that they would replace the tile that had been destroyed. He was very clear he would send someone OTHER than Kenneth to fix the tile, which he later lied about and said he never told us he would send someone else. I got them the information for the tile that was ruined so they could reorder it. They wanted me to reorder it though and they would credit my card the amount. Keep in mind, I’m already out over $800 at this point. I didn’t want to do that, and I told them I shouldn’t have to front more money without any guarantee they would reimburse me. They said I had to reorder the tile before they would agree to come back and fix it. Anyway, the tile they ruined ended up being discontinued, so in order to get the same tile, it would be twice the price. They put up a big stink about that and told me that they wouldn't pay that price without sourcing it for less. Also, Nathan said they had all these special connections, being “Utah’s biggest flooring company” and that they would source the tile and find it for less. I was willing to work with them and gave them DAYS to do this! When I heard nothing, I texted Nathan for the status and he told me they found the tile at Floor and Decor!!! It wasn’t even the right tile. It was a much bigger tile than what I had before. So they wasted literally days “sourcing” this tile when in fact they were doing nothing about it and just dragging their feet. They never had any intention of finding the original tile of mine that they ruined. Finally, I could see they weren’t going to try and right their wrongs anytime soon, and would not be willing to get me the original tile they ruined, so I ended up going to Floor and Decor and buying that bigger tile that I didn’t like as much because it was much cheaper. I was promised by Nathan that I would be credited for the amount of the original tile as soon as I showed receipt of purchasing the new tile. Do you think that happened?? NO! I asked repeatedly for confirmation that they credited my card and they would not send it. I ended up asking for a full refund because of how the entire situation had been handled. I just wanted to start over with a competent company. I called and texted Kimball again because Nathan told me he was the only person above himself. I never got a call or text back from Kimball. So I went into the office and found Kimball at his desk slouched over in a baseball hat. I told him my name and asked why I hadn’t heard from him. He proceeded to tell me that he “wears a lot of hats so sometimes it’s hard to get back to people” I told him I was furious that I had paid them that money and they were unwilling to send someone other than Kenneth to come and fix the job AND that he wouldn’t be here for nearly two months after the original install. Kimball YELLED at me and told me I was unrealistic and that the issues on the job were “minor” and anytime I presented him with facts about the job and why I was upset he would say "you're just splitting hairs" Sorry, Kimball, that's not called splitting hairs. I presented you with cold, hard facts that you didn't want to hear. to hear. Kimball sat there with an attitude, scoffing at me, interrupting me and yelling at me. I called my husband and put my phone on speaker while Kimball was yelling at me so he could hear how bad it really was. We went back and forth for about an HOUR yelling. It’s very clear that Kimball has a little bitty brain which makes him unable to comprehend why I was upset with the service that I had received. He really is incapable, rude and lazy. He is a perfect fit for this joke of a company! My husband went back the next day and told Kimball that they are no longer welcome in our home. I don't feel safe or comfortable with UF&D. Nobody from that company is ever coming to our house again. I’d rather lose out on $600. That’s how bad they are. DOPL is now aware, as well as the DCP as well as other outlets. P.S. they have also been caught telling customers they will refund them if they take down their bad reviews. UNETHICAL to the max.
Utah Flooring & DesignUtah Flooring & Design
Amanda C.
I hired Crown Services back in February to tile my shower. Before they could tile the shower we needed to put in a new floor drain and have the height set. We didn’t know where this should go, as we are not tilers, so we asked Israel with Crown Services to come by and set it, which he did. Once that was done we poured concrete so that Israel could come and finish the tile job. The tile job looked great. About a month later we finally got our shower head installed and were able to use the shower, at which time we noticed that the water did not drain as the floor sloped down too far for it to go over the lip for the drain. Philip (owner Crown Services) came out and noticed that the base had been done incorrectly and that they would take out and replace with the correct slope. We were in contact six times for roughly two months in which he acted like he intended to fix my floor… but with an excuse every time. Now Crown Services is saying they cannot replace it as his installer is saying it is not his fault and that he did not come over and set it for us even though we have text proving that he did so! I understand it’s difficult for them since their guy is saying something different than what actually happened; however, all you have to do is look at the texts that were sent regarding him coming by to SET the closed, black and white. But in the end it doesn’t matter. As a “professional" tile guy he should have either said something about it being too high and let us know or did something to compensate for it, i.e. adjusted the slope to make it drain correctly. I do not trust them to come back in my home and fix this at this point. Who knows if they would mess something else up. I would not trust them to do anything else in mine or anyone else’s home as they do not stick to their word.
Crown Services Group, LLCCrown Services Group, LLC
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