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How much does a geometry tutor cost?

Geometry can be one of the most challenging subjects in math. An in-home or online tutor can help. Costs vary depending on the student’s location and how often they want tutoring sessions, as well as whether they need to purchase any supplies. Tutors with more experience or popularity generally cost more. Also, tutors for children with special needs are usually more expensive. Having a good rapport with the student is just as important as finding a tutor with the necessary skills.


Most private geometry tutors charge by the hour. For example, rates for Tutor A Team in Chesapeake, Virginia, start at $45 an hour. Tutoring by Tisa in Atlanta charges $50 an hour for geometry tutoring. Tidewater Tutor of Chesapeake, Virginia, charges $40 an hour for up to two students.


Some tutors bundle supplies into their price, and others expect students to purchase supplies separately—either through the tutor or on their own.


Some tutors offer discounted rates to students who work with them more than one day per week. For example, Mathedmaven Tutoring of Johnson City, Tennessee, charges $48 for the first hour of tutoring in a given week and then $36 per hour for each additional hour during the same week. We Lift You Up Tutoring of Boca Raton, Florida, offers a 10 percent discount to students who pay monthly after establishing a schedule.


Tutors in large cities where the cost of living is higher typically charge more than those in smaller towns. In addition, some tutors who have to travel to see students may charge a travel fee. For example, We Lift You Up Tutoring charges between $20 and $35 an hour, depending on how far the tutor has to travel. Some tutors charge less if students come to their location. For example, Creative Education of Falls Church, Virginia, charges 10 percent less when students come to the company’s location.

Cost-saving strategies

Individuals can save money by forming a group with other students. For example, Tutoring by Tisa charges just $20 an hour for each additional student up to three students. Tisa also offers online tutoring at $10 less than the hourly rate for in-person tutoring. Many tutors charge less for working with students via Skype or GoToMeeting. Many tutors give discounts to single parents, low-income people or seniors., ask about discounts. We Lift You Up Tutoring will negotiate discounts with single and low-income parents.

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