Find a lawn care professional near Indianapolis, IN

Find a lawn care professional near Indianapolis, IN

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Find a lawn care professional near Indianapolis, IN

12 near you

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Q & A

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thumbtack.

Is it worth it to hire a lawn service?

Hiring a lawn care professional can save you time and money on your lawn. Professionals know exactly which products to use to solve your lawn’s issues, such as removing crabgrass or controlling pests. Many lawn care companies are results-oriented, meaning that they come with a guarantee to provide results. 

If you’re DIY-ing it, you may save some money on costs. But you also might spend lots of money at the store that goes straight down the drain. 

Contact the best lawn care services near you and get free estimates from several professionals before DIY-ing your lawn.

Is it worth it to hire a professional to mow your lawn?

Although hiring a lawn care company is more expensive than doing it yourself, it can be well worth the money. For starters, it saves you time and equipment maintenance, which may be justifiable financially. It also creates a more professional appearance. Plus, a pro can spot problems before they occur. This can save you money on expensive reseeding, aeration and other types of lawn repair down the road.

Contact the best lawn mowing professionals near you to start getting free estimates.

How much does it cost to have your lawn mowed?

Regular lawn maintenance can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal. Professional lawn care prices will vary based on the regional cost to do business and regional cost of labor, the size of your lawn, and any additional services you may desire such as edging or mulching. The national average for lawn mowing costs is $30-$50. Pros may charge an hourly rate, a flat rate or by the square foot (an acre contains 43,560 square feet). Square footage rates factor in the professional’s time, the use of their equipment, and the gas to operate the mower. Distance may also affect cost: If you live outside the company’s standard service range, you may pay an additional travel fee. Here are some examples of average prices for mowing and lawn maintenance:

  • Up to 8,000-square-foot property: $30 per week/$120 per month.
    • Bimonthly: $40 per service/$80 per month.
    • One time only: $45 per service.
      • Prices include mowing all turf grass areas; trimming grass away from fences, structures, trees, and lawn edges; and clearing or blowing all grass trimmings from driveways, sidewalks, curbs, etc.
  • Hourly rate: $25 per hour (including travel, equipment costs and labor).
  • Lot size:
    • Smaller lots in subdivisions: $35.
    • Half-acre lot: $50.
    • One-acre lot: $100.

How can I find out if a landscaper or lawn care professional is considered an essential COVID-19 service provider?

To consult national guidelines on essential COVID-19 service providers and see whether a lawn care professional qualifies, visit a page on CISA’s website called Identifying Critical Infrastructure During COVID-19. This website contains 16 categories of critical infrastructure sectors that you can search through. However, not all jurisdictions follow CISA’s definitions of critical infrastructure so you should also check your city or state’s government website.  

Can I use digital payments to pay for outdoor landscaping and design, lawn mowing, tree trimming and other similar services?

Many outdoor landscaping and design, lawn mowing and tree trimming companies will likely accept some form of digital payment instead of cash or check. The COVID-19 pandemic will likely causing more businesses to adopt digital platforms like Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, Square Cash and Google Pay.

Search professionals’ online profiles to see if they list digital payment services, and ask them about their payment policies during a consultation call.

Does a landscaper or lawn care professional need to enter my home?

Because landscaping and lawn maintenance take place outdoors, it is unlikely that these professionals will need to enter your home.

To stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, practice social distancing at all times -- even with professionals doing work outside. You can minimize exposure during a consultation by using a video chat service. And when you pay, you can use a digital payment service like PayPal. Discuss strategies with any lawn mowing, landscaping, tree trimming and lawn care companies you may be considering.

Do landscapers or lawn care professionals offer remote or virtual services?

Landscapers and lawn care professionals generally do not offer remote or virtual services. But if you come across a profile that states the landscaper is offering remote services, it’s best to contact them to see what type of remote work is offered. 

Typically, lawn care and landscaping professionals can perform many of their duties without coming into physical contact with clients. Message local lawn mowing, landscaping, tree trimming, and lawn care companies near you to schedule a video call and inquire about remote services.

What’s the best way to set up a consultation or an appointment with a landscaper or lawn care professional during the COVID-19 pandemic?

To set up an appointment or consultation call with a lawn care professional or landscaper during the COVID-19 pandemic, take advantage of digital technologies to avoid face-to-face exposure. When searching for lawn mowing, landscaping and lawn care companies online, ask if they’ll do a video call to assess the job and give you an estimate. You can also go over strategies for completing the job and conducting virtual payments to stay safe.

