How much does a reading and writing tutor cost?

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The average cost for a reading and writing tutor is $40/hr. You are likely to spend between $25 and $55 per hour. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details.

Updated March 1st, 2017

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Reading and writing tutors can help students of any age, from prekindergarten through college and adult learners. Students most commonly request help with general reading and writing, reading comprehension, essay writing, essay review, and creative writing. Students may be native English speakers or have basic, intermediate or advanced English language skills. Improving grades at school and learning new topics and techniques are two common reasons people hire a tutor. Tutors may work with a student just one time or on an ongoing basis, and sessions can vary in length, depending on what the student and tutor agree upon. Several factors affect the cost of reading and writing tutor services.

Academics and experience

Reading and writing tutors often come from an academic or teaching background. Tutors with advanced degrees, who have years of teaching and tutoring experience, who pursue tutoring as their professional career, or who have a well-known reputation may have higher rates than tutors who do not have the same background or who tutor only as a part-time job.

Session length

Students pay for the tutor’s time and expertise. The longer the session, the higher the cost. One-on-one sessions also cost more because the student has exclusive use of the tutor’s time during that period. Some tutors charge by the hour, so a two-hour session costs double, while others offer graduated pricing as the session length increases. Here are some examples of one-on-one session pricing:

Group tutoring

Group reading and writing tutoring costs less per student than one-on-one sessions. Group tutoring is a great way for students on a budget or study groups to save money while increasing skills. Some tutors charge by the group session, often with a maximum number of students per group. Others charge by the person and require a minimum number of students. "A" Success Academics, Inc. charges $50 per student for one 60-minute group session, with a minimum requirement of three students—a $15 savings over one-on-one sessions.

Test prep

Many students seek the help of reading and writing tutors in anticipation of tests such as the SAT or ACT. Test prep tutoring can cost more per session because the work is more targeted. Some tutors offer individual or group sessions for test prep. Here’s how "A" Success Academics, Inc. charges for test prep:

  • One 60-minute test preparation session: $75

  • One 240-minute group test study session and boot camp: $175 per student, with a minimum requirement of four students

  • 12-hour SAT/ACT test prep workshop: $899.99


Students may pay an additional travel fee if their location is outside the tutor’s typical service range. Given the nature of tutoring, many tutors travel without charge within a certain radius. Additional fees help cover the tutor’s time and transportation expenses associated with driving to and from a student’s site.

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Recent reviews

Karen M. Wieland, Ph.D

Karen does an excellent job with being flexible, availability, and is really encouraging to clients during her sessions. She is really personable and down to earth. She really takes the time to know and understand her clients. I originally sought out a writing tutor because I thought I was a bad writer. After a few sessions with Karen, I realized that I am not a bad writer. Rather, I am still adjusting to acedmic writing and need more effective preparation techniques for writing (e.g. outlines, time management regarding drafts, and etc.) in order to accomplish the higher demands placed on writing papers in my current graduate level program. She is fabulous and I recommend her services.

Daniel Reismam

Daniel was very flexible to our schedule and offered a personalized lesson plan to suit our needs. I highly recommend him.

Marc Wutschke

Marc was great. I needed to learn how to prepare to write an essay in such a way that I would not feel overwhelmed and have writers block. Marc was able to break down the process for me, show me the areas where I was making it more difficult for myself, and then provide me with steps I can take to make it easier and quicker to complete an essay.