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  • Math Tutoring Services

    Mililani, HI · Cecily Fanning-Tutoring specialist and Teacher

    (8 reviews)

    If you need a personal tutor in Mililani who offers high school math tutoring services, try this pro. Cecily has received several good reviews from previous customers.

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  • Tutoring Services

    Honolulu, HI · John McCoy, Tutoring Services

    (5 reviews)

    Choose John, if you are on the lookout for a pro in Honolulu who offers private tutoring services. Find out this expert's well-rated after school tutoring comments online.

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  • University & High School Math Tutor

    Honolulu, HI · Windmill Residential Services LLC

    (2 reviews)

    Are you looking for a tutor who has experience in university and high school level math? Then Mark Slovak the professional you are looking for. He offers one-on-one lessons in math and physics.

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  • Math Tutor

    Honolulu, HI · Robert Brett

    (3 reviews)

    My passion for students success and the content is extrememly high. I get to influence students in the right direction and help them grow in...

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  • Math Tutorial Services

    Honolulu, HI · Aloha Tutoring Service

    (1 reviews)

    This learning center provides math and English tutoring services. Their best tutors also offer SAT and ACT test preparation sessions. They conduct one on one tutorials for K-12 academic subjects too.

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  • Mathematics Tutor

    Honolulu, HI · Catherine Richards

    (2 reviews)

    Learn to love numbers with the help of Catherine Richards. She provides effective Math classes. She has been helping grade school children as well as college young adults for 25 years.

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  • Math & Physics Tutor

    Honolulu, HI · Andrew's Fantastic Tutoring

    Andrew Carpenter offer math and physics tutoring services. His physics and math tutoring programs include deriving formulas, solving homework and extra concept problems, and more.

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  • Math Tutoring Center

    Honolulu, HI · A Plus Mastering Math Skills

    This learning center provides one on one phone and online tutoring in math. Their math teachers also handle reading tutoring jobs. They let students have practice sessions in between math classes.

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  • Math Tutor

    Honolulu, HI · Michael Brown Bick

    Micheal Brown Bick is one of the best math tutors to handle a variety of subjects. He tutors students on algebra, pre-calculus, statistics, and more. He also provides tutoring on non-math subjects.

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  • GED, ESL & SAT Tutor

    Mililani, HI · MathMatters

    Jennifer Harada has been offering GED, ESL and SAT preparation for 20 years. She provides customized lessons that target specific needs. Her students range from five to 21 years of age.

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  • Tutoring Services by School Teachers

    Honolulu, HI · Certified Tutoring Services

    Certified Tutoring Services offers professional tutoring services by a team of certified school teachers. Their flexible tutors are available to teach chemistry, writing, reading and more.

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  • Private Math Tutoring

    Honolulu, HI · Ractives

    Joseph Kernan provides private tutoring and math help using a teaching software that is proven to help. He will tutor math using the software, and offer the necessary assistance and direction.

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  • Math & Physics Tutor

    Honolulu, HI · Honolulu Tutoring

    Check out Kelly Pearson who handles tutoring jobs for physics and math at flexible schedules. He has earned a PhD in Physical Oceanography and offers the first tutorial session for free.

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  • Multi-Subjects Tutoring

    Honolulu, HI · Don Scheerschmidt

    Check out Don Scheerschmidt if you're looking for a math tutor with extensive experience in teaching elementary students. This educator and motivator offers tutoring in multiple subjects.

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  • School Tutoring Services

    Honolulu, HI · GeoSavant

    Confused with your professor's lessons? Check out services from Richard Brill such as school tutoring, problem solving and academic advising among others. Start your lessons with this expert today.

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  • Math Tutorials

    Honolulu, HI · Trudy Lin

    Trudy Lin holds a bachelor's degree in math. Check her out if you want a math tutor who is patient, professional and is committed to providing quality lessons.

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  • Calculus Tutor

    Honolulu, HI · Tutoring

    Marcia Carino offers basic math and calculus tutoring for students of all ages. She also teaches reading and writing. Check out her tutoring rates.

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  • Math Tutoring Services

    Waipahu, HI · Elisapeta Vavatau

    Elisapeta Vavatau is available to teach various subjects, including math science tutoring. She handles math tutor jobs for high school students and lower levels.

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Thumbtack Spotlight

Windmill Residential Services LLC

(2 reviews)

What do you love about your job?

I have an academic division in which I tutor high school students in Hawaii in mathematics (geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus) and science (chemistry and physics). I love being able to meet with students one-on-one and slowly build their confidence and skills so that they get over their math anxiety and antipathy towards physics.

My approach is very much "paper and pencil and practice," which is viewed by many as old school and not very technologically advanced. My counter argument to rushing to adopt the latest tech-toy in the name of improving education is that paper and pencil have successfully produced the Madame Curies and Albert Einsteins over the last 400 years, so we should be cautious about setting aside a proven methodology for unproven technology.

What or who inspired you to start your own business?

Both my parents were teachers, and both earned master's degrees while married with eight children. While they always put family first, they also pursued their intellectual interests and motivated me to earn a PhD years later to honor their zeal and dedication to improving their lives by constantly reading and learning well into their retirement years.

Describe your most memorable project.

My most memorable "project" as a tutor is Ian, a fourteen-year-old football-loving teenager who struggles with a disability. He was failing in his math classes and being teased because he is "slow."

After a year of tutoring in algebra and now geometry, Ian's face lights up when I come each week, and he proudly shows me his latest graded math assignments, which he now passes with confidence. He will never perform above a certain level, but that no longer worries him as he knows that like the quarterbacks he worships, he can also become better if he devotes himself to practice.

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