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Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

How much does dog training typically cost?

The average cost of dog training ranges from $60 to $155 per hour. But, your dog’s training might cost more or less depending on a number of different factors. For example, you might pay less if you schedule group classes instead of private instruction. The type of training (aggressive behavior, basic obedience, off-leash training, etc.) could have different prices as well. 

Get an exact cost estimate by contacting several dog trainers near you

Learn more about dog training cost factors.

Is dog training worth the money?

Dog training can be a highly rewarding investment for most dog owners. With dog training, you can establish a better, healthier relationship with your dog, who will learn to understand your commands and wishes. Your frustration levels may decrease, and you might be able to resume activities you’ve put off, such as having people over or taking your dog to public places (though, this is hard to guarantee because each dog is unique). 

Just remember that no amount of dog training will pay off if you don’t practice and follow the directions the dog trainer gives you. Consistency is the most important factor.

Is it ever too late to start training a dog?

It’s never too late to train your dog — “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is a myth. Whether you adopt an older dog from the shelter or simply want to have a better relationship with your elderly dog, hiring a dog trainer can be a good investment.

What do professional dog trainers do?

Dog trainers can perform a range of activities, ranging from training law enforcement dogs to working with therapy dogs or search-and-rescue dogs. However, most people hire dog trainers for obedience training. This is largely a process of training the human — much of how a dog interprets our behaviors, commands, tone and body language is counterintuitive at first. The trainer will typically come to your home to observe your relationship with your dog, teach you how to train a command and give you guidance for reinforcing it.

Do dog trainers offer remote or virtual services?

Although dog training is traditionally performed in person, the COVID-19 pandemic may have caused some professional dog trainers to move to remote training and virtual services. You can contact dog trainers near you to ask about the possibility of remote or virtual services. Also, ask whether all aspects of the process can be digital, including payment.

How old should a puppy be for training?

Dog training shouldn’t wait until you’re having behavior problems. If you get a new puppy, start from the beginning with professional training to give both you and your puppy the tools you need for a healthy relationship. Dog training is as much about teaching the owner how to interact with their new dog as it is about the dog learning to behave. Puppy training can start as early as eight weeks old. Trainers who offer puppy training programs may works specifically with dogs between the ages of 8 and 18 weeks old. Trainers can teach owners about potty training and how to deal with accidents, working with separation anxiety, and training your pooch out of destructive behaviors like chewing, biting and demand barking. Puppies will start to learn to walk on-leash and other basic skills.

In addition to behavior training, socializing your puppy is an important part of dog training. Socializing your dog means they become comfortable and confident in a variety of settings and have a great foundation for becoming a well-adjusted adult dog. After your puppy has had the proper vaccinations, you can start to introduce it to a variety of different dogs and people in safe settings.

What is a dog boot camp?

A dog boot camp is basically a board and train program that focuses on training your dog or puppy. The trainers will work with your dog to curb unwanted behavior, teach them basic skills and show them how to walk on a leash.

Dog boot camps and training programs might differ when it comes to their services, so it’s always a good idea to do your research and ask them to explain exactly what they offer — and how much they charge.

How long does it take to train a puppy?

Dog training depends on the dog and how much homework the dog owner is willing to put in. Puppy training is similar to dog training in that the onus of the work depends on the owner learning new ways to interact with their dog. For a quick crash course, you can opt for a single, two hour smart-start puppy training consultation to teach you the ins and outs of being a new dog parent. You can learn how to manage potty training and what to do if the puppy experiences separation anxiety. As long as you’re willing to work on dog training a little bit each day, your puppy will quickly learn these new behaviors. If you’re not confident about training your puppy yourself, you can enroll in a 6- to 8-week puppy training course, with weekly lessons touching on everything from bite control to obedience. Puppies usually need to be at least three months old for group training classes. If you want more intensive one-on-one work, you can opt for private lessons. Some behavior problems can be resolved in one session if the dog owner learns and can implement new skills. In the case of more serious issues, 3 to 10 private sessions can typically correct challenges.

Which dog training method is best?