How often should you cut your grass?

In general, weekly mowing is the golden rule. However, different lawns and conditions may require different mowing frequencies. For instance, if your grass is growing slowly due to dry conditions or a lack of sun, don’t cut it simply because a week has passed. And don’t cut more than a third of the length of the grass blade at any time. Also, ease up on mowing if the weather is going to be hot and dry, as the longer blades provide shade and can keep water from evaporating so quickly.

If you're unable to mow your lawn, consider hiring one of the best lawn care professionals near you.

Reviews for Indianapolis lawn care professionals
Kai G.
Price is reasonable.Services provided efficient communication and excellent lawn care.
K&S Property CareK&S Property Care
Jaimee M.
They helped me with last minute lawn care needs. I appreciate their flexibility.
Thaddeus BlackburnThaddeus Blackburn
Ronald S.
Great lawn care provider ! Very timely and professional in dealing with his customers.
Handyman And Lawn Landscape Hall ServicesHandyman And Lawn Landscape Hall Services
Megan W.
Kevin has been great to work with and has taken care of my lawn fabulously!
Elite Vision Technology IncElite Vision Technology Inc
Clay K.
Company went over the top to take care of my lawn . I have recommended this company to friends and my boss . I will hire again .
SnipperZ Lawn CareSnipperZ Lawn Care
Shallon m.
James showed up right on time he helped me out of a tight spot I needed a quick mow and someone to take over my lawn care. He explained the pricing which was great his professionalism is wonderful he did a fabulous job on my lawn I would highly recommend James and his company if you have any lawn needs
Strictly Lawn CareStrictly Lawn Care
Thumbtack Customer
I was very pleased with this lawn care service. They did a good job and reasonably priced. Mr. Spolyar was very friendly. I highly recommend their services.
Greenway Lawn Care professional Inc.Greenway Lawn Care professional Inc.
Stacey S.
Smoothest service I have ever chosen, they came and got the job done! Mowed the lawn and hauled away a small pile of tree trimmings as well. I would refer this company to anyone looking for lawn care. Perfectly done job and fast efficient, and the price was amazing.
Strictly Lawn CareStrictly Lawn Care
Thumbtack Customer
They do a great job with my lawn care. The yard looks beautiful. It's great to be able to leave it to the pros and know that they'll keep my yard looking pristine.
Carpe Diem Services LLCCarpe Diem Services LLC
Brandon H.
Stephens lawn care came out after another service left us high and dry. Our lawn was unacceptably long and they were timely and really well priced. Phenomenal service and phenomenal quality of work. After the first mow I can already tell that they’re the best service we’ve ever had.
Stephens lawn careStephens lawn care
Thumbtack Customer
Hired Kevin after a bad experience with another professional. Kevin is a great communicator and does excellent work. I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone looking for worry-free lawn care.
Absolutely Perfect LawnsAbsolutely Perfect Lawns
Tim W.
M&M Lawn Care did a great job removing the leaves from my yard. They were thorough, professional, and punctual in addition to being very responsive. Their services were a good value.
Thumbtack Customer
Raul and his team redesignated beds, mulched, leveled a dirt pile (from sewer line replacement, and seeded. I'm incredibly happy with the work and have hired him to do long term care of our lawn.
Happy Tree LandscapingHappy Tree Landscaping
Thumbtack Customer
Professional, timely on response, reasonable and very understanding when I was explaining to him the details of why I needed lawn care at my mothers home. The first mow will be Friday 4/24/15. I'll update after the first mow. As of now, I'm relieved to have such a professional taking care of my mothers yawn.
Handyman And Lawn Landscape Hall ServicesHandyman And Lawn Landscape Hall Services
Jermaine W.
This has been a great experience, I have been through several lawn care services and had to let them go for one reason or another. They are professional, punctual and consistent, we love their work and we have found our person.
Strictly Lawn CareStrictly Lawn Care
Kelly B.
Gil has been mowing my lawn regular for the last few weeks and is consistent and excellent in his service. He has also down fantastic landscaping and mulching for me! Would highly recommend using him for all long care needs!
Gil Rivera Lawn careGil Rivera Lawn care
Kevin r.
Hi quality work. Definitely feels like your dealing with a business, which is both a plus and a minus. Most expensive lawn care I've ever paid for, but they also made it look the best its ever looked too. You get what you pay for.
LawnStarter Lawn CareLawnStarter Lawn Care
Klaire D.
Jason does my weekly lawn care and has done some landscaping work as well. He has always done a wonderful job for a reasonable price. He is very friendly and communicative. It's clear that customer service is very important to this business; Jason always makes sure I am satisfied with the work completed. I highly recommend!
Jan J.
