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Renton, WA

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Let's face it most gyms are nothing more than a nightclub with a different dress code. People meander through the maze of equipment with little to no support. The end result, well, there is no results. It is rare to see any great physical change occur in these places. Our facility is designed to motivate, educate and inspire you to achieve the active lifestyle and health that you've always wanted once, and for all. We teach you to swing, squat, push and pull various types of equipment and bodyweight in an injury free program, designed to help you reach and exceed your goals. We are different from the other places because in our facility, every time you come in here, you'll be working with a coach who truly cares about you and what you want. If you've yet to experience it, come try us out and feel the energy thumping from the heart of Empowered nation. It's AWESOME!

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

"My favorite part of the training program that we've built at ER is the phenomena of clients experiencing a strong self-esteem boost from working out and being proactive in our personal training program here in Renton. I see it more and more that a client reaches a particularly "Special" goal that they never thought possible, as a result of their physical transformation; it starts a success snowball." --Coach Mack
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Renton, WA 98057

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11 Reviews
  • Jas G. Nov 23, 2016
    Private Fitness Coaching (for couples)
    Verified Review
    Exactly what I was looking for...
    I wa contacted right away and even had my first session on my first day! Kenny, Ashika and Jenna are all so nice but also very serious about their clients and their workouts. They make you not want to be lazy. I come into each session wanting to be better than the last because I know they're watching me. It's a bit pricy but I know it's worth it. This is exactly what I was looking for and I can't wait to see results six months from now!
  • Jacob R. Jul 28, 2016
    Personal Training
    Verified Review
    Kenny is an awesome guy and a great coach. He is very flexible and wants to see everyone succeed and is invested in peoples success.
  • Terri M. Jan 20, 2015
    I've been a member for just over a year and LOVE the atmosphere of the gym and the attitude of Kenny and his team. This is key for me, I'm not a "Big Box" gym person. Kenny has helped me get back on track with my overall fitness with good workouts and food management. I'm ready to bump the training up to the next level :-)
  • Tricia J. Jan 14, 2015
    I started attending classes at Empowered Recreation in 2013 after purchasing a Groupon deal. I found that Coach Kenny and his team were very supportive of my weight loss goals and valued my feedback to make classes better and more interactive. I have had great results. The class times and location are convenient. The most beneficial outcome was the fitness challenges that were focused around team involvement and still kept each individual accountable for their own outcome. Logging nutrition is always key and thanks to Empowered Recreation for everything you have done for me and the surrounding community.
  • Michelle J. Jan 13, 2015
    Outstanding is the exact word I would use in describing my experience with Kenny Mack. He promised if I would follow his program - I would have results! and I had amazing results! Down one size the first month! You can't go wrong, 3 day's a week and make good food choices - you will get results! Kenny helps you learn the best way to eat and exercise - he is amazing! He is OUTSTANDING!!
  • Megan W. Jan 12, 2015
    Kenny does a great job of providing motivation and tailoring his workouts for all levels. He pushes hard enough that you are encouraged to do more if you can, but he never makes you feel bad about being unable to do something or tries to push you past what is safe. He also is constantly searching for feedback so if you want to do more of something or less of something else he tries to make that happen.
  • Rec B. Jan 12, 2015
    Balance, Nutrition. I was afraid when it comes down to cross training because of old injuries, but Kenny modifies your training to fit your needs, especially if you have injuries, he modifies your exercises a lot of cross trainers do not care. Kenny Mack is always on time. The quality of his work is over and above.
  • Christina R. Jan 12, 2015
    I have been working out at Empowered Recreation for 5 months. I have so much more energy and strength. I feel better mentally and physically. I look forward to going to class and miss it when I can’t make it. It is a very positive and encouraging environment. Kenny is an amazing coach and helps you reach your fitness and nutritional goals.
  • Molly P. Jan 12, 2015
    I've been working out here for a couple of months now and love it! Work outs are always different and challenging and leave you feeling accomplished. I would highly recommend Empowered Recreation to anyone looking to live a healthier life style!!!
  • Cindy M. Jan 10, 2015
    Kenny Mack and Empowered Recreation are fantastic! . ER is really more than just a "place to workout". It is a community of people who encourage each other to be the best they can be. The bootcamps challenge you to work hard and get results! The personal training with Coach Mack helps you focus on specific goals and train smart. I recommend ER if you are looking for a community of positive people who are going to keep you accountable and coming back for more!
  • Sergey D. Jan 10, 2015
    Kenny is an incredible coach. I've been training with him and his other coaches at Empowered Recreation for over two years already, and my results are amazing! Kenny has a very unique approach to every client's needs, extremely knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition; gentle and understanding but yet firm and strict when it is needed for the client's benefit. "Empowered Recreation" is a great place for anyone who wants to reach their goals in fitness, health, nutrition - at any level. I saw transformations of clients starting with zero fitness level (like I was over 2 years ago), as well as ongoing successes of professional athletes and advanced fitness enthusiasts. Every workout session is different, and you never feel bored at ER. Empowered Recreation members and staff built a family-like community that is supportive, understanding, accountable. Give Kenny and ER a try - you won't regret it! You will only be grateful and thankful - like I am for my incredible transformation, my renewed (healthy, light and fit) body, happy life, new joyful lifestyle, support and accountability from my great friends at ER and beyond!