The best type of dog training for both you and your dog depends on the outcomes you hope to achieve. If you want your dog to learn agility training, go to someone who specializes in those techniques. Regardless of whether you want your dog to learn basic behavior or competitive-level tricks, the majority of dog training is actually about training the owner how to communicate with their dog. Most professional dog trainers agree that a model of training based on positive reinforcement breeds a happy, healthy, well-adjusted dog. The alternative to positive reinforcement training is using force or aggression techniques like physical punishment or shock-collar training to get the dog to do (or not do) a behavior. While the dog may learn how to behave as you direct, it is also learning to communicate with force and aggression, and will in turn use those behaviors on other dogs (or people) that are smaller or weaker than it is. Before signing up with a dog trainer, meet with the trainer and ask for references. Watch the trainer interact with your dog, and make sure they treat your dog with patience and firm kindness. Ask them questions about their training methods:

  • What type of training methods do you use?
  • What is your background and training, and how did you become a dog trainer?
  • How long do you expect that we will work together before we achieve the results I’m after?
Reviews for Denver dog trainers
Avery E.
Was very personable and the training worked quickly and efficiently for my dog!
Polite Pooches ColoradoPolite Pooches Colorado
John P.
We have tried a couple of different dog trainers with different styles of training. Ancillary K9 gave us results.
Ancillary K9 Dog TrainingAncillary K9 Dog Training
Emilee B.
Tried two other trainers before Dion, neither understood my dogs. Dion did an amazing job working with me and my dogs. He did a great job training me how to handle my two crazy bull terriers. Will only be using Dion for future training needs.
Ancillary K9 Dog TrainingAncillary K9 Dog Training
Rita R.
Working with Dion has far surpassed the other dog trainers we have used.
Ancillary K9 Dog TrainingAncillary K9 Dog Training
Jeremy K.
One couldn’t ask for a better dog trainer! Punctual,professional and knowledgeable. My dog was a different animal after the first visit. Thank you Tails Trails and more!
Tails Trails and More LLCTails Trails and More LLC
Lynn O.
Kara is the dog whisperer! Awesome trainer with eyes in the back of her head when it comes to pooches!
Polite Pooches ColoradoPolite Pooches Colorado
Michelle H.
She’s a great trainer. I have two stubborn, spoiled dogs that were long overdue for training. She helped with giving us the tools and knowledge we need to get our dogs on the right track. Remember to stay consistent what you learn and be patient with results.
5 STAR Dog Training5 STAR Dog Training
Summer G.
Mike is doing wonders to help my family learn how to train our dog. We are very impressed by how well he knows how to work with the dog to get the desired responses. I highly recommend Mike !
Marlenne M.
Dianna saved my dog's life. My dog Sofia was out of control. She would attack unprovoked. I couldn't walk her near strangers and she even bit some of my family members. I was ready to give her up to a shelter, even though I knew she would be too aggressive to adopt out. Then I found Dianna. Within an hour of training, I could walk my dog near strangers and other dogs at a park. We still have a lot of training to do but I have so much hope and theres been a TON of improvement. Thanks to her, I can keep my dog.
5 STAR Dog Training5 STAR Dog Training
Rich N.
Zac was very responsive to our training needs. Most importantly, he knows how to train dogs and is able to convey those skills simply and quickly. From the moment he entered our home, it was all about business. Highly recommend him.
Tails Trails and More LLCTails Trails and More LLC
Sarah S.
Mike is amazing and patient. I honestly feel extremely lucky to have found him. Not only is he help training my two dogs he is training me as well. I couldn’t say enough amazing things about Mike and his services.
Lindsie B.
Kara has been great to work with. Her method is very easy to understand and put into practice. She’s flexible with scheduling and our dog Tucker enjoys his training time!
Polite Pooches ColoradoPolite Pooches Colorado
Danny Z.
We hired Kara for 6 sessions to train our hyper energetic puppy. It was obvious from the very beginning that Kara is a very professional, knowledgeable and experienced dog trainer. Our puppy fell in love with her and was very excited to see her and “work” with her. Kara showed us ways to successfully and effectively approach our dog. She taught our puppy basic commands and us how to control his hyperactivity. Highly recommended!
Polite Pooches ColoradoPolite Pooches Colorado
Michael S.
Niamh met with my sister regarding my mother's dog and she was very impressed. I just heard from Niamh that she has prepared a training plan and is sending it to me.
Canine Connection COCanine Connection CO
Nicholas & Amanda D.
Literally do not have enough great things to say about our experience. Not only was Charice incredibly kind and willing to work with our situation, but our pup had some setbacks during training, but Charice never gave up. We are incredibly grateful for everything she's done for our dog and our family. We've already passed along her name to anybody looking for dog training. She's fantastic, just book her, you won't be disappointed.
Conquer K9Conquer K9
Tony C.