Over the years, I have hired many different service companies to maintain my yard and landscaping. Property Masters hands down is best company I have ever hired. They did exactly what I asked them to do. Their staff we're all very courteous. My yard and landscaping have never looked better! They definitely exceeded my expectations. It is nice to know I can call one company to take care of my lawn care, landscaping and handyman services. Thank you, I look forward to working with you for many years.
Property MastersProperty Masters
Cheryl L.
Deivree responded to My request and after seeing she had two 5 star reviews I decided to use her lawn care service to do the work. My original estimate was $65. to mow lawn (no weed eating etc just mow lawn) and clear a small tree and limbs in a small corner of yard and haul it away. After figuring out I had misjudged size of lawn sent Deivree picture of yard and tree\limbs and explained I calculated size of of yard incorrectly and would double her original estimate to make up for my error. She agreed and three days later, after having to reschedule once, one of her employees arrived to do work. Showed him tree and limbs that were to be taken down and "hauled" away and grass mowed. He said the charge would be $200.00. I hesitantly agreed, as I felt the $130.00 originally agreed upon by Deivree was more than fair for what I needed done. Next thing I know the man is throwing the cut tree and limbs over my back fence, so much for the "haul away". So agreed upon price raised after arrival to do work and then work not done as originally agreed upon. Not satisfied at all.
Thumbtack Customer
Kevin is awesome to work with. He was quick to respond and quick to do the job. He stated he would do the job on Sunday which I was fine with, but he ended up coming the next day, Friday. I needed my lawn mowed and trimmed. He took care of it and hauled away some branches as well. My yard still needs work and I have no doubt Kevin will handle it no problem. Not to mention, the price was right! Thank you, so far Absolutely Perfect!
Absolutely Perfect LawnsAbsolutely Perfect Lawns
Melissa B.
Let me start out by saying I’ve never been so disappointed in a lawn care service. They tell their customers nothing.. they don’t show up you get no explanation unless you text them and find out why they didn’t show up. So the first scheduled appointment I had with them they never showed up I text and asked for the reason and they said because of the holiday we are a day behind... now they never said anything about this when I signed up for their service nor did they send out a email letting their customers know that they would be running a day behind. And the second schedule day I had made for them to come out they didn’t show up they took it upon themselves and said that Grass did not need cat though I have tall weeds growing by my curb and sidewalks.. I was not informed that they would be making the judgment call when I need my grass cut. So I would not recommend this man care to anyone. Excuses excuses excuses they make. And the work is subpar at most.🤦‍♀️
Property MastersProperty Masters
Amy B.
I thought the initial process was very easy to set up I gave them my address and I was told that via satellite image I would be charged a certain amount which sounded very fair to me and they said that they would have someone out it was just going to be a couple of days and I thought that was wonderful I couldn't believe how easy the process was and I was very excited to have this chore marked off of my list of things needed to be done. True to their word they sent me a follow-up email and had me create an account, I was originally set up for May 1st, when May first came I checked my email again and opened up my account that I had created on their page and discovered that my service was rescheduled to May 4th. I wasn't particularly happy about it but at the same time I felt like it wasn't that big of a deal and I just said okay, I did reach out though and ask them via email if this was something that was the one time deal or if they were having a problem finding someone to come out here and do my lawn? May 4th the entire day came and went and I never had gotten a response from the message I sent in regards to the reschedule on May 1st, I had to write several emails get back on thumbtack and write to the person that I was originally speaking with on here before I finally did end up getting a reply and the reply was basically it looks like we're not going to have anybody in your area sorry. All in all when it was said and done they rescheduled with me total of three times and it took quite a bit of leg work to get them to respond to me luckily I did find another provider to come out here and they're going to be coming out tomorrow afternoon so my lawn still isn't done on May 5th but hopefully by the end of today I will be able to have a neat and tidy lawn like the rest of the block. I feel like this idea for this business is wonderful it's just they should be more open with people at the beginning that they might not be able to find someone in your area, I wish I would have known that because it they never mentioned to me that they might have a problem they looked at my address and looked at my property via satellite and everything and not once was I ever even mentioned to me that they might not be able to find someone I was reassured in fact that everything was taken care of.
Lawn Love Lawn CareLawn Love Lawn Care
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