How much will your test prep services cost?

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Test Prep Tutors on Thumbtack cost$50 - $80

Average hourly price

  • Lowest price:$40
  • Most common low price:$50
  • Most common high price:$80
  • Highest price:$150

How much does ACT tutoring cost?

The American College Testing (ACT) test assesses a student’s high school achievement and readiness for college. Because so much can ride on this test, many people hire ACT tutors to prepare students for the test. To be most effective, tutoring sessions are not one-off affairs. Tutoring usually takes place over a period of weeks or months. ACT tutors are available at various prices, usually by the hour. Prices can vary widely, so it’s important to read reviews, get references and compare costs. Cost factors include hourly rates, travel expenses and materials.

Hourly rate

Most ACT tutors charge by the hour. Because the ACT is such a challenging and specific form of testing that requires extremely rigorous preparation, tutors who specialize in the ACT often charge a little more than general-interest tutors. Here are some examples of hourly rates:


You can save money by purchasing multiple sessions in bulk. For example, Abundant Life Tutoring and Coaching of Steger, Illinois, charges $90 for one hour of one-on-one tutoring, $175 for three hours, $275 for five hours and $325 for six hours (ultimately a $215 savings).

Find the best test prep tutor in your neighborhood.


Tutors in large cities where the cost of living is higher may charge more than those in smaller towns. In addition, some tutors who have to travel a distance to meet with students may charge a travel fee. Some ACT tutors offer their services online, which can be cheaper than attending in-person sessions because there are no travel costs involved. However, with online tutoring, students may lose the nuance and immediacy of an in-person, one-on-one session.


Some tutors request that students purchase workbooks or textbooks, which adds to the overall cost of tutoring.

Cost-saving strategies

Many tutors offer various discounts. For example, some tutors offer group tutoring. Abundant Life Tutoring and Coaching drops its rate from $90 per hour to $60 per hour for two students. For classes of three to seven students, the price is $58 per hour. Creative Education of Falls Church, Virginia, offers a number of discounts. If students come to the company’s location, they receive a 10 percent discount. The company also offers a 10 percent discount for siblings, as well as for a two-hours session. Some tutors offer discounted rates if you hire them for more than one day per week.

How do we know these prices?

Millions of people ask Thumbtack for help with their projects every year. We track the estimates they get from local professionals, conduct our own research and then we share those prices with you. The prices reflected in the article above are for informational purposes only and are subject to change at any time. Contact a professional near you to receive a personalized cost estimate for your project.


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