Kara has been awesome. I was able to learn multiple positive reinforcement training techiques that worked very well for Thurman (10 week Goldendoodle) . In a matter of weeks Thurman has learned a multitude of commands and his general obedience is much better. Not only has Thurman learned multiple commands and obedience, but Kara also taught me a ton about being a dog owner. I would highly recommend Kara to train your next dog!
Polite Pooches ColoradoPolite Pooches Colorado
Alyssa O.
I would highly recommend Shambala Dog time and time again. Dawn is professional, insightful, and pays amazing attention to detail, as well as my dogs potential cues/triggers. We have had just two sessions sand the progress we have made so far is AMAZING. Dawn knows what she’s doing and is extremely affordable. I cannot thank Dawn and Shambala Dog enough for the work they have done and continue to do! If you are looking for an attentive, intelligent trainer who will show immediate progression with your dog, then Shambala dog is the place to be!
T. B.
I can’t say enough about how much Mike has helped us communicate with, and better our relationship with our dogs. We have 2 Frenchies. We had problems with guests coming over, jumping, nipping, and pulling on the leash. Mike taught us how to really work with our dogs, and helped us to understand that they need jobs to feel fulfilled. His training method is calming, and generates results. He doesn’t use fear, or dominating methods in any way. His focus is really on “working” with your dog, rather than everyone else that has a version of “training” your dog. He taught us why our dogs do some of the things they do, which helped us understand how, and why they’re communicating with us. His calming presence was effective, and we’re really grateful we found him. He’s been the best trainer we’ve worked with. On top of being a superb trainer, his professionalism is top notch too. He texted us to confirm our lesson times, and texted me a few days after our lesson to check in and see how our practice was going. He offers group sessions as well, which we’re looking forward to attending next time to help our dogs use their new skills in a different environment. If you’re looking for a kind, effective, understanding, person to help you positively work with, and deepen your relationship with your dog, call Mike!
Leah L.
I can’t say enough good things about Keith. He has a true gift with dogs. He worked with my dog Lily, who is stubborn to put it mildly. He helped me tame my little wild bucking bronco. I feel more confident with her because of all of Lily’s and my training with Keith
Pawsitive Pac Creations dog trainingPawsitive Pac Creations dog training
Lydia W.
Mike is easy to talk to & is always available for questions or comments. His style of teaching is relaxed & easy to understand. I noticed immediate improvement with my two young dogs after the first visit & the techniques are easy to follow. Thanksgiving the house was full of people and even a new dog visitor, which would've been a problem before... the dogs did great & everyone commented on the difference in their behavior. I highly recommend Mike & will use him again in the future for further training.
Kathleen E.
Niamh was able to give us some positive training techniques to help our dog overcome her fears and anxiety. She also emailed multiple tools, games and ideas to help us establish leash training, playing with toys, comfort with touch, and associate noises and sights she is currently apprehensive about with treats and praise. She explains techniques carefully while demonstrating them and having you practice as well. Our dog was comfortable interacting with her and immediately responded to new ways of getting her attention and responding to her environment.
Canine Connection COCanine Connection CO
Micah B.
We've had one session with Mike so far and he's been excellent. We worked on leash reactiveness with my GSD and could see immediate improvement once Mike got to working with him. Mike is also very personable and tries to work with the owner as much as the dog. He uses techniques that don't cause further anxiety to the dog, which is major. If you're in need of a trainer, hire Mike
Karen S.
Mr. Fortney is transforming my poorly-behaved dog into one I can now take out in public! He is patient, kind, flexible with scheduling, and best of all he really understands dogs. I love my dog, but was tired of making excuses for her reactive behavior, and very tired of trying to correct it myself based on the many different methods I read about online. I finally realized I had to place my trust in a professional, and I'm so happy I found Michael Fortney. I thought I was the only one who could understand my wrong I was. I highly recommend this trainer!
Ashley l.
My first session with Deanna was great! I was the first client where she got to train 3 dogs at once so she had her work cut out for her lol... I have learned some good basics to work on until we get into some of the more obsessive behaviors of my dogs. It was also great to get the holistic nutrition advice I’ve been looking for. This was a huge bonus for me as I’ve been wanting to get them the best nutrition possible!
5 STAR Dog Training5 STAR Dog Training
Thumbtack Customer
Both my husband and I were extremely happy with Scott. He made us feel at ease right away. We have a five year old female Chocolate Lab who has been attacked by dogs and it hasn't been easy to find someone who was able to help with solid first steps to getting our Luna less fearful. This will take time and we are committed with Scott that he is the one who can continue to "train" us and help get our girl relaxed and happy. If you are looking for someone who has the training, skills and expertise then Scott is your trainer! We look forward continue working with him.
K-911 Dog Training, LLCK-911 Dog Training, LLC
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